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Skinning coyotes for selling

Old 12-22-2003, 11:26 PM
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Default Skinning coyotes for selling

I'm going to yote hunt for the first time this year and was wondering how do you skin them to sell them.I heard if you don't skin them right they are worthless.Also if there is anybody from southern OH where do you sell them.Thanks for any replies.
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Default tube them out

You need to tube skin them. This means cutting the inside of both legs, boneing out the tail, the pull the fur off like a sock. Cut around the feet to release the fur from the feet. And be careful when skinning out the head area. Flesh down the hide real good, then put them on a stretcher to dry. You need to only dry them enough so you can reverse the hide. The hide must be turned fur side out for the buyers. Hope this helps you out. And good luck this year!

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Default RE: tube them out

SHunter, do you know how to tube skin? If not you might check out a book at the public library. A diagram, drawing or picture helps immensely.
Good luck.

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Default RE: tube them out

As stated above, you must tube them out. Hang them by thier hind legs, find the color break between the lite belly hair and the darker back hair on the back of the hind legs and use that as a reference, cut around the upper leg, slice down that line between lite and dark hair to the anus, use a tail stripper to strip the bone from the tail, and start pulling the hide down over the coyote, like a sock. When you get to the ears, cut enough of the cartilidge to keep the ears on, and must keep the eye lids,nose, and lips in tack. If ya do it quick enough, you won't even notice the fleas If you don't like fleas, you can put the coyote in a trash bag and bomb the bag with flea spary, let sit for a few hours, then skin it.
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Default RE: tube them out

Before you skin, make sure you remove any burrs and knots from the fur. If you don't ,you'll cut through the hide during fleshing. First cut the front legs free. You do this by cutting from the pad on the foot back to the elbow. Sever the paws by cutting at the ankle, then work the skin from the muscle of the legs using your fingers or a small knife. Then hang the yote by the hind legs and cut down the back of the leg from the pad of one paw, (cut along the back of the leg where the hair meets) across the anus to the pad on the other leg. Peel about 2" of the tail free and then try to strip the bone out of the rest of the tail. Use a tail stripper if you can get one. Now its just a matter of peeling the hide free from the animal taking care around the ears, eyes and lips.
Put the animal on a stretcher until it starts to dry, then turn it hair side out for final drying. Vacuum and comb the pelt before you sell it.
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