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Used E Collar

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Default Used E Collar

I am looking to by a year old TriTronics Flyway special (1 dog) collar from a neighbor of mine. He asked me to give him a price and he would accept it. I want to make sure I offer him a fair price and one that is attractive to me as well. I have searched the internet but did not gain much from it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Used E Collar

Please reconcider this offer from your nieghbor and SAVE YOUR MONEY! Your nieghbors' going to be laughing all the way to the bank if you pay even $200.oo bucks for it, come on it is now a USED product. Why does he want to sell it anyways?!
I have spoke with a few OLD TIME Tritronics users that are now switching over to MODERN TECHNOLIGY. Spent that hard earned cash on a Dogtra E-collar and still have money left over! Yes you can get one wioth a warrenty starting at $199.00 + tax { 1999 model E.D.T. 100 w/ 20 levels of stimuli}! These collars are used daily by professionals and can take a real beating by the most active, reckless, dogs around.{mine!} They are completely waterproof and the transmitter is over HALF, I repeat, over half the size of the Tritronics rediculusly bulky ones. The D.T.Systems and Dogtra's transmitters look like a small cell phone with all the function right at your fingertips and clips on your belt with a metal clip installed on the back of it. No switching plugs or fumbling with multi adjustments either. Transmission time between Transmitter {the remote} and Reciever {the collar} is instant at any distance, no delay's in correction at the time of infraction which is very important in proper dog training.
The Dogtra's and D.T. systems both come with 60 intensity levels on momentary and constant and are hott as hell past a 30+, and will never need it unless it's a dire emergency! {Rattlesnakes, running for a busy roadway,etc.} Depending on which model, the range choices are from; 1/2 mile, 1000 yards {3000+ ft. at over 2/3's of a mile}, to some models at 1 mile range for horseback hunters after "wild" Chukars in very wide open country of the west. These company's back their products up as well. Go see these collars as well as D.T. Systems, a very close competitor of Dogtra,{I own a collar from this company}. at and get the best price through this awsome warehouse through net!
P.S. Why do you think you need an E-collar anyways? If in doubt PLEASE go to sign up and post a few questions to some real pro dog trainers of pointing breeds on this site. Do it for your dogs' sake... Also read in the archives about the experiences with pro trainers using Dogtra collars.

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Default RE: Used E Collar

Rackmasterquad and Lady Grouse Hunter, thanks for your replys. The collar was only used for a week. He bought 2 for his 2 dogs when he went on vacation for his sister to use while she was watching the dogs. The are in great shape, look brand new and still in cases. I happened to be talking to him and mentioned I was looking at getting an Ecollar. He told me not to buy one as he had 2 and I could use one if I wish. I have been using one for about 2-3 months. I would like to have one of my own and asked if he would sell one of his and he said yes, offer me a price. I use the collar now when I have the dog in the yard, she is a 10 month old Blk Lab, until I get a invisible fence put in once the ground thaws. Other than that I like to use it when she is off lease on walks or in the field. She listens pretty well, I just want it to reinforce when she gets all excited and it takes a little more to get her attention. I don't have to use it that often. I will look at Dogtra. I have seen them but did not do a lot of research on them. I will now. And you are right, Tri's are bulky. Thanks again for the replys and the website suggestions.
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Default RE: Used E Collar

If the collar was only used for a week and the batteries are ok....$200 is a bargin. I've upgraded to "new" technology a couple of times and have sold my old collars for more than $200.

Why did I sell them? I upgraded to a 2 dog unit instead of having 2 single dog units. Both had been used hard for 3 years with absolutely no problems. If the unit is less than 2 years's still under warranty.

One thing is for sure, Tritronics makes an excellent product and stands behind it 100%. I had to send a beeper back to them once. It was out of warranty by about 2 months...they replaced it. That was 3 hard hunting seasons ago.

Do yourself a favor, go with TT. By the way, I'd strongly suggest that you get some training from a professional before strapping an e-collar on your dog.
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