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Fishing Tips..

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Default Fishing Tips..

Please feel free to add your own fishing tips..

. If you want more bass bites while pitching {Pitching is tossing a rubber bait along the shoreline } tedious but can cover alot of ground...and there is always something on the shore line.

A. most use a 1/4 ounce weight ..I use a 1/16th ounce weight and spray paint my bullet sinkers red. {The reason almost every lure has a red makes bass aggressive." light weight makes sinking worm look more realistic...slowly falling down...and wait a few seconds...some will charge in and stare a couple seconds..I use to keep bass in a big fish tank and observe them.

B. most use 17 lb test on the shore line..I use 10 Fish can see your line..and are easily spooked.

C. I pitch with a straight tail Zoom Trick Worm black...keeps the line from kinking so much...I generally match the worm color with the water color..but black is always ok. If i'm casting..I throw Green Pumpkin U Tail Zoom...3/16th Tungsten.{ I want to feel the bottom structure}

D. I use a 4mm glass rattle in the worm..the line on the bass's side is called the lateral line and is there to pick up sound..

E. Pitch where the shoreline is at least 3 foot deep and is bordered by eel grass, trees, stumps etc.

F. Pitch on the shady side..bass use shade for ambushing.

G. set the hook straight up ...not side'll catch more fish..

I got this 6 lb 24 incher last week...

Use improved clinch knot for mono..
When flipping serious thick soup I use braid and use the snell knot...causing hook to go straight up in fishes mouth {Warning...line other than braid...the snell usually will not hold} I used to use Palamar for braid...Snell will get you many more fish out of heavy cover and I use a harder hook in thick cover.Gamakatsu 3 or 4 /0 NOTE must be braid for the Snell not or you may get broke off EASILY I will use the Snell Knot with 17 lb florocarbon..that works too,

Tight Lines...will be fishing this morning...I go twice a week..Full moon today,,,should be decent.{-;
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My son got this 9 pounder on 10 lb test,,,Pearl Shad Rap
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The Early Morning Bite.

You only got about 1 hour MAX you want to cover a lot of water fast...leave the rubber worm for later..

In pads with heavy structure I use a Horny Toad,,top-water..the easiest top-water lure to set the hook..You fish it weedless..the bass don't feel the hook..after about 1 second..set the hook straight up and hard..I use braid for this lure.

But fishing in pits around islands and cat tails and grass..I use a weedless spinner-bait..There are 3 mayor blades..Colorado , Indiana, Willow..Our water is murky so I use the off more vibration..worked real good last week..FISH IT VERY SLOW..just enough to turn the blade...Willow is for clear water and Indiana in between the two.

Later when I fish a worm open water,,,10 lb Trilene works great if the drag is set properly..In heavy structure I use Trilene 17 lb test clear mono/..I atached the line to my spring scale on a tree,,,I locked my drag down all the way and could not break that line...when on a rod. Was using a Skeet Reese worm and jig rod.Always match the color of the worm with the water color..I order Green Pumpkin Zoom U tails from bass pro..I cant find that color anywhere..and a light bullet sinker unless I'm learning the bottom structure then I use a 3/16th ounce Tungsten..looking for rock beds..
I fish in an old 750 acre phosphate pit..Phosphate is used in making fertilizer..Bass as big as 15 pounds been taken from here..some holes are 33 feet deep.
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Chuck, these are great tips! Would you change anything up for bass fishing tidal waters or would it all remain the same?

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so sorry ..but I've never fished too much tital waters for bass....mostly small lakes.But most likely fish it the same.. I fish weekly ...about twice a week.I'm a pastor and have to allow time to visit those in nursing homes I ride a mt bike to lose weight and swim laps in an olypic size pool...and since hunting season is moving on,,,I need to use one of those days for scouting...archery starts here Nov. 1st. I love catching crappie and putting them on the smoker.much more action..I use 4 pound or 6 pound for them and mostly troll a 1/16 th ounce or 1/32 nd jig..Red head and chartruese curly tail....WORKS WONDERS Our crappie time is now till January...

But after the hunting season is over {1st week of February} I'll be heading to our main lake , LAKE PARKER that holds a few bass in the 10- 14 pound range..I fish totally differently for these brutes..Where I go, the big bass boats can't go..I have a 12 foot jon boat..I find areas with thick grass., cat tails..or lily pads...and either pull my way into the structure or quitely paddle. The water is about 3 feet deep...I generally use a 1/4 ounce tungsten if thick stuff and 1/16th in very light stuff.. Which I spray paint red} and 50 lb Japenese braid {Walmart 6 lb diameter} and either throw a Gambler BB Cricket { Green Pumpkin} or a Zoom U tail worm { Green Pumpkin or BLack red Glitter} if the bite is slow I 'll use my other flipping rod that has either 17 or 20 pound Vanish Flourocarbon....and on this line and these lines ONLY I tie a snell knot..The snell knot causes EVERY TIME the hook to go straight up in their mouths with very few missed hook sets..Any lighter lines I've had to many break offs..The Snell is easy to tie..BUT i only use it with these 2 lines while either pitching or flipping..On lighter mono I tie the improved clnch not...and braid the Palomar knot .Our spawn goes from Feb. to April...this particuliar lake is semi polluted and I eat no fish out of it..WHen I want bass to eat.,,,I go to a differnt place and cast rubber worms on rock bars...after the first hour of throwing a white spinner bait of frog...and I use 14 pound or even 10 lb water is easier to fight the fish.

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Default Fishing is an art

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my biggest tip would be fish where the fish are.
ive been guilty of fishing a spot too long without moving on
tyoically if you dont get a bite in 10-15 minutes, im moving.
unless im marking fish on electronics. sometimes it can be time of day that the fish arent actively eating but if youre on fish and eventually theyll become active.

im a minimalist and fished many years blind, but honnestly, electronics incresed the number of fish i was catching.

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Thank you for your helpful tips. But I've two more questions:

1. What colors do bass like?
2. What is the best thing to fish for bass?
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Most likely, there is no color that fish prefer always and everywhere.
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