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Old 09-20-2005, 05:55 PM
Nontypical Buck
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What is yourDE SCENTING ritual and what type of cover scent do you use? I was in Basspro today looking at buying some but the assortment is mind boggling. Save me some time and money and tell me what works and what doesn't.
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Old 09-20-2005, 06:14 PM
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I wash all my clothes in scent away laundry stuff. Put earth scent waffers in airtight containers. In the field, I used to use fox piss on my I just carry earth waffers with me. Drop a couple at the base of my tree stand..and clip one on me.

When the rut kicks in, I put doe estrous waffers on the ground around my stand..usually in a shooting lane.

Those waffers are very good for the price. I get mine at the end of the hunting season at Walmart..usually for a couple dollars.
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Old 09-20-2005, 06:33 PM
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Like Pat C, I wash my clothes in the scent away detergent. I use the scent away bar soap and shampoo. Seemed like the bar soap was pretty good. I use the scent cover from walmart. They had a couple, earth scent maybe and another autumn scent (?). One of them seemed to work real well but I forgot which one and the other was so-so. I tried the carbon blast stuff and, in my opinion, its a waste of money. I was thinking of trying fox or coon pee this year.
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Old 09-20-2005, 06:43 PM
Giant Nontypical
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All the scent free soaps, deoderants.........Rubber boots, Scent Killer Autumn Formula spray,Red Fox Urine.

Stay off the trails as much as possible, use the wind and cross my fingers.

I do wish I could find my "Old Gray" Gray squirrel cover scent spray. ManI liked that stuff. I don't ever recall a deer even acting remotely alerted to my prescence after cutting my trail around my stand when I used that cover scent.
Think about it.......what animal is more ignored by game than a squirrel?
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Funny story i let a hunting buddy use my fox cover scent and he sprayed it all on his camo. it smelled like beagle poo. [8D] i dont use anything anymore. i think there have been many studies to show game cant tell the difference between human wee and other critters wee. i say stay scent free and hunt high. and keep your money in your wallet
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My clothes get washed in scent free detergent and then hung outside to dry. Afterwards they are put in a scent free container until the hunt. I shower with scent killing soap and shampoo before going hunting and then spray some Essence of Fall cover scent on my boots. Pure doe urine is hung immediately around my stand to further reduce the chances of me being picked off.
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I use earth sent cover spray on my camo and hang wafers on my hat i hunt low to the ground and i have hade deer come within 5 yards of me down wind yet stay clean and watch the wind
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Old 09-20-2005, 08:29 PM
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I use unscented soap and scent killer sprays. In my opinion cover scents are a waste of time. You can't cover one scent with another. Deer can pick out many different scents at the same time and interpret what they are. Each scent has different molecules that they can pick out. If they didn't have this ability then they wouldn't be able to pick out the faint smell of another deer or predator that had walked across a field. Just think how strong the smell of the dirt and corn stalks and weeds are compared to the scent left by the deer or predator. The stronger smell can't cover them up. We don't have this ability so have a hard time believing they as well as other animals can do this. Dogs are used to smell out some cancers, drugs hidden in all kinds of cover scent, they are used to find leaks in underground pipes as deep as twenty feet deep, drowning victims in rivers and lakes and many other amazing things. Deer may not have quite the smelling ability of dogs but I would say they are not too far behind them. We just find it much easier to study dogs so we know more about them.
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I use scent away detergent by hunter specialties hang my clothes to dry outside and store in big zip lock storage bags as well as inside pastic containers with a earth scent dryer seet in it to reduce outside scents inside the tupperware container.I use natural scent when hunting in spruce trees I take needles home boil them down and put the liquid into a spray bottle.When hunting other places I use Deer dander.I use deer dander on my boots when I get to within a couple hundred yards of my stand.except when it is raining.Then I dont use any.The rain will wash all scent away pretty quick so no scent on my boots then.
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I use baking soda to wash my hunting clothes one cup to a load works great and i also use it for scent killer put 2 ozs of baking soda and 4 ozs of water in a spray bottle spray myself once every hour or so.

At about 100yrds before i get to my stand site i use a drag rag soaked with trails end 309 and when i get to my stand i walk around my shooting lanes. Ive had good luck with trails end deer always stop to take a sniff and gives me a good shot.
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