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Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol Kit?

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Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol Kit?

Old 01-17-2008, 10:26 PM
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Default Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol Kit?

regrettably it has been some time since i have been able to participate in posting on this site but after this recent muzzleloading season i have decided that i would like to try hunting with a muzzleloading handgun. i seem to recall that in my state a muzzledloading handgun may be used if the caliber is .454 and over with some minimal barrel length of say four inches( i think). so i started shopping around and came across a Pedersoli Kentucky pistol kit on sale at DGW. has anyone ever hunted with anything like this or is the accuracy insufficient? i feel that in most cases that if the shooter will do, the gun will do. this particular gun is 45 caliber with a 10 1/4 inch barrel. i really couldn't find any other information about this gun or hunting with the for that matter and figured that if the fine folks here at this forum didn't know then no one does! most of my shots are inside 30 yards with dense woods

thanks for you time and hope to hear your input

p.s. if the muzzle energy is insufficient i would never dream of using it for hunting, i despize unethical hunting practices.
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Old 01-18-2008, 12:51 PM
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Default RE: Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol Kit?

I have the DP Kentucky in .50 cal. Very nice pistol and very accurate with both PRB's and Saboted projectiles.

Keep your hunting range inside 30 yards (typical archery range). I took a nice doe with mine at I think 10 or 15 yards with a 250gr Hornady SST. Shoots Sabot's well because of the 1:18" rifling.

Also get yourself a powder measure in 1gr increments for pistol.

Powder= 3FG Swiss BP or 3FG Black Mag'3 or 777.
Caps= RWS Dynamit-Nobel #1075

Considering you wish to hunt (deer I guess), I would opt for the .50 cal instead of the 45cal as you will have more energy with a 50. Kit's are fine too if you have time. It will take you about a day or two to put together. For me I would spend the extra $80 for the finished 50 cal.

54cal with a PRB would do the trick on deer at short range.


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Old 01-18-2008, 12:54 PM
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Default RE: Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol Kit?

Depending on what you want to hunt.. for deer?. I would personally go with as large a caliber as I could and with as large a powder charge as it can handle. Your Pedersolli I will GUESS will use about 20-30 grains max of powder. You are then going to be shooting a .440 ball. So you are really limited by size of lead projectile and the amount of powder pushing that. Granted if you were 25 yards or in that area, it should work. But you might want to hone up on your tracking skills as well.

Were I to hunt deer, it would be with a .50 calTraditions Buckhunter Pro single shot, or a custom type single shot. I would want it to shoot at least 50 grains of powder and as big a ball as possible. In the case of the .45 caliber a Colt Dragoon, Ruger Revolver, are all able to take larger powder loads. I believe they can handle 50 grains. There problem is many states do not allow them in muzzleloader season as they are not considered a muzzleloader.

I shoot a .44 caliber L. L. Pietta. It shoots 30 grains of APP 3f, and a .451 roundball. It does have some impressive penetration at 25 yards. But I just do not know if I would hunt deer with it. But with the Pedersolli, it would be a exciting hunt. As it would test your stalking or waiting skills to the limit. Id just go to a large horse pistol caliber is all. Lyman makes a .50 caliber Kentucky style. They used to make a .54 caliber but I have not seen them lately.
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Old 01-18-2008, 04:12 PM
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Default RE: Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol Kit?

Ive got a Pedersoli Harpers ferry flintlock in .58 caliber I would be willing to part with.Its got the browned barrel on it which I see they dont make anymore but other than that its the same one on thier websight.Might be a cheaper way to find out if you like hunting with one.These go for about $430-450 new.
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