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Default Ethics

For those of you who haven’t read the DE Shotgun or DE Archery (NOV) thread, I’ll let you know that from 11/10 to 11/17 I hunted 5 days, dawn til dusk. I wasn’t fortunate enough to harvest a deer or even see that much. But, I did see and hear a lot of other things that disturb me. I’ll have to tell a couple short stories to make my point. Please bear with me.

On Saturday 11/15 I witnessed someone fire 8, yes 8 slug rounds at a doe that couldn’t have weighed 45 lbs. and had to be at least 130yds from the hunter. Upon walking up to this hunter and checking out the deer, I saw that it was shot in the ass, hindquarter, and gut shot. I think it finally died of a heart attack. The hunter was HAPPY with this kill! I was sickened. For reasons I can’t say I was not in the position to tell this person what I truly thought of this act. All I could do was shake my head and walk away.

On Monday 11/17, my father pulled a Refuge Stand at Woodland Beach. These stands aren’t hunted often during the year and present a good opportunity for a Deer. Well, at 1:30pm he sees the guy in the stand across from him stand up and take aim. After 3 shots, the guy gets down from his stand, looks around, and heads to the meadow. After a few mins, 4 more shots, machine gun style (Where’s the plug?). By 2:45pm, the guy sits back in his stand. I don’t know about you all, but if I lost a deer and blasted away 7 slugs into the meadow, I’d call it a day. But no, this guy decides he’ll hang out and try to cripple another one. Uggh.

In the parking lot at the stands, I’m waiting for my father to come back from his stand and some other hunters are in the parking lot Bull Sh@ting. An older fellow is telling the story of how he broke a Doe’s leg and it got away. It wasn’t what he was saying but how he said it. Kinda bragging and shrugging his shoulders like ‘oh well’. He comes over to me and asks if I had any luck. I said ‘no’ and asked him about his day. Tells me the broken leg story. I asked him how long he trailed it. Said he didn’t! It was getting late and didn’t want to be wandering the meadow. I asked if he planned to go back and he said ‘no’. He shrugged he shoulders and said ‘what can you do?’ I wouldn’t look at him after that. This was an older guy too. Like early 60’s. I was dumbfounded.

I heard a lot of machine gunning (three real quick shots) from the public grounds. These people can’t possibly be aiming at anything! Just firing at running deer hoping for the best.

What the heck is wrong with these people? I just can’t understand it. Is there no ethics or respect for the animal? I try and tell myself that these stories are the minority, but I see more and more every year. These hunters aren’t breaking laws, but they’re making all hunters look bad and disrespecting the Deer as well as themselves. My wife freaked when I told her the 8-slug deer story. I guess I shouldn’t have told her, but I’m not gonna lie when she asks me what I saw.

I guess all I can do is continue to do what I think is right and try not to judge others. The people in the stories above felt like what they did was just fine. Who am I tell them they are wrong? Who died and made me the ethics god right?
Anyone else have any opinions on this issue or seen anything similar occurring? Maybe I was just in the wrong places at the wrong times?

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Default RE: Ethics

You' re not the only one in that boat. I' ve witnessed my share of poor ethics. Some of which were from some very close friends. It happens in every state. There are hunters (using the term loosely) that pretty much write their own rules and feel guilt free about it. What do they care unless they get caught? [:' (]

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Default RE: Ethics

Yeah, that' s quite common to hear and see. I know of a few coworkers who have crippled at least three deer in a season only to have them get away. During a firearm deer season when you hear more than one shot in a row, it is always someone making up for their piss poor marksmanship or lack of, and relying purely on firepower and luck. It is these types who believe hunting is just some type of real life arcade game. I' ve heard it going on every year for as long as I can remember. What do you think happens when these dying cripples are found in some non hunting enthusiast type' s backyard?
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Default RE: Ethics

This is the reason that there is fatal hunting accadents and why it can be so hard to get a good deer anymore. If people would spend just a little time out to the range before the season starts and go out some days during the seasons they would only need one shot.
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Default RE: Ethics

Let' s not forget to metion the guys that think buckshot is the same as a slug at 50 yards. I have seen more deer get away on state land from lazy buckshot hunters, to lazy to get a slug gun and take the time to zero it in. I had a guy a few years back at Cedar Swamp ask me to help him track a big buck he had hit, eveyone else was packing up. I didn' t know this guy from Adam but as hunters we should always help each other out to recover a deer. Anyways we get ALL they way back to where he shot it from and then starts to tell me to go where the deer was he' ll get in his stand and shine his was like sixty five yards! I found some WHITE hair on the ground but no blood. Never did find that deer. The guy didn' t even get it when I told him he probably hit the buck in the gut...duh white hair....and the fact that buck shot holes bleed like a needle prick! If you cant make hunters become ethical..use the law to ban the tools of the trade. I believe DE should ban buckshot, because people don' t understand its limits.
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Default RE: Ethics

Your stories reiterate why I no longer gun hunt in my home state of Ohio....
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Default RE: Ethics

These guys are the minority. However, it' s these actions that received the most attention. I saw a guy shoot a pheasant on a baseball field this year. The bird was on the ground and he shot from about 50 yards away. Of course the bird was crippled and the shooter and another guy chased the flopping bird around the baseball field in front of everybody (hunters park at the baseball field). Out of over a million hunters in PA, we have to expect at least a few clowns. Most hunters, however, are ethical.

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Default RE: Ethics

Thanks people, honestly, a few yaers ago i was on my way to see my mom when i noticed a truck parked on a dirt road that connected to the one she lived on, i pulled into her driveway when i heard four rather quick shots fired, she(my mom ) asked what was that so i proceeded to tell her about the truck i saw, then i grabbed a gun, got back into my truck and went to where i saw the other vehicle parked,-which was gone by the time i got bk there, it had only been a matter of a couple minutes, maybe 5, i went to see what they were shooting at, i found blood all over the place but no animal. three days later a neighboring farmer 2-1/2 miles away found a 10 pt buck laying in his field with four good holes in it. worst part about it was that later on i found out that the as****els that did it were close friends of mine. they were bragging about this big buck they werre shooting at but couldn' t find...I told them exactly what i thought about them (which they didnt like too much) and havnt spoken to them since, Im still stewing over the hole thing--[:@][:@]-
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Default RE: Ethics

Duckmastor2, you are exactly right when you say that these people have absolutely NO hunting ethics or respect for the animal. I don' t even call them hunters. I hunt public ground, only because I have been here for only 5 years and have not found any private land that is available. I DO NOT hunt the 1st 2 days with shotgun because of all the idiots running around. I wait till during the week to hunt. It has worked out ok. I got a 7 point during the middle of the week last year and a real nice 8 point in 2001 on a thursday. Nothing this year.
And djdkman, both were one shot kills with 000 buckshot under 50 yards and both dropped where they stood. It also sounds like. in all the episodes that Duckmastor described, they were using slugs. So, I do not agree that buckshot is the problem. You have to know your limits no matter what type of ammo that you use. There' s guys that stretch the limit and beyond with slugs also. Believe me I know. My Dad had a butcher shop at home in Jersey and we butchered deer for 25 years. We seen anything you could possibly imagine as far as deer being shot with slugs and buckshot both. The shot is only as good as the person that pulls the trigger.
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Default RE: Ethics

i see that alot.....i watched a guy with a PA machine gun(aka remington 7600) blast 4 or 5 rounds as he walked down a trail about 100 yds behind me and dad....he never went to see if he hit anything.....i can write stories all day.....but i wont....they are pretty common.....i myself load my deer rifle with 1 round and only 1 round....and it will hold alot more...dont know how many....4 or 5 id say.....i never loaded more then 1 in it.......thats just me
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