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Default 25 WSSM

I was wondering if anybody is using this round yet? Particularly on deer. Also curious about the .243 WSSM. Seems like they would make nice carrying rifles but wonder if they are barrel burners?
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Default RE: 25 WSSM

One guy in our group is using the .243 wssm. Took two does with it this year. Worked great. 225yard shot on one of them. Nice looking gun too. The speed of the bullet, with factory loads, looks just a bit faster than the regular .243 and the same in some cases. I believe that it should not have a great barrel burning effect on the .243 at least. For high volume varmint shooting, maybe talk to some varmint guys about that. They may have some suggestions on the wssm.

After reading about the .25 wssm it sounds really interesting. Sounds like you can get a few different bullet weights in it.

Good luck.
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Default RE: 25 WSSM

I've only handled the .25WSSM once during an evaluation period a local gunshop likes to have done when new stuff comes out-they hang up flyers and stuff like that posting their results in the store, and they know how stuff performs when people ask about it...not to mention they really boost their customer satisfaction since they let "loyal customers" like myself do the test drive!!!

But I digress...It was a sweet rifle. Very accurate, most of my 100yrd groups could be covered with a quarter from a bipod using a 4-16x42mm glass, and the chrony data showed that it should be very efficient for deer.

On the barrel burning, I don't think this will be a problem at all...A lot of development went into these WSM and WSSM rounds, they're not really extreme pressures considering their extreme design. Because these aren't really Magnum versions of their parent cartridges, instead they are equivalent performers in a smaller package, they should not offer any increased bbl wear. The ONLY possible, yet very unlikely circumstance I could see would be increased throat erosion rate, but I highly doubt it.

From what I have heard, these rounds are no higher pressure than most of the 7mm mags available, which suggests that they wouldn't be any more problematic than those proliferent rifles.
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Default RE: 25 WSSM

I always forget something important when I get excited (I was REALLY excited about that rifle!!).

I don't know if any are offered yet, or if any will be any time soon, but if the WSSM's perform similarly to the WSM line, they'd make outstanding compact/short bbl rifles. Testing my old gunsmith and I did with the .300, .270, and 7mm WSM's compared to their comprable "parents" involved comparing standard length performance to compact length performance. In the parent cartridges, reducing bbl length from 22" to 16.5" gave a velocity drop of approx 15-18%, in the WSM line, I noted a loss of only about the .300WM dropped from ~3000fps to ~2600fps, while the .300WSM only dropped to about 2750fps from 3000.

So, I'd be REALLY interested to see a WSSM offered in a short action 16.5" heavy bbl full sized block bedded target bellied synthetic stock marketed as a compact/lightweight varminting rifle...I would expect one would notice outstanding accuracy and barely notice the loss of energy due to the shortened bbl.
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Default RE: 25 WSSM

I think the 25 wssm is a waste. If they would have done it on the wsm, you would have .257 weatherby performance. Now, were talking .257 roberts. I ask why?
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Default RE: 25 WSSM

I agree with pharaoh2 it would be sweet if it was a .25 WSM
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