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fist time to yote hunt

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Default fist time to yote hunt

So I guess the big questions are How? what do I need? Is it even legal to do in my state, Tn? When do you do it, at night? Isnt' that spotlighting? Sorry but never been, have a .17 and haven't even tested it out on anything live.
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Default RE: fist time to yote hunt

How? Get a gun and a hand call and start calling. Closed reed are probably the easiest starting out.

As for the state law, you'll have to check your states DNR webpage and the rules should be posted. This will also tell you when it is legal to call and what type of gun you are allowed to shoot.

In Texas, other than a license, coyotes are legal using just about anything you want to take them with whenever you want to take them. I forget other states are not so liberal in that respect.

I like early morning/late evening becasue it is light enough outside I can see, but the coyotes are also usually out, either beginning the nights hunt or finishing up.
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Default RE: fist time to yote hunt

Put on your turkey camo, including your facemask. then play the wind just like you would with a deer. Coyotes are smart and can be tricky to hunt but be patient. I like to hunt a setup for about 30 min. before moving to another location. As far as calls go, an electronic caller is certainly the easiest to use and it has the advantage of taking the focus off of you. They are expensive though. A mouth call like the Circe cottontail or the Primos Lil'dog works well, but the closed reed design of the Circe makes it easier for the beginer.
I don't know about TN but in Missouri, We can't use lights unless we tree furbearers with thew aide of dogs. Since you can't tree a coyote, lights are out of the question. If there is snow on the ground, and a full moon, you can usually see well enough to hunt them at night. I personally have the best luck at dawn and dusk but i've shot them at all times of the day. The important thing to realize is that coyotes are oppertunists. When they here the dinner bell they will usually come in. You just have to hunt where they are. Look for tracks and droppings and for food sources like rabbits and quail and mice. Be ready; they can come in fast sometimes.
I think that was a good first post so I'll leave it there.
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Default RE: fist time to yote hunt

I agree with everything stated so far. But I want to stress something. You must play the wind right. I try to have the wind in my face always. If I must I hunt in a quartering wind but its not ideal. You can do everything else perfectly, and if the wind is wrong you, won't do any good. I like to hunt with my back to some kind of natural boundary such as a creek, river, pond or open field. This reduces the inevitable "circle". Coyote will always try to circle downwind of your setup. I like a open field so I can try to blast him before he catches my scent. My two cents, hope it helps!
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