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$150 scope

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Default $150 scope

I see there are a lot of scope posts already, but I am looking for a good scope for about $150. I was thinking about a Nikon buckmaster. I am just not up on scopes. I know some people are going to say that I need to save up and spend more than that, but no matter how much money I have I just can't make myself spend more than that. Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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Old 10-31-2004, 04:05 PM
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Default RE: $150 scope

If you can get a buckmaster at that price I would say go for it.

Others in that 150 range I would consider are the Bushnell Elite 3200's and the Simmons Aetec... I don't think the lower end Leupolds are worth it, just my opinion. For about 25 more bucks you can get a Burris 3x9 and spotting scope through Natchez, a great deal.

I hope that helps.
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Default RE: $150 scope

My personal experience with a Nikon Buckmaster was horrible. My first scope was a brand new Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 silver scope, item #6415. When I took it to the range, the elevation and windage dials didn't work. I sent it back to the company and they said it had major water damage on a brand new scope, and said it had to be replaced. It took them 2 months to send me a replacement Nikon Monarch UCC 3-9x40 silver scope, item #6528. While the scope looks nice, its still in the box; I can't bring myself to use it since I no longer trust the company. And I've tried selling it, but the scope doesn't run for much. If I were you, I'd avoid the Nikon and go for a Leupold Rifleman or VX-I. They're better quality and made in America , whereas Nikon is made in the Philippines [:'(].
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Default RE: $150 scope

There are a few very good 150 dollar scopes. The Nikon 3x9 Pro staff is one of them. The Simmons Aetec may be the best scope around under 250.00. The Bushnell Trophy models run about 100-125 dollars and sre good dependable scopes. The VX l Leupold is about 200.00 and is every bit the scope that the more costy Leupolds are. Reliability wise that is. I have had very good service from the 120 dollar Swift scopes as well. In a straight power, you can't beat the Simmons Pro-hunter for about 70.00. I would put this scope (tough and reliable wise ) against anything under 300.00. Its also clear as hell and gathers light with the best of them. I have one on my 7600 30-06 and am tickled to death with it.
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Default RE: $150 scope

Redhead I guess you just have a screw loose. On another post I gave you the benefit of the doubt, then I see you over here recommending a VXI and Rifleman OVER your Monarch???

Good grief Charley Brown,

Just so you know, the Nikon ProStaff and BuckMasters ARE built in the Phillippines while Monarchs and Golds are built in Japan. But guess what, ALL of Leupolds glass comes from the Phillippines as well. Leupys are assembled in the USA and thats GREAT, but then technically so are Zeiss Conquest scopes!
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Default RE: $150 scope has the Nikon buckmaster for around $150 .. I have a few of these and they work real well.. Another inexspensive scpope that I was very impressed by is the sightron, You can find them on ebay and some catologs had them for $99 .. Good glass and a 1 piece tube ...
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Default RE: $150 scope

You can pick up the Simmons Aetec 2.8-10 X 44mm for $129.99. I have 3 of them mtd on a 444 and a 35 Whelen and they take everything they can dish out with ZERO problems to date. Each have well over 200 rounds each. The 3rd is waiting for a new whatever to sit atop. Suffice to say I am a Aetec believer.
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Default RE: $150 scope

I would rather have a simmons than the buckmaster. I would rather have a bushnell than those two. I had a buckmaster on my muzzleloader and I couldn't stand it. Parallax was horrible, and getting my sight picture was tough. In other words, the scope had to mounted perfect. If your eye was too close by .5" you would lose sight and to far away, you have a very small sight picture.

I like the Leupolds over them all. coatings are not that great on the Vari X I, and the rifleman, but plenty good enough. And I dont' care what anybody says, Leupold customer service is much better and for life.
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Default RE: $150 scope

I'd take a look at the 3200 elite by Bushnell for the money it is a good scope. Really this scope has set the bar for the affordable range and few IMHO or experience come close - fully mulitcoated, 1 piece tube, click adjustments, raingaurd, fast eye focus and lifetime transferable warranty. No it won't displace the uppers but when you say affordable it is one of the first that pops in my mind.
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Default RE: $150 scope

I tell people to search ebay for a used Leupold. Yes they are expensive, but they are very much worth it. The thing with a Leupold is they all have a lifetime warranty. You buy one scope to last you the rest of your life. The resale is also good compared to almost any other brand.

If you sight in a Leupold it will stay that way until you switch to a different ammo. It's comical watching guys with bargain scope sight in every year. When eactly do these scopes lose there zero? I sight in every year but have never found my zero to be off with a Leupold scope. Again, they will cost more but you get what you pay for. You should be able to find one for around $200.00-$250.00 new. Look for a VXII, you don't need to buy the VX-III. Natchez shooting supply usually has some prett good deals. I like ebay because if there is a problem you just send to Leupold and they will fix it.

Other quality scopes are the Zeiss, Swavoski, the Bushnell elite series, and some of the Burris scopes.

I am a Law Enforcement sniper and have to rely on quality optics. Just about any large department PD sniper team, FBI, or military snipers use the Leupold scopes.

Just remember, "you get what you pay for" There are no big "rip off" manufacturers when it comes to higher end optic.

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