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Spanish vs American

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Spanish vs American

Old 01-11-2008, 06:24 AM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Spanish vs American

I can not speak to the Spanish barrels, I have no experience with them, and I rarely believe much of what I read on the net, unless I have a history with the poster's. there are some good guy's here on this MZ site, and I think you can trust what they say.

I have owned or shot alot of MZ's. I always keep coming back to the Knight. Trigger's are one reason. Knight has the best trigger. I also like their barrels and the way they shoot. All the Knight's I have shot have been good shooter's. I have owned a few of the TC's that I just could not get to shoot, and my friend's have had some of the same problem's. And I also have a real problem with the TC's costing what they do, and having the terrible trigger's they have.

IMO if you go with a Knight and take the time to work a load up right, then I think that is your best route to go. And as stated earlier, if you do not have enough cash to get the scope now, then by all means shoot it open sighted.

I know alot of guy's have good luck with the less expensive MZ's. And I am happy for them. I was just never satisfied with the stocks, trigger guards, ramrod's and other features of the less expensive models. And especially those cheesy trigger's.

I have dropped my MZ battery down to 3 rifles. A knight LRH with a scope, My old stand by MK85 with open sights, and a Lyman LH flinter. Oh ya I forgot about the TC Hawken I have in the safe. Go with quality and you should have it forever. Tom.
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Old 01-11-2008, 06:31 AM
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Default RE: Spanish vs American

Both of my Omegas have very nice triggers. My buddy's Encore has one of the best factory trigger pulls I've ever seen. I wouldn't say T/C is KNOWN for bad triggers, though there may be a few out there.
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Old 01-11-2008, 07:18 AM
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Default RE: Spanish vs American

Ive shot both knights and CVAs for the past 10 years.The newer CVAs are pretty good guns but require a lot more maintainence it seems like to keep them in good shape.The knight I just gave my kid I hunted with for about 5 years in all sorts of brutal weather, rain, ice, snow, sleet, etc...Never had a misfire, the metal parts are all still in pretty good shape with a little light rusting appearing here and there and one small spot in the barrel that for some reason refuses to come clean no matter how much I scrub it.

My latest CVA by comparison is only 2 years old, has been used in fairly mild conditions by comparison, and has recieved much better care than my older Knight.Its already showing signs of rust and theres a big bare patch on the barrel where the bluings dissapeared, not from misuse, just dissapeared.The factory ramrod that came with my CVA snapped in half the 6th time I used it.These were both similiarly priced guns.

That being said my CVA I honestly believe will outshoot my knight in terms of accuracy, not by much but it does seem a little more accurate out past 100 yards than my Knight did.This ay not be typical for all guns by these companies.

I tried getting an older CVA sidelock fixed from the company a few years back, it had a problem with the hammer being offset from the nipple and the gun not going off as a result.CVA customer service gave me a run around for a couple months and never did fix the gun, its sitting in the closet someplace.

Knight on the other hand fixed one of my buddies barrels when he forgot to grease the breachplug and it became siezed in the barrel free of charge.They also offered to replace the stock on my dads gun, one of the first LK 93s on the market for cost when it broke a couple weeks ago.

Im my opinion with CVA youll get a decent shooting little gun thats slightly higher maintainence and cosmetically not as good but youll save anywhere from alittle to a considerable bit of money{depending on model}in the process.I havent dealt with thier customer service recently but hear its somewhat better.Knight youll get a decent shooting, hassle free gun that should last for years but youll spend more on it, youll know they stand behind thier guns though.

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Old 01-11-2008, 02:03 PM
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Default RE: Spanish vs American

I don't know of any ML maker that has not shipped a dud now and then.

I've gotten some lame ducks from T/C, Knight, Remington (my first Rem700ML had a bolt that was better for hammering nails that for igniting percussion caps), CVA and Traditions.

Overall though I thinkIhave had the best support from T/C and Knight if I have run into an issue. But it appears that CVA and Traditions have stepped up on service from reports here on the forum, but I don't know for sure as I just have old sidelocks nothing new from either company.

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