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Hey all - new bowhunter here

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Hey all - new bowhunter here

Old 10-08-2008, 11:26 AM
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Default Hey all - new bowhunter here

Actually, not just a new bow hunter, but a new hunter all together. Took my hunter safety course back about 10 years ago but never took the opportunity to start up hunting. I figured its about time so I went out and bought myself a used bow. Its a PSE Carroll Intruder II from the mid 90s. It came with a muzzy zero effect, string silencers, and a trophy ridge fiber optic sight and a peep. 70# draw. So I've been collecting gear along the way and practicing shooting. I feel very comfortable shooting at 20 yards with pretty tight grouping. 25 yards is still good and so is 30, but I'm not sure if i would be confident enough yet to shoot at a deer at that distance yet. I've already missed opening day by a few weeks, but priorities are keeping me away from the woods until next week.

So, I'm pretty much going to have to hunt public land. I'm in NC and I've been poring over all the game land maps and looking at the sat pictures on google earth and have settled on the Butner Falls - Jordan Lake game lands. Specifically, there is an area that has very distinct boundaries (I really don't want to wander off the state lands into someone elses property) and looks like it could be promising (but what do I know). The sat pic is attached and I've drawn some lines on it. Blue lines are the Eno river and a stream on the land - there's actually a lot of water all over the place in large puddles - probably from the river overflow. The white line is a road and the white square is where I can park. The yellow line is a power line path. The magenta is an access road - the distance from the road to the field labeled "1" is about 0.6 miles. I've labeled the fields with numbers. The red line is a spot around about where, when I was walking it this morning (before work) I saw a deer cross the road. The fields are not being cultivated so currently they are just overgrown grasse, nettles and such.

So, I'm starting off by severely handicapping myself (at least that is what I am thinking) because I don't have a tree stand so I'll be on the ground. I don't expect to have much luck this first season but I would like to at least sight a deer. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to do a ground hunt? Also, any ideas from the satellite pic on where I may want to set up?

I appreciate any input. Once I have a few years and a few deer under my belt, I hope I can be of service as well.



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Old 10-08-2008, 11:33 AM
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Default RE: Hey all - new bowhunter here

i like that long finger going NE off field 2 maybe all the way back to the back of itor on any bends in the field. Also Any open woods try to find a nice oak tree that is dropping a lot of acorns that would be a good idea also. If it is hot look towards the water. Or just find a deer trail that looks like it gets used quite often and sit maybe 15 yards off of that so at least you can see some deer. Just put ur time in you will see something. And most of all be patient don't rush a shot you arnt comfortable with id say 20 yards is as far as you should try and shoot to untill you have some more experience, it is a lot harder to shoot when you are shaking trust me good luck!
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Old 10-08-2008, 12:44 PM
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Default RE: Hey all - new bowhunter here

I don't know what the scale is, but I'd look for a high traffic area along the power line path. Easy access w/o bumping a lot of deer in the woods.
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Old 10-08-2008, 12:45 PM
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Default RE: Hey all - new bowhunter here

Not a professional opinion by any means, but I likethe woods by the river on the bottom of fields 4 and 6. I would look by field 5 and the big finger and river for a pinch point. And, I would look where the power line and river come together, somewhere between there and the marshy looking area. I also like the woodline that divides fields 5 and 2.

There is nothing real indepth to these spots just changes in terrain and borders.

Good luck in your quest for a monster.

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Old 10-08-2008, 01:19 PM
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Default RE: Hey all - new bowhunter here

looks like you're working up a pretty good plan. good luck. what kind of crops are in the surrounding fields?
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Old 10-08-2008, 02:20 PM
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Default RE: Hey all - new bowhunter here

I like the woods in between 6 and 4
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Old 10-08-2008, 03:44 PM
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Default RE: Hey all - new bowhunter here

Ground hunting doesnt mean ur not gonna have luck. I take it since ur first time hunter, ur stalking skills arent top notch(honestly no offense). But, go to a local sporting store and get some camo blind material. Find where some good reliable trails enter the fields and set up a little in the wood line. Good luck and hope ya do well.
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Old 10-08-2008, 07:43 PM
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Default RE: Hey all - new bowhunter here

Thanks for all the advice. If I can get out there enough I'll try them all. I'll definately be looking for the oak trees and trails. I'd like to get out there early in the AM.

So a pinch point can be considered an open path that the deer could take but that thins up into something like a bottle neck? Perhaps once I see one it will hit me.

hehe - stalking skills - yeah. and no offense taken - i was walking down the access road this morning doing my best to be quiet and, at least to me, my steps sounded like a bulldozer bashing through the woods.
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Old 10-22-2008, 01:54 PM
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Default RE: Hey all - new bowhunter here

Anyone want to grade me on how I'm doing so far? Please feel free - I'd like the feedback since I don't have a live 'mentor' or anyone to shoot the **** with on this subject...

I have very limited times to go into the woods - basically I'm taking Wednesday mornings off and then I have to go into work in the afternoon(unless I get a kill). So last week, I was at the Northern end of Field 1 (see pic above - I settled on field 1 just cuz it had been freshly cut and none of the other fields have been yet) on the ground and behind some good cover. I had gotten there way before light and setup so there were no leaves or noise makers underfoot and I also cleared some shooting lanes through the brush and set up some distance markers. 3 does entered the field on the south end and meandered back and forth through the field and then left the field about midway through to the east - they never came close enough for a shot. That was all that happened that day.

So today, I figured I would set up on the South side near where those 3 does came into the field. Again, I cleared out a good area behind brush and then built up some more cover with some small branches, etc. I did all this before first light and was sitting and ready to go at dawn. I didn't see anything but birds today. The air was moving from North to South, so I was good with that. I'm pretty sure that I was well hidden - I did my best. I'm somewhat disappointed that I didn't see anything at all. I was kind of noisy setting up this time - I'm hoping I didn't spook anything.

So, should I stick with the spot knowing that I've seen deer go into that field? I suppose that I will - I only have about two more opportunities to go out there, so changing things up now probably won't get me anywhere. Should I set up on the south side like I did today?

Any advice is gratefully accepted.

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Old 10-22-2008, 02:06 PM
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Default RE: Hey all - new bowhunter here

I like the little pinch point between the south side of field 1 and the NE side of field 3. A good place to catch a buck cruising the field wind checking for hot does. Get yourself a ground blind, they can be had a lot cheaper than a stand, plus it would be easier to pack in and out. Good luck!
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