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Problem or Not?

Old 12-18-2003, 09:58 AM
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Default Problem or Not?

The gun is a Traditions Frontier, 50 cal sidelock percussion.

After removing the cleanout screw I was surprised that I could not see the end of the ramrod (without any accessories on it).

It turns out that only a 1/8" opening exists at the breech end of barrel. Is this normal?

Therefore the fire from the cap has to make a 90 degree turn to get into the barrel and then another 90 degree turn towards the muzzle ( and through this 1/8" hole) before it gets to the powder. Is this normal?

Is there anyway to enlarge the opening at the end of the barrel so the powder could get further down or would this be dangerous?

Please do not suggest that I read up on blackpowder rifles
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Default RE: Problem or Not?

This is not unusual. It is one of the reasons some sidelocks have more ignition problems compared to inlines, particularly in very cold weather. Every time that flame turns 90degrees, it is cooled by the cold steel. One thing you might think about. Since you know your breech plug has a narrow channel, you can't clean it with a jag. You probably should set the base of your barrel in a bucket of very hot water and use your cleaning jag as a piston to pump hot water through this narrow channel. Any lube or oil you use can settle in this channel also, so you will need to be sure to shoot of a few caps to dry it befor loading. Loose powder shood fall into this channel some to help get the main charge going.
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Default RE: Problem or Not?


The gun now works good.

I made a little tool which connects to the end of an old ramrod and alows me to clean out the little "hole" when needed ( it works great).

I also switched nipples from the original to a Knight Red Hot which has a wider channel but the same size hole.

Using Triple 7 FFG I fired 20 rounds without a missfire. Sometimes I cleaned between each shot and sometimes I fired 5 in a row before cleaning. Cleanng was done with 50% Simple Green sprayed on a patch, run thru twice and 2 new patches to dry it out. Sometimes I fired a cap before loading.

When the little "hole" at the end of the barrel begins to plug up I will get a slight hesitation or pause before the charge goes off which means it is definitely time to clean the barrel.

When I target shoot I develop a certain regimin of cleaning the barrel between each shot.

For those who are interested I believe I was creating a missfire by cleaning the barrel with a patch covered in
Crisco between each shot. I am now sure this Crisco was
plugging up the little "hole". I am also sure it would work even better if I went to FFFG powder.

Tomorrow I plan to sight it in and work on groups. Thanks again.
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Default RE: Problem or Not?

Your right, the crisco would not be the thing to use as a swab between shots or to clean the gun. Actually I would have been surprised it fired at all after that. I use 50% windshield washer fluid and 50% denatured alcohol. Then a couple of dry patches and we are ready to go again.

When you look at the flash channel in a sidelock, it is no wonder that someone invented the inline....
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Default RE: Problem or Not?

Some of the newer sidelocks have a curved channel rather than bent for this reason , the curve smooths the path for the fire from the cap .
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