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Default Permission

Don't ask me why, but I'm already thinking about next year. This is my first season, so I guess I'm taking it more as a learning experience. Next year I want to get more serious, though.

Anyway, my question is, how do you guys go about asking for permission to hunt private land? Do you "cold-call" when you see a property that looks promising? What approach has been most successful?

If this has already been covered in detail, I apologize. If you could just post the link up...I haven't had much luck using the search function. Thanks.

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Default RE: Permission

Man, the times I have done it i have just knocked on the farmer's/landowner's door and asked. I'd want to meet the guy in person if someone was wanting to hunt my land.I usually try to ask before the season starts so you don't waste hunting time. It also gives you enough time to scout/hang standsI generally wear decent clothes, use good manners, and be respectful in general. Lotta times if the guy denies you permission for whatever reason, he may direct you to someone he knows. I had a guy put me in touch with his mom last turkey season since he knew she wouldn't be hunting. Good luck bud.
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Default RE: Permission

Thanks. Yeah, I guess I should clarify. By cold-call I meant just pulling up and knocking on the door.
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Default RE: Permission

take a child with you.
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Default RE: Permission

What has worked for me is going door to door. It is more personal. In additoin, go there looking clean. Wear nice jeans and make sure you are showered and shaved. If I was a landowner I would not want some grimy lookin dude hunting my place. It may sound like steriotyping, but appearances do go a long way.
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Default RE: Permission

Here's how I did it. It worked well, even though I didn't get permission.

The neighbor at the end of the road raises Clydesdales, and he has a ton of deer on his property. I saw him in his yard as I was driving by, so I stopped and said hello. Heres how the conversation went.

Me: Hello! My name is Terry and I live just a few houses down the road. I don't believe we've met.

Him: Hi. I'm Mike. Nice to meet you.

Me: I've seen you trotting your horses through the neighborhood. They are beautiful animals.

Him: Thanks! We take them all over the state. We've been doing this for years. (He went on about his horses for about 5 minutes. He was really eager to talk about something that was so passionate to him. Things were going well for me so far. Don't blow it!)

Me: The other day I was taking my daughters for a walk just before dark and we noticedat least 10 deer in your clover field. We stopped and watched them for a while. Pretty neat!

Him: Yeah, there's a ton of deer around here. Too many if you ask me! (Yes - I'm in. He wants to get rid of some deer!)

Me: Yeah, they will multiply faster than you can imagine if you don't keep the population in check. Does anybody hunt this property?

Him: No, nobody hunts here. We just raise our horses. (This is looking really good).

Me: I'm an avid sportsman. One of my passions in life is bowhunting, and I'm always looking for a good place close to home to hunt. Would you consider letting me have permission to hunt your property? I only bow hunt, so there will be no gunshots or anything like that.

Him: I wouldn't have any problem with that at all.

Me: That's great! I really appreciate it. (Awesome. I'm in! That was easy!)

Him: I wouldn't mind BUT my wife would kill me if I let you hunt. She's a real animal lover and she loves to watch the deer. She wouldn't want anybody shooting them. (Oh NO! What the hell just happened????)

Me: Well I understand that, they are beautiful creatures for sure. But she would probably never even know I was there. I'd be coming and going in the dark, and my bow doesn't make any noise. And I'd be more than willing to help you with your horses or work around the farm in exchange for permission to hunt.

Him: I just can't do it. I'm sorry.

Me: Okay, well I understand. If anything changes, I just live in the brown house down the street. It was nice to meet you. Take care.

That's how it went. That was 1.5 years ago and I haven't asked again since then. The wife submarined me.... How do you handle the wife who doesn't like hunting?
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