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Looking for a Shotgun

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

Looking for a Shotgun

Old 05-09-2007, 01:01 PM
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Default RE: Looking for a Shotgun

I bought my SBE 5 years ago, I dont think I will ever buy another shotgun, it is that good.

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Old 05-12-2007, 06:25 PM
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Default RE: Looking for a Shotgun

CDNN hada new SBE I left handed timber camo for $900. If you don't mind the shells flying the wrong way for you, it's a bargain. I don't know if it's listed in their catalogue, it was sent out in an email which I'm attaching.

This is CDNN Sports, Inc. Below Is Our Latest List Of Pistols,
Rifles and Shotguns Reduced For A Quick Blowout Sale. Most Of These
Guns Are Limited Quantity With Only 1 or 2 In Stock. Please Call Us
at 800-588-9500 To Order or Check Availability.

Astra A-75 路 9mm 路 Blue Finish 路 1-Mag 路 Very Good-Excellent

Astra A-80 路 9mm 路 Refinished 路 Very Good 路 1-10rd Mag

Benelli SBE 路 12/26/3.5" 路 Left Hand 路Timber Camo 路 5 Chokes

Benelli M1 Super 90 路12/24/3" 路 Timber Camo 路 2 Chokes 路
Steady Grip Pistol Grip

Beretta 96F 路 40s&w 路 1-11rd Mag 路Good-Very Good Condition

Glock 19 路 9mm 路 1-15rd Mag 路 Case 路 Marked VA Beach PD 路
Fixed Sights 路 Excellent Condition 路 2nd Generation

Glock 22 路 40s&w 路Night Sights 路 1-15rd Mag 路 Case 路 Good-Very
Good Condition 路 2nd Generation

HK Classic Elite 路 12/28/Fixed Choke, Full/Modified 路 SideXSide
English Stock 路 2-Trigger 路 Auto Ejector 路Excellent-Like New 路 Fabarms

HK USP 路 40s&w 路Compact 路 Variant 3 路 Decocker 路 1-12rd Mag 路
Excellent-Like New

HK USP 路 40s&w 路 Variant 3 路 Decocker 路 1-13rd Mag 路 Case 路Very

HK USP 路 40s&w 路Variant 3 路 Decocker 路1-13rd Mag 路Night Sights 路
Very Good-Excellent

KBI Superior 路 12/26/3" 路 5 Chokes 路 Extractors 路 Silver Receiver
Sabatti Side x Side 路 Tiny Scratch

KBI Empire 路 12/30&32Mono/3" 路5 Chokes 路Combo 路 Bad Case 路
Charles Daly

Kahn Combo 路 12 & 20/26 路 M&M 路 Improved Modified, Full
Silver Engraved 路 Over/Under 路 Case

Kahn Deluxe 路12/28/3 路 4 Chokes 路 DEMO

Legacy Sports PS ****** 路 12/28/3 路 Auto 路Black Synthetic 路 3
Chokes 路 SAMPLE

Legacy Sports Field Hunter 路12/28/3" 路 Black Synthetic 路3 Chokes

Legacy Sports Superlight 路12/28/2.75" 路 1 Non Selective Trigger
Modified/Full 路Ding On Stock

Verona Auto 路12/26/3" 路 Synthetic Stock 路 1 Choke 路DEMO

Smith & Wesson 3914 路 9mm 路 Blue 路 1-8rd Mag 路 Good-Very Good

Remington SPR310 路 16/28/2.75" 路Spartan 路 Over/Under 路 Blue

Remington SPR310 路 28/26/2.75" 路 Spartan 路 Over/Under 路 Blue

Ruger GP100 路.357Magnum 路 4" Barrel 路 Stainless 路 Very Good-Excellent

Sig P6-225 路 9mm 路 Blue 路 Very Good-Excellent 路 1-8rd Mag 路 Case

Sig P6-225 路 9mm 路 Blue 路 Excellent-Like New 路 1-8rd Mag

Smith & Wesson 4013 路 40s&w Compact 路 Stainless 路1-8rd Mag 路 Case

Smith & Wesson 4006 路40s&w 路 Adjustable Sights 路 Stainless 路
1-11rd Mag 路 Case 路 Very Good-Excellent

Smith & Wesson 4013 路40s&w Compact 路 Night Sights 路 Stainless 路
1-8rd Mag 路Case 路 Very Good-Excellent

Smith & Wesson 4053TSW 路 40s&w 路 Double Action Only 路 Stainless 路
1-9rd Mag 路 Case 路 NO RAIL 路 Good-Very Good

Smith & Wesson 411 路 9mm 路 Blue 路 1-15rd Mag 路Good-Very Good

Smith & Wesson 5946 路 9mm 路 DAO 路 1-15rd Mag 路Custom Matte Finish 路
Case 路 Excellent-Like New

Smith & Wesson 686 路 357Mag 路4" Barrel 路 Stainless 路 6-Shot 路 Case 路
Frame Lock 路 Excellent-Like New

Smith & Wesson 686 路 357Mag 路 4" Barrel 路 Stainless 路 Case 路 Engraved #
On Frame 路 Case 路Very Good

Smith & Wesson 909 路 9mm 路Blue 路 3-Dot Sights 路 1-9rd Mag 路
Excellent-Like New

Star 28PK 路 9mm 路1-15rd Mag 路 Blue 路 Very Good-Excellent

Star M28PK 路9mm 路Ambi-Safety 路 1-15rd Mag 路 Good-Very Good

Star 30PK 路 9mm 路1-15rd Mag 路Average-Good

Star 30M 路 9mm 路1-15rd Mag 路Good Condition

Star 30MI 路9mm 路1-15rd Mag 路Blue 路 Very Good-Excellent

Star 30PK 路9mm 路 1-15rd 路 Good-Very Good Condition

Star M28PK 路 9mm 路 Ambi-Safety 路 1-15rd Mag 路Very Good-Excellent

Bernardelli 801L Sport 路 12/30/2.75" 路 Display, Has Dings

Browning Silver Hunt 路 12/28/3" 路 Camo Shadow Grass 路 3 Chokes

Benelli M1S90 路 12/18.5 路 Fixed Choke Improved/Cylinder 路Synthetic
Stock 路+1 Shot Tube

Beretta 8040 路40s&w 路 DOA 路Night Sights 路 1-11rd Mag 路
Excellent-Like New

Beretta 8040 路 40s&w 路 DOA 路Night Sights 路 1-11rd Mag 路 Good-Very Good

Beretta 8040 路40s&w 路 DOA 路 Night Sights 路 1-11rd Mag 路Very

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Old 05-12-2007, 09:38 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Looking for a Shotgun

One of the best guns I've ever owned or shot. Their patented recoil system is amazing. I got rid of mine not for the way it performed, I just decided to stick to over and unders. I have a Beretta Teknys Gold, I got for some money a guy owed me, and its the only shotgun I've ever shot that I liked better than the SBE II.

I do not believe the SBE II is overated, But I know 3 1/2 inch shells are. They do not pattern as well, and most of the serious waterfowl hunters I know are getting away from them.
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Old 05-12-2007, 09:48 PM
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Default RE: Looking for a Shotgun

I have one of the first imported Benellis a m1 super 90 imported by HK i have had it since i was 16 and shot skeet, trap, sporting clays, alot of birds, and other things i don't want around. i never even took it aprt untill a few years ago when it got were it would not change shells. the problem was in the spring in the butt stock. got a new one and no problems. i bet i have spent more on shells going through this gun than i spent on 5 other shotguns
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Old 05-15-2007, 10:36 AM
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Default RE: Looking for a Shotgun

I believe the gun is overrated--just like lots of guns.

I would say buy a Remington Model 1100, 11-87, or possibly a Stoeger M2000. You can find lots of guns that will be more than reliable for about half the price of that sucker. Hell, you could buy a couple of the other guns for that price. That would be the way I would go.

If I was going to spend a thousand bucks on a semi auto, I'd buy a Browning Gold. It's an awesome gun and I'm sure it's good or better than that thing.

There's my two cents worth.
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Old 05-16-2007, 10:34 PM
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Default RE: Looking for a Shotgun

Great guns. Just make sure a gun fits and you can get psychologically attached to it. I own a 12 gage Wingmaster, two 1100's with Hastings barrels, one 11-87, MP-153, and a Mossy 935. They all fit with the same drop after working on them. My 935 out patterns them all with fast, fast steel shot. I shoot 2 3/4" fast, fast 7/8 oz loads at waterfowl, dove and pheasant most the time(1724 fps). Ned S the young 78 yr old.
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