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Default New Remington Genesis and/or Introductory Muzzleloader

I have been shooting long rifles and shotguns for a while now, but have recently been struck with the desire to move into some blackpowder rifles. I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about the newRemington Genesis, and if so would be willing to share their opinions. Also I would be open to any suggestions or ideas anyone has aboutany other good first rifles.

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Default RE: New Remington Genesis and/or Introductory Muzzleloader


I'll start this off but I am sure a lot will chime in. I really do like my Remingtons 700ML's. So when I heard Remington was going to bring a more modern muzzleloader to the market I was really excited and detirmined that I would get one. I really have no problem with the so called Spanish barrel sydrome. If they were available I would have had one by now - BUT - because the swinging breech it swings up into the scope that could really be a problem for me. So then I looked at the new Traditions Yukon where the breech drops, but it was not available in stainless. I ended up with an Omega and it or at least the series of Omegas, has it's little quirks also but all in all it is a great gun.

I really wanted to move from the typical bolt to the newer design. I had also told myself that I was not interested in a two piece stock or a break open action.

There are a lot of very good bolt action guns out there ant the prices are going down because of the newer styed guns.

You can get the new generation Omega (blued.sybthetic)for around $260/270 keep that in mind...

Good luck in your search...

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Default RE: New Remington Genesis and/or Introductory Muzzleloader

As my name indicates, I shoot an Omega and really really like it. It is simple to clean, and was very accurate out of the box.

This is my first ML so fromthe standpoint of this being a starting rifle as far as I am concerned it is one of the best. With the T/C warrenty and qualityyou get a LOT of bang foryour buck.

There are a lot of very good MLs out there and I am sure more will post a reply for you.

My recommendation is to go somewhere where they have several different guns in stock and hold them to see if one feels any better for you than another.

When I purchased my Omega I had gone to get an Encore (a more expensive weapon) but I didnt like the feel, just my personal preference, many love their Encores.
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Default RE: New Remington Genesis and/or Introductory Muzzleloader

Like sabotloader mentioned the breech swing causes shortfalls when scoping the Genisis. Also being brand spanking new or first run, I am always leary. First run production always lets things by and follow up models usually fix these problems. Until a product hits the public it generall isn't really tested. Of course that is just my opinion.

I suggest a TC or Knight. Both solid companies with years of providing excellent BP products.
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Default RE: New Remington Genesis and/or Introductory Muzzleloader

LeKar.. if an inline rifle is what you want, I would look at the Omega. It is a well made rifle. And it has one ofthe best customer services in the business. Some of the range reports of the Omega are astounding.

Since the Remington Genesis is new to the market, give it a few years to have all the bugs worked out if you really want that style. Otherwise, look at an Omega. Dollar to dollar would would not go wrong.
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Default RE: New Remington Genesis and/or Introductory Muzzleloader

Personally I go with TC and Rugar,but the Knights and that NEF huntsman are very good.Lee
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