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Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

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Default Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

Hello all,

I am interested in sharing ground hunting tacktics while bow hunting. I have a little problem with heights, so I am not too privy to use three stands. IN the past, I have used deer blinds, turkey blinds, and natural cover to hunt from the ground. I have also been interrested in a sniper ghillie for better camo.

Obviously setting up down wind and in traffic areas are the key, however, I am looking for tactics, specific to bow hunting on the ground.

What are some of the tactics that you all use to ground hunt?

Thanks in advance.

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Default RE: Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

Some of the things that I take into consideration besides the obvious of wind and camo are:

1. I make sure that I am not skylined or shilouetted against the sky. I generally like to sit next to something a little fatter that way I can move more and still be concealed within the outline of the tree or whatever it is.

2. If possible I sit in an area that is not dried leaves, this allows me to shift my feet when needed. If not, I make sure an clear an area to the dirt so that I can move slowly.

3. I always have my bow either on my lap or lying on the ground next to me, with an arrow nocked at all times. When hunting on the ground getting an arrow out and getting it nocked adds a lot of possible noise and movement.

4. I try to pick ground that is not flat. I personally like areas that have small hills or washouts. Here in OK, some of the washouts are 6 feet deep. This allows me to walk thourgh the washouts and never be seen.

Anyway, I guess I will write some more if I can think of them.
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Default RE: Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

I haven't had much luck bow hunting from the ground. I tried it a couple of times when I first started bow hunting last year and every time I had a good shot opportunity, something would happen. I'd hit a tree limb with my bow or one of my joints would pop. After about the 4th time I spooked one off, I decided to buy a tree stand. My luck has improved. I'm trying one of those pop up blinds this year as well as hunting from a stand. If you're not to keen on hunting from way up in a tree stand, I'd suggest that you try hunting from a lower tree stand. I set one up last year that was only 12' off the ground and the deer didn't seem to notice me at all. I've read several articles that say you need to be at least 25-30 feet off the ground. I haven't been hunting much, only 3 years now, but I've never had my stand more than 15 feet up and I've always seen deer and they don't seem to see me. Hope this helps a little.

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Default RE: Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

make a blind in thick areas it's the best beleve me and make sure u have a sold backaround so noone can see u from behind like a deer

good luck

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Default RE: Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

i used to hunt from the ground a lot too because I am also afraid of heights. i have gotten away from it becausei would always get busted by the deer whenever they would come in. when i built a naturalblind i always thought that i would need some cover behind me to break up my outline but have found through trial and error (lots of error) that you need plenty of cover inFRONT of you too.
i have never had anything but bad luck when hunting from the ground so i got myself a summit viper climbing stand and that was the best thing i ever did. it's secure and stable, but more importantly it has the safety rail around it so you couldnt fall out of it unless something went seriously wrong (and the seat o the pants safety harness comes with the stand which makes you feel safe just by wearing it). istillonly climb 12-15 feet but this has increased my deer hunting enjoyment exponetially.
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Default RE: Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

I bought a smaller one this year that gives me just enough room to draw but not so big or tall that it stands out too much. Still, I brushed it in good with lots of branches and leaves and placed it in a clump of smaller saplings deep in the woods. I have a bucket with a cushion that allows me to silently rotate to look on the little mesh portholes. Though I think its easier to slip off it and kneel for shots (more stability). I have had my blind in place for several weeks now and have had chances to shoot a few does. Some nervous that the blind was there (probably the first time they saw it) and some that seemed oblivious to it. If it becomes part of their regular landscape, they will obviously grow acustomed to it. Still, I am very careful about scent and wind direction when using the blind. Can't tell you how bucks would react because I haven't seen any it it yet. Hope to this week or weekend.Hope this is helpful.
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Default RE: Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

Well,most off my hunts are from ground level.Try to sit next to a large tree,if theres alot of leaves then i'll clr. them away,like to try to sit behind some cover,if theres a ditch all the better.every once in a while i'll use a scent but mostly i look forward to cold,the reason ,most of the time the cold air falls,warm air (human scent)rises.
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Default RE: Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

I have hunted mostly from the ground this year and I shot a 6 pt last weekend. I sit in the Doghouse by Ameristep and I like it. You have to make sure that you can draw when you get in there so your elbow doesnt hit the back of the blind. I put branches and brush in front of mine and i have deer 10 yrds away and they dont even notice it. They might look at me but then just keep going and arnt spooked. I like this because it allows you to move around with out being seen.
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Default RE: Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

I too do not like heights, but I got the tree suit and it works great, can even get it with a climber. You are literally hugging the tree the whole time. I can go 15-20 foot up with no problem, maybe higher, I just have not tried. Since you are facing the tree the whole time it seems safer, like you can catch yourself if something goes wrong. Anyway, I do not feel nervous at all hunting out of it.
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Default RE: Bow Hunting from the Ground - Tactics.

I do about 50 50 tree and ground. My biggest concern on the ground is dried leaves under me. I rake everything up till i have nothing but bare dirt under me. I make sure to keep shooting lanes in my make shift blinds that will conceal most of me. I also make sure I have a good back ground, no open areas behind me. I also like to setup where it is hard for deer to move behind me.
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