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Using BBQ as Smoker

Old 07-02-2007, 10:31 AM
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Default Using BBQ as Smoker

Last night I somone told me that you can use your Barbeque as a smoker, by turning one side of the grill on, with low(ish) heat and wrapping your wood chips in tin foil, poke holes in it and placing your meat on the other side of the gril away from the heat. How do you guys think this would work and Im totally new to smoking food can you tell me some easy meats to smoke (sorry I'm not big on fish)

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Default RE: Using BBQ as Smoker

That way will work in a pinch. It's more like baking though. Nothing beats a real smoker though. I bought my Char-Grillerat Loweswith the side fire box for less than $150. To smoke food you really need to have the fire as far away from the food as possible while still being able to "cook" the food.There's really not any meat that's easier to smoke than another. They all take roughly the same amount of time to smoke. They're not hard by any means though. It's all about time and temperature. One thing that you'll defnintely need will be a digital temperature/thermomator fork. These really work well. I only use the temperature gauge on the lid of the smoker as a rough estimate. If you have any more questions feel free to ask! Simp
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Default RE: Using BBQ as Smoker

I have my own smoker as well. As a matter of fack I have 2. One electric and one that uses wood and charcoal. I believe you can smoke food on a gas grill. Im not sure thats recommended. Smokers arent really that expensive. But smoking sure gives it a great flavor. Ive done quite a few meats, turkey, chicken, hams, T Bones, Deer roasts etc...
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Default RE: Using BBQ as Smoker

BBQing is basically cooking food over low indirect heat, so the method you described will work well if you set the burner as low as it will go. I have a smaller smoker, 25# class, and I get pretty good results by setting it to 200 degrees and allowing the meat to slowly smoke/cook for at least 6-8 hours.The other fellas are probably referring to "cold smoking", which is kinda tough to do in the close confines of a backyard bbq grill, you'd need to monitor the meat carefully. Pork shoulder hams are an easy meat to smoke, in a grill I'd put them on the warming rack if space allows. Beef brisket can be very succulent after slow smoking and makes wonderful pulled bbq sammiches. Thick cut pork chops work well, but pork tenderloins tend to dry out even when injection marinated unless slightly undercooked and then carefully finished in your oven where the conditions are easier to control. Speaking of your oven, if your range hood exhausts to the outside and has a good strong fan you can smoke foods in the oven. After soaking your chips wrap them in several layers of aluminum foil and poke a few holes in the packet with a toothpick or bamboo skewer. I like to use pot pie pans covered with foil with only one toothpick sized hole punched in it, be sure to soak your chips well before use. For a gorgeous color and interesting flavor try adding a couple of bags of black tea such as Lipton to the chips, remove the tea from the bags first. The smoked duck at Chinese restaurants has usually been smoked this way.
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Default RE: Using BBQ as Smoker

Oh yeah that will work . To make it a little easier geta small cast iron box for your wood chips. You can fined them in bbg section and it will last forever. Also you can do the same thing when your grilling gives it extra flavor Have fun

Pulled pork is the easiest IMO to smoke. Keep your temp around 220andsmoke it till the internal temp is 180. It's about a hour and a half per pound. Oh and it's so soooooo good.

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Default RE: Using BBQ as Smoker

I use a coleman patio fire place just put wood chips and some charcoalit will work but not as good as a real smoker but it was cheap($40 on sale at Fred myers a few years ago) and it works.
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