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Predator hunting cartridges?

Old 11-29-2019, 02:44 PM
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Default Predator hunting cartridges?

I purchased the 243 Remington models 7 . I'm just curious because I hear so much about 243 not being a good predator/varmint cartridge because of preservation of hide. My question may even relate to larger calibers but why with hand loading practices That the larger heavier bullet loaded to at lower velocity would not make it a better . It seems that the faster the bullet the more explosive it becomes to the hide.
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You might want to list distances you anticipate hunting at, areas, which predators and varmints you're going to hunt, what you want to do with each hide, etc. There's actually a lot of guys on here with a lot of experience hunting, trapping and selling fur for different predators and varmints so they could tailor their answers to give you more precise information. If you weren't worried about saving hides, a 243 would be perfect for anything from prairie dogs to deer.
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Old 12-01-2019, 07:36 AM
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I started out Predator Hunting with my Browning .243 Rifle,cost of ammo and hide damage was my biggest factor into choosing a smaller Caliber Rifle that could shoot a smaller ballistic tip bullet and be easier on the hides/fur.

I'm using several different Calibers now and have had good success with each one and with the ballistic tips on a fast shooting Caliber most times the bullet will enter and expand without exiting and will cause internal damage and be a quicker kill.
CZ model 527 "Varmint" Rifle in a .204 using Sierra Blitz King 39 grain bullets.
Savage Axis bolt action model .223 using 55 grain Hornady bullets.

Browning A-bolt Micro Hunter bolt action .22 Hornet...thinking 35 grain ballistic tip Hornady ammo,,?

Theres several other Caliber Choices available that are just as good and the 3 I'm using.Another thing to consider is the noise level of the caliber Your using,most Predstor Hunters are using the Silencers/Cans so they can make multiple kills without scaring off multiple Predators or eliminating the chance of calling in another Predator right after the initial shot.

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Old 01-21-2020, 06:28 PM
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The .243win is a lot of sauce for coyotes, such it can do a lot of damage to pelts. For 400-600, or longer shooting, the 22cal centerfires arenít as reliable, so the 243win and the like start being more advantageous. For depredation prevention, not concerned with hide damage, itís hard to complain about the 243win.

My first coyote rifle of my own as a kid was a 22-250, but my second was a fast twist 243win. At the time, I was happy to spend time sewing holes in coyotes, and worried more about recovery and protecting calves than minimizing pelt damage. Since then, I have come to find the 223 rem to be the ideal coyote rifle, but would seldom recommend against the .243win.

The 87 Berger VLD Hunting bullet over Varget or H4350 is a very good starting point for a 1:9.25 to 1:10Ē 243win. Not fur friendly, but itíll sack coyotes as far as you can hit them.
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Old 01-22-2020, 05:55 AM
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Most of my coyote hunting is within 100 yards. The cover is too thick to see much further, and most of my shots are in the 40 yards or less range. I use a .222 with 55 gr SX Hornaday bullets most of the time, but our New England coyotes are quite large and I have found they need a heavier bullet to put them right down so you don't have to trail them in the heavy brush. I have recently switched to a 256 Win Mag with 75 gr HP bullets. Coyotes out to 100 yards drop in their tracks (with good hits) and I have not had a pss thru yet even when shoot at 30 yards or so. On state land , here in CT, I am not allowed to shoot a rifle larger than a 22 mag. I have taken a few with the mag, but at close range only. I have found that my .36 caliber muzzleloader drops coyotes really well out to fifty yards, so I have been using it on state land instead of the 22 mag. I have yet to get a pass thru with the .22 mag, but the .36 muzzleloader has given complete pass thru on both coyotes I have shot with it. the exit hole is about the diameter of a pencil.
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Old 01-22-2020, 06:20 AM
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I've shot a bunch of Fox with my .308. Around 2650 FPS with Core Lokt bullets does little damage. We have an overpopulation of Fox around here, I often pop one at the end of my Deer sit. The trick is to wait for your shot and shoot through the lungs, just behind the shoulder. Usually hole in hole out, no expansion. I can imagine 100 Grain .243 shooting below 3000 FPS might get the same results. 2650 FPS, 100 grain, Core Lokt should produce the same results if you want to load your own. Store-bought 100 grn Core Lokt is usually around 2950 FPS.

Gut shooting usually has an explosive effect. Shooting through the lungs is mostly void. but there is always a chance bone or tumbling my make a mess. I've shot a couple head-on and didn't do much damage, lucky I think. I've also made a mess with a couple when they bounded just as I shot and were hit in the guts. Few things smell as nasty as a gutshot Fox, I'm more careful now.

The only way to know for sure is to try it and see the results. I've had the same results with a 7mm Mauser at around 2600 FPS, hole in hole out, with a broadside lung shot.

I even shot a young Fox once (350 yards) with my .308, it wasn't much bigger than a Cat, hole in hole out, broadside, just behind the shoulder.
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All I do anymore is trap predator hunt and reload.
I have used alot of different calibers.
223 50gr bt
22 250 52gr Berger hp
22 250AI 55gr Berger hp
243 70 gr bt
25 06 85gr bt
280 120gr v max
7mm mag 120gr v max
300 wby 125gr bt.
But my main calling gun is a tc venture predator 204 ruger 35gr Berger hp. Also shoot the Sierra 39gr bking too. But I dont use it on fur. I use them on crows, armadillos and ground hogs.
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Hopefully the OP is still with us and he and his family are doing well during the shutdown. If he's reading this, there's a lot of good advice listed above.
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If I was going to use a 243 as a predator round and I wanted to keep/sell hides I'd be handloading it with a solid bullet. 24 caliber hole in, 24 caliber hole out. Easy to sew shut.
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