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beaver trappping

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Default beaver trappping

Got cabin fever bad and my winter project is going to be a beaver hat w/tail attached. Saw a beauty at the K-zoo traditional archery expo but the price convinced me this is a do-it-yourself thing! I've got the beaver (still on the hoof) and while I did some trapping in my younger days, there were no beaver then. What's the quickest way to a pelt? I'd shoot one but they're mostly nocturnal, although certain days seem to bring them out right before dusk, I just don't know which days. I've got some 1-1/2" coilspring leghold traps, which I'm told are too small (My buddy just shot a 38 lb'er). I know the bodygrip connibears are the thing, but I don't have any. Anybody know anything about snaring or live-trapping. I have a live trap that's big enough, but it has a single entance and I'm told they won't go in it unless it is open on both ends. Need advice!
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Default RE: beaver trappping

done give up on shootin them old. They aren't completely noctural animals. Usually towards evening when the sun starts to set they come out. A an idea might be to find a fairly fresh dam where there are freshly peeled sticks on, and kick or chop a hole in the dam with an axe. Then sit near that dam that evening. 9 times out of 10 they will be in there tryin to fix the dam. Haven't ever lived trapped one or snarred one but i know that 330 connibears do a great job if ya don't want to sit and wait for them.
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Default RE: beaver trappping

In many places trapping or shooting fur bearers require a licence. Nuisance beaver may be the exception however. If this isn't an issue then as far as getting one easily, by all means, open a dam and sit there in the evening. But make your shot a clean kill or you won't get him. He'll dive and you most likely won't see where he comes up--usually in his house. Then the other beaver in the lodge will chew him and your potential hat, to a rats ass.
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Default RE: beaver trappping

You can live trap them but it requires a special trap and they run about $350. Snaring would be your best option if you don't want to wait on one to shoot it. You can get a dozen snares for about $15. There should be "slides" areas where the beaver are coming out. They will look like little mud slides, hence the name. Hang a snare over the slide with a 10 inch loop 3 inches off of the ground. A beaver has a larger neck than head so they need to get at least one front leg through to hold them. I prefer washer lock snares for beaver, they will relax and won't hurt the beaver. If you get a small one you can let it go unharmed and dogs will also not be killed with the washer locks if that is a concern.
If you don't see any slides, make your own with a shovel and place a few fresh peeled sticks behind the snare with a little beaver lure on them. Beaver are territorial and they will go right up to check these sets out.
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