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 my dog bit my daughter... >

my dog bit my daughter...

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my dog bit my daughter...

Old 07-24-2007, 09:07 AM
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Default RE: my dog bit my daughter...

Read again what DocE wrote. I have done this with everydog I have ever had. I feed them and then tug the tail rub their ears or just pet them. I know that almost all pups sooner or later will bristle up or snap at me. When this happens I grab them by the nape of the neck pick them up by the nape and growl NOOO in their little faces. One time like this will usually let them know their place. You don't have to kill a pupu to get your point across. You can't do this to a child but it certainly works well on a pup.
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Old 07-26-2007, 01:50 AM
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Default RE: my dog bit my daughter...

i agree with txhunt in saying that puppies are like children as far as not sharing well. Puppies, as we should all know, and especially with food have the "what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine" attitude. Children too must learn to respect the dogs boundries. Granted, your daughter is only 1 and doesn't or didn't understand those boundries. That is a lesson sometimes that kids and animals have to learn between themseves.
I have 2 children, and when my son was barely crawling. My Basset Hound snapped at him and and got him pretty good over a rawhide. My hound got a bit of an atitude adjustment. I have NEVER had another problem with him. Both, kids and pets need to learn what they can't do. Now, my hound is superb with both my children, and my daughter is only 5 months.
Just remember, this happened with a puppy. At that age, some firm, ut fair correction may be all tha tis needed. It is too early to be getting rid of a dog, a puppy especially over something like that. If it contiues, then maybe.
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Old 07-31-2007, 05:05 AM
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Default RE: my dog bit my daughter...

I agree with DocE, Drgildy, and kdvollmer.You can curb that behavior with the dog, but you need to act RIGHT AWAY when the incident happens. If you don't get it across to her immediately the first time (or the second time as the case my be), you're kindaletting her know she is above the baby in the heirarchy. My older brown dog (who is ten) had a go around with me at about 8 months. He was feeling his oats and wanted to be boss (he had a chicken wing and dove under the truck). We had a mini brawl of sort, but I never really hurt him. Anyhoo,he lost and was neutered within 16 hours. (andI was down one coffee tablethat he was hiding under untilI threw it across the room ). I can reach in his mouth and take food out while he's chewing. [:'(]I also did this (the food conditioning, not breaking another coffe table) with our younger black pup.

I was bitten in the face by a white german shepard when I was four. I sat there in the yard with my friend petting him gently, and he bit me. To this day, I can't figure for the life of me what went wrong to trigger that incident. There's a good possibility me being bitten was uncalled for, but once you start pulling out pigears and stuff, I do believe they could exercise some bad judgement like your pup did. Personally, I wouldn't give up on her, and I would teachthe babyto be gentle and respectful to the dog, and when the dog may be saying it needs a little alone time (when it's trying to walk away) to respect that. I have three nieces and a nephew, and whenever they're aroundourboys, my wife and I are on alert.Once you know your dog well, you will be able sense what's going intheir mind just by body language.No doubt, the baby should be higher in the pack order. You can keep that dog from doing that ever again without shooting her or just giving up on her - train her. Good luck!

This rings true with me as well.
It is funny how times have changed. Years ago, it was understood that a dog should never be touched while it was eating. However, litigation and times have changed.
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Old 08-16-2007, 10:19 PM
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Default RE: my dog bit my daughter...

boy, i dont know if i would leave kid around dog that bites,puppy or not..

we all try to bring dogs into home and around people, some dont adapt to it..
its born in them..
most have TERRITORIAL AGGRESSION in home....

i know what you are going thru..
dogs have problem with KIDS...
you hate to give dog away or kill it....
but biting is nasty..

my lab is first dog i ever had that BITES..
i have to watch him all time,never left around kids..
vet said he is seeing more labs biting than ever before...

believe me,if i did not have time to watch my dog, he would be in kennel all time,on leash he gets FEAR AGGRESSION...

trust me, if that puppy bit it will most likely do it again,maybe?....
i hate to tell you that even tho dogs will bite at food bowls etc..

its terrible we have to go thru this, i had over 13 dogs in my life and only 1 that bites...
so, as said, there is better mannered dogs available but its hard to part with you dog,i know, i am going thru it,no fun.....

if it gets worst, most likely it could, i would think of kennel for dog but thats a heck of way to go but keeps dog alive anyhow....

like said, if dog bites 1 more time,i hate to say it that way,i would find another home but dog will most likely bite there to,so thas no good..

i would most likely KENNEL dog if it bites again, take dog for walks and hunting but no way around KIDS ..
i am believer if you have time dog can get better thru hadling etc BUT if dog bites, it will do it AGAIN,i seen it over and over.....
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Old 08-21-2007, 08:36 PM
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Default RE: my dog bit my daughter...

In less than 12 weeks, the record shows in part;

My daughter went up to Roxie and went to pet her and Roxie snarled like i have never heard her do before (it was mean and nasty) and bit Ambers hand. Roxie broke skin and bruised her hand.

The pup did snap at my daughters face while they were playing but i dont think she meant it.

My first dog was a Florida Cur, used to hunt wild hogs, I was 1 year old at the time my Grandmother got him for me, so I have had big game hounds since before I can remember. I am going on 65 now, I have 4 Bear and lion dogs currently. Big game dogs must have plenty of grit and aggression to make the grade. A dog that doesn't have the inbred respect for humans and recognize their master doesn'tget many chances to maul and main children or adults around here. I see from the posts that some like the posibility of their dog disfiguring a child, putting a lifelong fear of every dog they see in the child, or worse, not surviving the attack. One said if their dog bite someone other than a thief, they would have to pay the price. What price doesthe disfigured child that goes through life, scared, fearful, never able to forget what happened pay? How can you pay such a price as to make it right with the victim of a warped love for an animal that puts humanity behind or below the animals. Have we become a world of animal worshippers that sacrifice our children to the animal gods that have our highest regard and love? No? Well how far removed are we if we allow human agressive animals in our homes and say, after our children have been bitten, that they didn't mean it, they are really sweet animals, and we really love them to much to get rid of them? Then do the children a favor and place them in a safe home without the constant threat of being mauled and possibly killed by a "sweet" animal. You may be a great dog trainer, but remember, you cannot train DNA. Genetics can't be trained out of a dog. With the best training, those traits are only supressed and lay hidden within the animal. Who but God knows when something will trigger them and the animal reverts back to his genitic programming and tragity hits hard and swift before it can be stopped.
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Old 08-21-2007, 09:48 PM
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Default RE: my dog bit my daughter...

thats why if you have dog like that, you must handle them,not let them loose.

when company comes, kennel dog.
never kids near dog...
if you have youngkids, get rid of dog..
never put dog on leash tied in yard.....

if you cant be there to watch dog,then KENNEL the dog..

it takes a lot of time to keep a biting dog alive and around people keep dog away and kennel dog when you are not there...
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Old 08-22-2007, 01:44 AM
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Default RE: my dog bit my daughter...

My daughter went up to Roxie and went to pet her and Roxie snarled like i have never heard her do before (it was mean and nasty) and bit Ambers hand. Roxie broke skin and bruised her hand.
Roxie was chewing on a pig's earat the time. Considering the age of the puppy, 10 weeks old, its doing what naturally comesto all dogs, protecting its food. It hasn't learned better and Amber is not yet in a position to adjusts Roxie attitude.

I've had a 2 year old and a 3 year old nephews around our goldie. The dog never bitten them or acted aggressively. We made sure there never was a situation where she could. Also they constantly feed her which, of course, made her overweight. This dog now has been around my nephew since the age of six. Early on I supervised what he should say to dog, commanding it, and which I made sure she obeys.

The pup did snap at my daughters face while they were playing but i dont think she meant it.
All young pups willeventually break skin when playing. I had scratch marks crisscrossedall along my forearm from playing. She'll also play bites but it can still hurt or break skin. But I allow that with me. With my nephew, she won't play as hard as he won't play as hard as I do.

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Old 08-22-2007, 08:20 AM
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Default RE: my dog bit my daughter...

Considering the age of the puppy, 10 weeks old, its doing what naturally comesto all dogs,

IMO this isn't a true statement at all, it is a cop out for the dog. The dog was born without a natural respect for mankind. Amimal agression and human agression in an animal aren't the same thing. If you breed human agressive animals to human agressive animals, it only get worse. This is done in show dogs to get the posturing needed to win the big money shows. Those that aren't show stock find thier way into "pet" homes with children for which the dog has no respect by nature. Its not in his DNA to respect humans. It has been bred out of him as with a wild animal. This pup IMO has just shown his inbred disregard for his master at a very young age and it will only strengthen itself with age. That is based on a lifetime of experience with big game hunting dogs, take it for what it is worth. What is the walfare of a child worth?
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Old 08-22-2007, 09:13 AM
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Default RE: my dog bit my daughter...


I'm glad that you realized that the "fault" with the biting episode was yours. A one year old child should never have unsupervised interaction with a "new" pet, until all boundaries have been established and trust can be placed in pet, and in some respects, in the child as well (as many children like to pull and prod animals). Although a mature and trusted family pet should be expected to act appropriatey around young-uns, whatever the young-uns actions, a new puppy has to learn what is appropriate, just as a child may have to learn what is appropriate around new pets. Perhaps feed puppy her pig ears in her cage. I bet you don't have any more problems as long as you and your husband act as the supervisors of all parties involved
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Old 08-22-2007, 08:12 PM
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Default RE: my dog bit my daughter...

usually a biting dog is in full bloom at around 1 year old.....
that seems to be time it can go good or bad...

if dog bites aggressively as pup,not teeth thing, he will almost surely do it again...

only advice i can give is try to get dog around KIDS more,i just said earlier STAY AWAY FROM KIDS..

thats right,but ONLY way you will have chance to correct this,is by dog being not afraid of kids,,sadly, who wants a kid bit again, i dont ..
but its only way to lessen this is by kids being around dog and dog getting used to them and not biting..

its a very dangerous way to try to corect this but the only way..

i seen it done but it takes a lot of time and you must be vigilent every second and be right there to control dog..

i saw kid bit by dog , then feeding dog 1 year later out of his hand..
it took many practice sessions with dog/kid to be able to see that happen..
it can be done and dog can get better but itsa lot of work..

if you cant do this, then kennel is only place or to home without small kids..

in all honesty, i never brought a dog into my home until my kids were 12 years old,i had my dogs in yard ,in dog house...

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Quick Reply: my dog bit my daughter...

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