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Chronograph ?

Old 10-02-2007, 08:37 PM
Fork Horn
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Default Chronograph ?

I received a Pact chronograph from a relative as a gift and finally had achance to try it out. The instructions say to place the starting edge 8 feet from muzzle of rifle and adjust the height so the bullet passes 5-8" above the sensors. I shot 15 rounds and only got one reading. It was at dusk so I'm not sure if the lighting was an issue or if something else was a factor. I also noticed that my groups were slighly right of center while shooting thru the chrony. Once I moved it out of the way I was back to center, Anyone else have any experiences such as this? The one and only velocity measurement I did get wasn't close to what the reloading manuals show as approx. velocity. I'm confused, could somebody Please help me out. Thanks.
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Default RE: Chronograph ?

Yep, dusk is the worst time. A nice overcst day is the best. and move it out more than 8ft, more like 12 or more. Trust me, you will get more consistent results.
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Default RE: Chronograph ?

bigcountry's right on. A bright but cloudy day is best. I carry a tape measure with my Chrony and usually set it 10 ft. from the muzzle. The velocity is measured by the time it takes the bullet to pass over the photocells, and if it's too dark, they won't see it well. If it is used in bright sunlight, the same thing can happen Does yours come with the shades for over the photocells? I usually find it necessary to use them on most of the days I shoot.
As far as the windage change, I've never had that happen....
Don't be alarmed at lower velocities than companies publish. A lot of them are taken from barrels longer than the general hunting rifle comes equipped with, and some just plain seem imaginary.
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Default RE: Chronograph ?

If its darker outside, take the screens off and try it.
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Default RE: Chronograph ?

Welcome to the real world of muzzle velocity as Pawildman mentioned...
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Default RE: Chronograph ?

I would like to chrono some factory loads just to see how much lower they are than advertised...
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Default RE: Chronograph ?

i have the very same cronograph and it did the same thing to me. i have found that dusk is in deed the worst time to try to use it. the best time i have found is mid day with it in a slightly shaded area or cloudy. as for the velocity, i have found that most of your reloading manuals to be different from each other. the book i have found that seems to be real close is the serria 5th eddition. and dont forget to keep a fresh battery (9v) for your cronograph printer. if it gets a little low, it wont print being a laser printer. also keep in mind, trickle your powder to fine tone your loads. you will find it to be more consistant.

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Default RE: Chronograph ?

you will be very supprised to see that the loads in any cal. will very any where from 200-400 fps. because of the fact that factory progressive loads. to when i reload, i use the rcbs trickle charger
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Default RE: Chronograph ?

Cloudy days are best, followed by sunny days with the diffusers on the screens. Try to shoot through the middle of the screens as much as possible. Another thing you might want to try is moving the chrony out to at least 10 ft from the muzzle. if you're too close to the chrony the gasses from the muzzle can actually disrupt the reading. Sometime this will cause a wild reading, but since it usually effects the first screen, the chrony will just show no reading at all because the first screen gets tripped twice before the second screen gets tripped. This messes up the timer.

As far as published vs. actual muzzle velocity, well, you're in for some surprises, some good some bad. One thing to note in your manual is what type of barreled action the round was pressure tested in for the published data. Sometimes they use pressure test barrels, sometimes they use factory sporting rifles, sometimes they use longer than typical custom rifles. One thing you'll likely note is that velocities taken from pressure barrels are considerably higher than standard because they use minimum spec chambers and throats with tight headspacing. This tends to give higher velocities. The data from custom rifles will probably be a little higher than what you might see in your rifle because custom guns usually have the chambers tighter than factory rifles, but not min spec. And if you're lucky and the data you're using was shot in a factory rifle with the same barrel length, it'll probably be pretty close, with your rifle maybe even exceeding published velocity. Factory chambers are usually cut on the loose side so that they will reliably and safely feed, chamber and fire all factory ammo. Pressure barrels are intentionally min spec because if the pressure is safe in the test barrel, it'll almost certainly be safe in your rifles barrel.


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