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Old 10-19-2006, 08:06 PM
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Default number 2

So I couldn't sleep last night in excitement over this spot I was going to hunt this morning and I stayed up all night. I cleared this area earlier this year and this morning wa the first time I was gonna hunt it. Finally I roll out the door to head to my spot, about 150 yard walk, at 5 this morning. I climbed up in my tree and was settled in way before day break. Just when the day started to break, still not enough shooting light, my stomach started rumbling. I ignored it.All I could think about was losing all this sleep over this spot and never hunting it before to know whats moving and it kept getting worse. Finally after several minutes of trying to fight it I lower my bow down. Miraculously it stopped soon as my bow hit the ground. So of course I hoist it back up. About 5 minutes later it hit again and I couldn't help but climb down. I started to take my stand off the tree and I couldn't go any further. It was coming so I had to do my business. When I say it was coming, I mean I barely got my belt undone. I was prayin and askin for forgiveness for things I've never even done. The deer were even prayin it would stop. Basiclaly I screwed up a hunting spot this morning for the rest of the season over it. You guys have any secrets or tips on what you so when your 15 ft in the tree and this happens? I mean obviously you can't use a piss bottle or even and empty pop bottle. What do you do?
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I alway's make myself go before I leave ,I usually have 1 coffee on my trip to the location I'm gonna hunt and it doesn't bother me until I'm at home after the hunt . Don't drinkl too much coffee ,that's the only tip i can give you other than forcing yourself to go before you leave .

Your story's real funny ,even the deer were prayin it would stop .LMAO

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Default RE: number 2

LMAO! I did the same thing last year and abandoned that sight for the rest of the year. I thought I might not make it.
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Default RE: number 2

Never ignore it!!! LMAO
Clean it up and hunt the spot anyway.
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Old 10-19-2006, 08:21 PM
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Default RE: number 2

Why would you not go back there to hunt?

I bet if you go back you will be suprised... Try it.

ya got nothing to lose. But this time go before you hunt.
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Default RE: number 2

Boy, sometimes you guys are just to dambed funny. I love it when I read some of these things and get all pumped up for good hunting story and end up rolling off the chair laughing.
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Default RE: number 2

Yeah, I thought I was going to read about his second deer of the year!
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Default RE: number 2

An old girlfriend from a long time a go, told me her grandfather always carried a handkerchief. You never know when you have to do #2 and in a pinch it can be torn in strips.

I'd hunt the area. Those flies do quick work. If not, someones dog will find it and roll around in it and take it home soon enough.
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seems most every day im hunting i gota GO! deer dont seem to mind. i wizz right out of my stand. spit my chew out of the side too. and when i gota go ill go at the base of my tree need be. i wouldnt abandon a good spot over it. does a deer poop in the woods?? do bear poop in the woods?? guess does mauser!! ive watched more then 1 deer sniff gut piles..and killed deer from trees i went 1 and 2 on near or around. if your that worried dig a little hole and kick it in there and cover it up. i get hounded alot coz i wont hunt without atleast a 1 time supply of TP...i perfer to save 1/4 rolls..keeps nice and neat in the back and unrolls nice n easy! lol...

fielmouse...i gota laugh at the dog part. i was pheasant hunting once in a popular spot. i HAD to go. i went as far from the parking spot as possible at the time. i made it pretty far. couple days later i went back and you could tell someones dog found it! i felt terrible....but hopefully it was a yote or fox..something rolled in it hard core though!
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Default RE: number 2

I have a buddy who never plans for, but always seems to have this same problem. I can't tell you how many times he's come back to the truck after the hunt with only one sock!!! He says he gets down on the ground, digs a little hole, and burries it when he's done.I've known him to kill deer the same evening in the same area.
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