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Quit talking about the 7mm-08

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Quit talking about the 7mm-08

Old 10-22-2006, 07:13 AM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Quit talking about the 7mm-08

Gee how come we haven't been talking about using the .243 on elk? Maybe we can get a few more miles on this. It has good paper ballistics too.

The 308 does have more frontal area than a .280 or 7mm 08, but if I were an elk, I would not want to get hit by either one. My personal inclination would be to go for a larger wound channel on such a large, grand beast.

If I recall right, Brutal is a wildlife biologist who I think works for the feds. Brutal has been a helpful and interesting contributor to the small game and predators forum. (I had questions on cougars etc.) It would be understandable that the job duties may require dispatching critters from time to time. Anyway, BA correct me if I lost track of your profession.

In my Marine Corps days some accused me of being a professional killer. Well, if I was a hit man, then I was underpaid. Everyone has an opinion.

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Old 10-22-2006, 09:23 AM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Quit talking about the 7mm-08

Yeah, good ol' Brutal, I remember when I first joined the HNI forums that me and saladin (an australian user) duked it out on Brutal's
"22-250 vs. 220 Swift" thread. Hey, looks like she updated it,
".308 vs. 7mm-08"!

Actually, I'm saving up for a RemingtonModel 700 in7mm-08.

Hey ,Jake, when you were called a professional killer, was that in the Vietnam War or something?
Alot of stupid hippies took stuffout on the soldiers, calling them "babykillers" when in reality, the "baby" had a bomb strapped to his chest and was running at the soldiers in order to blow them up.

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Old 10-22-2006, 09:49 AM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Quit talking about the 7mm-08

Yes, I caught Viet Nam towards the end of the war. I had a high draft number but I volunteered. My home town was a college town and basically, if you were military, you were a baby burner. I think it was a bad time for the nation as a whole. I never figured out Brutal Attacks gender. If that would be "her photo", would think more money could be made in Hollywood or on the Runway! But we need all kinds of dedicated people in conservation. I know I value the people I know up North and I check in with them every time I go, cause I like to wander around in the deep woods where I could be lunch.
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Old 10-22-2006, 05:15 PM
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Default RE: Quit talking about the 7mm-08

I have to say this for my own benefit, even if this thread is never opened again. This isn't fighting words, it is my opininon about all of this argumentative thread. Please bare with me.

I love short action calibers. I don't know why, but I just do. I have a Rem. Model 7 in 7 mm -08. I also own a Ruger M77 Stainless / syn. in .308. I own other rifles and calibers, but they don't matter in this. I love both guns. The Rem. is more compact. It is one sweet deer rifle. I have beentauntedby friends about it being a kids or womans gun, BUT ya know what? I don't care. It is an effective round in a light compact rifle. NOW- the Rem. charts list it and give its specs., but I know I am not meeting those specs. I don't have a 24" test barrell on my gun. I have a 18" barrell. I know I lose vel. and energy. WHO CARES. It is still a damn fine round that has more than enough energy to take deer past 300 yards. I can give up the extra vel. and energy if I can have a gun that handy.

I also would not hesitate to use it on ELK. I know it will perform exactly as it needs to for a quick kill. All I need to do is my part. Feed it the right bullet for the job ( game ) and then make a good shot.

Now, for the rough part. Is it better than the .308? Yes, in ways. Because of the bullet used 7mm, it will fly flatter. The B.C. is the proof. But I also know that the S.D. of the .308 is higher. The .308 has more recoil, period. Even in a heavier gun, I can tell the difference. BUT, it is not enough to really matter. They are both equally accurate. Every difference in accuracy can be attributed to either the gun or the shooter. Caliber has not nothing to do with it.

Now, the .308 also has it's ralley cry. I know all about the rounds offered for each caliber. I know I have a much greater supply of bullets and offerings for the .308 than for the 7mm-08. That is just a fact of life. But it is a fact I love. If I want a heaver bullet in my short action round than they offer in 7mm-08, I put it up and grab the .308 and go get what I need. **** Now is there any difference in the 7mm-08 and .308 that makes 200 or 300 ft/lbs of energy mean anything? NO......dead is dead, can't be any deader. And if I am cutting it that close for energy, then I am probably shooting too far, and I need to reconsider my shot.

But I do have confidence in the 7mm-08 round, to do ANYTHING I NEED IT TO........as long as what I ask of it is within reason. I have the same faith in the .308. I just really do not know what the last WHAT...10 pages has been about. What a shame it is to see such nice and knowledgable people come unglued because no one respects the others opinions, knowledge, professions, age, or wisdom.

Guys I am 42, have had the 7mm-08 bug since 1990 when I bought that model 7. I know I don't know it all, and compaired to some of you I don't know a crappin thing. I am college educated though, and I am human ( ability to reason ) and I can say that seeing all of you guys have a melt down on here is sad. I say that because if all you guys get pissed and stay pissed, then who are the people going to learn from? Kids get on here to learn. Novices get on here to learn. Guys like me who know a little but want to know more get on here to learn.

I apologize if this is a rambling post, but the fact of the matter is that you all are right in some respects and to some degree, and you all are wrong by the same measure. Nothing about this place ever has to get personal. Youth has its place and can be just as right as those with with age and experience behind them. Everyone has value, and no one is beyond learning from others.

I just wish everyone would lighten up. I really need you to, because I am wanting to get another gun, and I want a super compact gun. I am thinking about getting a Ruger M77 compact in .243. Much smaller than a model 7. A great handling micro gun in the perfect caliber. NoW , I know it has the POWER , all I need to know is if I will be giving up too much barrell length in that gun to make it anaccurate ELK ROUND out to 300 yards.

Can I get so input on this please?

Ok , before I make anyone upset, I am only kidding about the .243 for Elk. I would never attempt such a feat. Too much respect for the animal than to fling a 100 gr. bullet at it, on a wing and a prayer.

Have a good day.
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Old 10-22-2006, 08:44 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Quit talking about the 7mm-08

Just don't know anyone trying to put the .243 on elk out to 300. If I am wrong, they should step up and say how it works. One of the board members did a survey on popular elk cartridges. They are running bigger than the .243. I understand the popularity of the cartridge. I have fired it myself. I reckon you might kill one but I worry about how humane that would be, and how far it would run. We have some deer hunters that have tried the 243 and discontinued it because of the end results.
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