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Default sheds

what is the earliest you ever found sheds here in illinois.

my nephew found a nice set from an eight pointer 12/27 right in a field about 20 yards within several feet of each other . still had blood on them .was trying to figure why he shedded so early
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Default RE: sheds

well i havent found any yet but i was driving around last night and saw a little buck with only half his rack.
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Default RE: sheds

Some shed earlyer than others. I find them fresh sheds from late december till april. Once a buddie shot a huge buck and wounded it. We could not find it the night he shot it. The next morning we found it and finished it off. It had no antlers, but we were able to find both antlers near his last bed.... He shed them that night, beleive it or not. That was thanksgiveing week during wisconsins 9 day gun season in Buffalo county.
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Default RE: sheds

Stress factor!
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Default RE: sheds

I know a guy who has a deer farm. He documents when the deer drop there antlers as he collects them. They start dropping in December and drop though early april. But here's the kicker, The individule bucks each drop there antlers within about 24 hours of the same time they dropped them the year before. The only way he see's them drop earler is if they get injured. So certain bucks drop every january, certain ones every March.
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Default RE: sheds

my brother found a NICE shed on dec 15, we think that its a deer that my cousin wounded, he has 7 points on one side, probably score (if we had both) around 170.
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Default RE: sheds

A guy I talked to last night said that he found one from last year, but probly will not start looking fo another couple of weeks.
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Default RE: sheds

I put my deercam out last year around New Year's here in Southern Illinois. There wasn't a single buck in the photos that had it's antlers. And there were several obvious bucks in the photos.
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Default RE: sheds

Saturday A friend of ours was bowhunting near Marshall Illinois and he shot a hugh bodied 1/2 racked 8 point buck. He tagged it and grabbed it by the antler to drag it out and the 2nd antler came off in his hand.[:@]
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