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Default Skunk?

I have a shunk, it don't smell TOO bad. It is wrapped up in the freezer. How can I get rid of the smell? I need to skin it so I can tan and mount it. Will the pickle stop the stank?
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Default RE: Skunk?

Remove the scent glands.
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Default RE: Skunk?

It went well. I skinned it out just now. Not too bad. The smell never got any worse. I took it out of freezer and let it thaw just enough to spred out the legs and dug in. I had a dust mask lined with vicks vapor rub just in case. I was real carefulle around the but. The stink sack looked like a walnut.
Now I am going to try burning some leaves and let the pelt catch the smoke and see if that works for the faint smell that it has.
Thanks to all the posts before for all the help. I have been reading all day before I started.
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Default RE: Skunk?

Might sound corny but have you tried tomato juice? You can buy a regular product, skunk away, or something to that effect but I saw "The Mythbusters" a couple of weeks ago and they had luck with good ole tomater juice...[:@]

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Default RE: Skunk?

A SKUNK? I thought you was going fox hunting! Anyway, the leaves you burn need to be green is what I was told. Or you can try this:

This recipe was in the Summer 2000 IGT magazine. Developed by a chemistby the name of Paul Krebaum.

1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4cup baking soda
1 teaspoon liquid soap

Mix ingredients in a plastic bucket and wash affected object,including
man or beast. Keep away from eyes,nose,and mouth. The skunk odor should immediately disappear.

See ya Weds,
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Default RE: Skunk?

The skunk was fresh road kill. Dead before he sprayed. I have read about both the smoke and the mix. I am afraid the mix will make the hair fade. so I was going to try the smoke 1st. If I was SURE the mix would not fade the hair I would use it.
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Default RE: Skunk?

Us taxidermists doing it for a living have been using this or a similar formula for years, descenting all mustelids, not just skunks. We do it regardless of whether they sprayed or not. Get a mount wet or in a humid place and youll know EXACTLY what I mean. Done correctly it wont fade the hair. Smoking them, well, thats hobbyst stuff, or perhaps some old tradition, but not applicable for modern day taxidermy. What youre actually trying to achieve is neutralizing the scent, not just masking it. Good luck to you.
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Default RE: Skunk?

I tryed the mix. It didn't work the 1st time. I think where I went wrong is, I added water. I am going to try again today with 2 qts of 3% 1/2 cup baking soda and a table spoon of dawn. Just double the formula to have more liquid.
I called McKinzies about their skunk oder elliminater, And for $9.95 plus tax and shipping they said it may not work the 1st time as well. So i decided to give the formula another try for $2.50.

It WORKED, 2nd time the charm. Just a VERY faint smell that I hope will be gone when dry.
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Default RE: Skunk?

I fleshed it, and salted twice. I didn't smell anything, nor did the wife. I now have it in pickle. Man I hope this turns out well.
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Default RE: Skunk?

good luck
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