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"Goin silent" this season...

Old 09-06-2005, 06:28 PM
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Default "Goin silent" this season...

I FINALLY did it, I finally gotta steal on a "redneck cart" and it was from my own brother. He had a 2001 Outback/ClubCar that he no longer wanted:

He bought it new a few years ago and it just doesn't have enough juice to run 6-7 hilly, muddy and sandymiles (round trip) for him onto the backside of his property (2500acres) twice a day. But I hunton the frontside of the place and typically within a mile or two of the truck.It is basically loaded up with extra lights, brushguards, fender flares, winch, gun racks, trailer hitch and the body is Mossy Oak Breakup. As equipped new it would run nearly $7k. I got it, charger and all for $2500! I took the charger too a golfcart shop today and it checked out perfect, the batteries are getting serviced and I had the cables replaced so it should be ready to go for a full season. I might replace the batteries with gel/maintence free next spring if they begin to feel weak this season,but for now the batteries in it run great and last several miles. The 15hp/48volt motor is STOUT! It will throw a rooster trail in the mud.

It won't go through the slop like my Honda 4x4 but realistically I rarely use them off of farm roads or even the field edges. I have used the cart before and it is of course SILENT, I can ride it right up too the bottom of a tree and get in the stand during gunseason. With bowseason it's merely a matter of parking it near a bush or something a 100yds away or so. Scentwise the deer seem to equate it with anyother piece of farm machinery. I aint gettin rid of my four wheeler but I will REALLY enjoy the quick, silent runs into my stands especially since my kids are getting old enough to go with me now. I also have a huntin buddy that has a degenerative joint disease and doesn't get around very well so this will make it MUCH easier on him as well.

LOL that and like I said, I practically STOLE IT!!!
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Old 09-07-2005, 06:50 PM
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Default RE: "Goin silent" this season...

This thing here would be sweet.
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Old 09-08-2005, 05:25 AM
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Default RE: "Goin silent" this season...

Red, sound like like you have a good means of transportation for hunting season. I also like the idea of it being electric so you can sneak around.
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Default RE: "Goin silent" this season...

Looks like you did get a real steal, errrrrrr I mean stealthon the cart!
You bring up a good point on being in farm country and how deer can get used to things.
Living here in Central/South Texas, there is a of the best deer calls around is a Ford Powerstroke diesel, the deer hear them and know they are going to get fed[8D]. Yes , critters such as deer get used to the smells and sounds of everyday farm/ranch use. With that said, I am sure there are a few old wise bucks that still cant be fooled into coming out in the open country.
I am out in our pastures most everyday either in a truck, tractor, utv or atv. I know that some deer are not spooked by them and some are. When discing,plowing or baling hay I have had coyotes shadow the tractors. They are looking for an easy meal.
But getting back to your buggy, the quietness of an electric cart is appealing to say the least. I know that in the industrial world, battery operated equipment such as forklifts are real workhorses. Even with that, personally I still prefer a gasoline or diesel powered machine, I guess it's because in my little feeble mind I think I can work on them.[]
As in everyday life all things have there place. Before I got the utv's , my quads(we call em 4 wheelers here) got alot of use hauling/working. After getting the Ranger's they see very little use. I think with time you will probably use that buggy for alot of things you never thought about. If you are like me, not getting any younger![&o]I find that getting on a quad is sorta like saddeling a horse 20 times a day, after a couple of hours riding fence on a quad it will tend to tire my arms and fingers( I do have a bit of arthritis). With a cart or buggyyou more or less drive it like a car and the fatigue isnt a problem, at least not in my case. One of the neatest things is that you can carry a few passengers easily and safely. For work and play I am sure you will get alot of use and enjoyment on your silent stealthy cart. Maybe one day if I can run across a deal like you did I will get one.
I have looked at the badboy buggies and they seem to be a solid machine but I am still not convinced but each are own I guess!

Here is a picture of my utv's.......

The top Ranger is a regular 4x4 500 model equipped to play, the bottom is a Ranger XP with Polaris 700 twin fuel injected engine and I might say is pretty peppy. I just finishedbuilding the rack on the back.

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Default RE: "Goin silent" this season...

da, the Ranger IS a neat vehicle my brother has had one for years and uses it primarily (much more than he used the electric cart). He put a Stealth muffler on it and it helps some (they are pretty loud) but I can still hear it over a mile away so I know the deer can hear them much further but they sure are workhorses. Like I said, the electric carts aren't the "perfect all around" vehicle for the deerhunter, but with several miles of capability and of course complete silence, they are neat lil "toys". I didn't realize until I had a battery shop owning buddy go through mine the day before yesterday, this one is 48V and I am not sure if it has an 11hp or 15hp (the new ones on the website say 15.4 so who knows?) but it is considerably stronger and faster than the typical golfcart. My four wheeler is a 98 300 4x4 Honda and I have to run between 3rd and 4th gear to keep up with this Outback on level ground. That is plenty fast enough too me, like I said I am only using it for transportation too and from deerstands.

The BadBoy carts are AWESOME for sure. But for $10k they should be! [:@]I know one distributor for them and a few buddies have them. One has been problematic but I think it's just a fluke. The only common complaint I have heard about them is that they are VERY hard to steer, not something your wife or kids are gonna drive. But that's not an issue too me, this is a MANs toys, lol. If I could steal one of those like I did this Outback I would jump on it.

I also think I am gonna buy a cheap ol $100 lawntractor cart at Lowesto go behind the Outback to haul deer in. (Hauling several deer on a4wheeler with a drop basket or in the back of a golfcart is hell on the shocks and springs!)My brother and buddies have nice ATC type "mini-trailers" they use but I refuse to spend several hundred dollars for an over glorified lawncart! All it's gonna get is muddy and bloody!
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Default RE: "Goin silent" this season...

Our company purchased a fleet of rangers to test on our site because they are smaller and easier to manouver and park than trucks, cheaper on fuel and lower priced.However being used 12 hours or more every day,they are requiring a great deal of maintenance and have suffered a high rate of breakdowns.Because of this,it looks as though we may either try a different brand such as the yamaha rhino or scrap the project altogether.
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