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Default Scents

How can I get rid of my scent so deer won't get spooked?
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Default RE: Scents

You can use cover scent but it doesn't get rid of all your scent. Thats pretty much impossible. Play the wind. Store clothes in a bag of leaves.
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Default RE: Scents

Baking soda works as well as any expensive scent killer! I wash my hunting clothes in it and use it as a deoderant also.
There was a recipe for a scent eleminator on the bowhunting forum a couple of years back! It contained baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, H2O, and unscented shampoo. Maybe someone here will know the exact recipe I'm referring to.
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Default RE: Scents

Knight and Hale scent remover with earth scent.Not very expensive,but really works.
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Default RE: Scents

My experience with scents is simply this. Scent suits and cover scent are only as good as your commitment to staying scent free. Establish a good scent free regimen and stick to it. Follow it religously.
There is no guarentee against being winded, but you can improve your odds dramatically. Useing scent free soap on your cloths, in the shower before you hunt, scent free deoderant, etc. All these play a vital role in your ability to remain as scent free as possible.
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Default RE: Scents

SCENT KILLER makes a nice package with all those item in it
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Default RE: Scents

This is a recipe I pulled of one of the boards last year and used it with great success. Others have had luck with it as well. The best part - it's cheap!

One gallon jug of distilled water (or clean creek water)
16oz hydrogen peroxide
1 box of baking soda
2 shot glasses of the green Hunters Specialty liquid soap

Mix it, let it sit an hour so the reaction and release of gases doesn't blow the top off, then pour into a spray bottle. Strengthen from time to time with more peroxide since peroxide turns to water in the presence of air.

This cost about 5 bucks for 128oz versus 8 or 9 bucks for 12-16oz.

I walked freely about with leather boots on and with little regard for the wind and I heard only one snort all year (I wasn't wearing it at the time). The night I shot my archery deer they fed 10 feet under my stand without a clue. I even got a second shot at that deer. He saw me move, heard an arrow wiz past him, then circled downwind of me to try and figure out what I was. His nose was held high but he never detected me. I'll never buy expensive scent killer formulas again

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