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5.56/223 for elk/moose(don't flame me yet!)

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5.56/223 for elk/moose(don't flame me yet!)

Old 04-03-2007, 12:49 AM
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Default RE: 5.56/223 for elk/moose(don't flame me yet!)

Dave that is my experince also.It wound do much damage to a hardened steel object.
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Old 11-23-2022, 05:06 AM
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Default Not true

Originally Posted by metau
To Everyone-- To answer ???'s about the engine block issue, I can say from personal experience that a 5.56 NATO FMJ round WILL go through a engine block, if it is lucky in its path. Pistons, cranks and cams either stop it cold or absorb enough energy to where it tumbles and stops(usually). I know it sounds insane, but I have seen it with my own eyes too many times.

To FBplaya-- I see no reason it would not go through both shoulders if it hit squarely. I cannot say as to weather or not it would break the shoulders, but I doubt it. However, IF it did break BOTH shoulders, then yes it obviousley could not run, though try as it may. IF you hit it just PERFECT, and the round did not fragment, nor ricochet and play pinball inside(which they love to do), and every conceivable thing was perfect, could it happen: it is definitly possible. I know that is not a yes or no answer, but with something like that there are just way too many variables to say definitly yes or definitly no.

the whole “bounce around like a pinball” claim has been used for years but it’s just not true and there are many tests that have proven it that fact.
sustenance hunters in Alaska use the .223/5.56 to hunt EVERYTHING from moose to grizzly and it had no problem taking down any of them the only people that think it couldn’t are usually inexperienced greenhorns that actually believe everything told to them by other greenhorns that play like they’re “experts” but to anyone with even little real world experience in hunting can pick these people out very easily because if they were to be believed you need the biggest most ridiculous size cartridge to kill a field mouse and again it’s just not true.
Don’t believe what you read, not even this comment, go get some real experience and see for yourself.
i have absolutely no doubt that if I had to I could kill a moose or anything else with a 10/22 as long as you know what you’re doing, have a properly constructed bullet, and the skill needed to put that bullet where you want it then caliber doesn’t play as big of a role as people would like to believe.
Most people believe the bigger caliber will make up for their poor marksmanship but that’s not true either

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Default Brake rotor

To the guy that said he’d feel safe behind the wheel because of the brake rotors being strong must not have seen the YouTube video of the guy shooting holes through them with a 5.56 lol.
Anyone with an ounce of sense knows a 5.56 can absolutely kill any moose or elk under the right conditions in the right hands but it’s not recommended because not everybody knows what they’re doing but without a doubt it can get the job done just like I said in a previous post the native Alaskans prefer .223/5.56 because of Ammo availability and they don’t hesitate for a second to shoot anything that has a pulse and in case you didn’t know Alaska has a lot of GIANT things walking around with a pulse
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Old 11-23-2022, 07:08 PM
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Holy 2007 thread bump Batman
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Originally Posted by footballplaya
ok, first off let me say i WILL NOT DO THIS SO DON'T SET FIRE TO MY HOUSE.. here's the question.. sort of.. a .223/5.56 FMJ will go straight through an entire car(did it at the police academy, do not argue w/ me on this).. so if it'll go through a car, it will undoubtedly go through both shoulders of an elk/moose.. if it will go through both shoulders, wouldn't it break both shoulders rendering the animal w/ 2 broken shoulders and unable to run?? not that i'd do it, but it's just a question... it's probably not even legal.. would it work for deer too?? i'm just saying IF YOU HIT THE ANIMAL PERFECT, we're not arguing if it's right, wrong, or what if i miss.. just want some clearification...
I suspect the ammo you were using at the academy was FMJ which would make a huge difference and is not legal for hunting. Why would you want to discuss a terrible idea?
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Oldtimer, the guy you replied to has not logged back on since 2007
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The forum definitely needs an age lock function.
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