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Mistaken Identity

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Default RE: Mistaken Identity

ORIGINAL: Magnum_Man_300

Todd, I would have to say your assumption of me being a 12 year old is incorrect, because you are the one who has been acting like a child, and as for my friend, Mark John Wilkins, he is to be buried on Friday, I am also speaking to the others who had nothing better to do than to personally attack me. I am ashamed for all of you, yes I was 45-70 Govt., but not the other two. I just wanted to see you all make total idiots out of yourselves when I wasn't even present. For those few who stuck up for me, I appreciate it deeply.
Drawing people in to make total idiots out of themselves is a really malicious thing to do. Can't you get some enjoyment out of something else? Do something! Quit posting 600 times a month and get off the computer and get a job!

I think the main reason you keep getting in trouble that is unjustifiable is because you lie too much. If you think that you can get away with lying just because you are on the computer and they can't see you and you can get away any time you want, you're wrong.
If it's your depression from losing a friend, think of this:

Would your friend, want you to be telling every tenth member of HNI
"Rot in Hell"? I hope not, otherwise, as the old Bulgariansaying goes
"Show me who your friends are, and I will know who you are.".

Tune down your rhetoric, now, or to everyone else you'll just be
"That twelve year-old, who has no parental guidance, and loggs in on different user names and annoys everyone.".
Don't be a troll, turn back now. Your attitude doesn't only affect your status on HNI, it affects your real life. Change, before it's too late.

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Default RE: Mistaken Identity

How about who cares about any of this? Let it drop instead of brining it up in ongoing threads.
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Default RE: Mistaken Identity


You know something.... It is a damn shame that there are so many adults on their computers, acting like children, that it absolutely ruins the firearms forums. Every time I come in to this section, there is some kind of crap going on, and it is soooooo tiresome. I know for a fact that there are some good people on here, and there are some very knowledgeable people on here, but you guys are spending all your time worrying about Magnum_Man. Why ????? Why can't everyone just leave it alone and talk about the Guns. Like in this post. If it is him.... SO WHAT !!! If it is not, WHO CARES !!!!! He can only bother you if YOU let him. And You can only bother him if HE let you.

But dang, I would love to talk about some guns, do a little learning from you guys. Get some questions answered, and maybe help some of you if possible. But this is almost not worth even coming into the area for. Come on everyone, you are better than this.

Well I guess I'll shut up and find another forum to wander around for a while. If I have aggrivated anyone, I apologize, but it really has gotten old, and I know I am not the only person who feels this way.

Good luck

God Bless
Roger all preceding...........
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Default RE: Mistaken Identity

Magnum-Man ,I'm a little confused as to whats going on here and I really don't care. But if you are also 45-70 govt then I would like to tell you I got your pm, but I can't answer for some reason, every time I hit reply my puter or program blocks me. So if you have a question for now just ask it on these post,thanks Glenn is offline  
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Default RE: Mistaken Identity

I think that using the death of your friend as an excuse for your adolescent behavior is just plain sad. If you arent just a 12 year old punk skipping school and sitting on the computer all day then that is even sadder because an adult would just know better than to act the way that you do. One thing that I do have to point out though, I like 45/70 GOVT better than Magnum Man 300, he seems to be a bit more mature.
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Default RE: Mistaken Identity

Michael t said it all, and well said mate, i use to come on here all the time as well, but with all thebit#%ing that goes on here it spoils it for everyone else, like wise i will go else where, grow up""" is offline  
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Default RE: Mistaken Identity

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