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"Accurizing" a new gun to shoot tighter??

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

"Accurizing" a new gun to shoot tighter??

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Default RE: "Accurizing" a new gun to shoot tighter??

Check out www.RWHART.com and send it to them they will take care of it for you
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Default RE: "Accurizing" a new gun to shoot tighter??

their accurizing package is 225.00
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Old 10-25-2007, 06:04 PM
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Default RE: "Accurizing" a new gun to shoot tighter??

ORIGINAL: stalkingbear

Whatever you do-DO NOT use that firelapping kit!!! I have seen several barrels ruint because of those kits. If you want a smooth bore,handlap it. The firelapping won't let you feel rough or tight spots like handlapping will. PLEASE DON'T firelap your bore-handlap it,more trouble and takes time but you'll get great results as opposed to possibly ruining your bore.
Get real, if this product "damages" your barrel, they wouldn't be selling it!! David Tubbs is a world class target shooter that has many titles and trophies to his name for long range bench rest shooting. "IF" he is personally making or endorse's this kit, it must be proven.
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Old 10-25-2007, 06:50 PM
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Default RE: "Accurizing" a new gun to shoot tighter??

I have had to change several barrels because they used firelapping method of polishing bore and I still have the barrels in my shop and a powerful borescope anytime you would like to examine them. I don't know if the instructions are vague,hard to read/make sense of,or if the customers simply overdid it thinking that "some is good so a lot more is better. I will add however that every single one of the rifle owners had at least 10-12 years experience in shooting and hunting. Since I have actually examined the barrels I can only conclude that the precise way that firelapping was performed was obviously faulty and I stand by my statement with a armload of barrels backing me up. To think that even the pros never mess up is as absurd as making comments without ACTUAL FIRSTHAND experience. Remember when chip mccormick 1911 parts was famous for breaking?????
To me,firelapping is simply a way for lazy people to HOPEFULLY improve their rifle's accuracy. I wholeheartedly do however reccomend hand lapping and by the way,make no money on it considering the amount of labor invested.
Some of the firelapped barrel owners actually thought that since firelapping ruint their barrel,any polishing or honing was bad.
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Default RE: "Accurizing" a new gun to shoot tighter??

Pay a "pro" enough, and they'll endorse anything. Do you honestly think Tiger Woods would drive a $40,000 Buick like it was the greatest vehicle ever made if GM didn't pay him big bucks to do so? The man could own a SSC Aero Ultimate TT in different colors for each day of the week if he wanted too.

The thought of shooting an abrasive projectile down a good rifle barrel makes my skin crawl. But, hey, if that's what you want to do, have at it. Shilen wants your business! [:@][:'(]

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