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30/30 For Elk

Old 11-04-2008, 07:58 AM
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Default RE: 30/30 For Elk

I killed my first dozen deer with a 30-30. None of them ever took a step after the shot.

If you're an experienced hunter, you'll do fine with a 30-30. I wouldn't recomend itfor a green horn though.
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Default RE: 30/30 For Elk

Long before Al Gore invented the internet me and a good friendsuccessfully hunted elk every year. He used a 30-30 and I used a 32 Winchester Special....who knew. These days it wouldn't be my first choice because I prefer optics and better bullet design. But it worked back then and it would work now.
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Default RE: 30/30 For Elk

Fellas here in the Great North Woods of NH the "Terty, Terty" knocksdeer down all day long!
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Default RE: 30/30 For Elk

Like mentione before, know your limitations and stay within those boundries and it should get R done if you do your part.
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Default RE: 30/30 For Elk


Way underpowered. I wouldn't use a 30/30 for deer nevermind elk.
This has to be the most ridiculous statement of the day.
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Default RE: 30/30 For Elk


Way underpowered. I wouldn't use a 30/30 for deer nevermind elk.
Dopler is absolutely right! This deer obviously died of acute lead poisoning after a quick injection by my little old 30-30.[8D]

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Default RE: 30/30 For Elk

my first two elk were killed with a 25-35 that is even smaller yet!! andI was a green horn of 12 years .....but my dad had hammered it into me on how far to shoot or not shoot!! both shots were around 150 yds the clearingI was in was only about 200 yds across the cowI got the first year went down fairly quick ..that little 117 grn .25 bullet hit a rib and broke it sending splinters of bone into the heart!! the spikeI got the next year the bullet hit the off side rib and just bounced around in the heart and lungs and he did't make it across the clearing!!! when I was 14I had a job and bought my first big rifle a win mod 70 in 30-06 I hated that gun.. I expected the rifle to do all the work for me and in doing so punched alot of holes in the air ,trees and any other inanimant object that wasn't the gameI was shooting at!!!!!
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Default RE: 30/30 For Elk

Colorado Luckydog

For the application you described, I think you would be fine. I would use 170 grain bullets if handloading. The Nosler Partition bullet or the Speer 170 grain flat point wound be the bullet of choice for this. As for factory stuff I would go with these. Keep it to 100 yards or so.

This guy took his 30-30 to Aferica. A goog read.


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Default RE: 30/30 For Elk

Agreed likewise. When the "underpowered" 30-30 came out a hundred or so years ago, it was to all who had the chance to get their hands on one, the equivalentof a futuristic death ray. Probably every animal that walks or crawls on this continent has been killed with the "lowly" 30-30. As for the range limitation, that would depend on the body size of the animal you are pursuing. I recently returned from an antelope hunt where we all carried classic "outdated" calibers. My choice was a 30-30, just to prove to this magnum crazed generation that it could still make muster. I had practiced with the new Leverevolution ammo and knew my elevation adjustments out to 300 yds. I tookmy firstshotat abuck at 291 yds. according to my Nikon rangefinder.The shot was a classic high double lung where the animal doesn't run but instead braces itself up on stiff legs. Slowlyturning about,it gave me another broadside shot andthe next bulletmade a high shoulder/spine shot which dropped him in his tracks. Both bullets were pass throughs. I shot my doe at 268 yds. with a single neck shot that dropped her before the sound of impact reached me. To be honest, I was holding on her shoulderand did not take into account the stiff cross wind that I was shooting into. The impact took out two vertebrae and the only thing keeping her head attached was the muscles and hide on either side of her neck.So much for and old "outdated, underpowered" cartridge.
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Default RE: 30/30 For Elk

Velocity (fps)/Energy (ft/lb) Trajectory Tables
muzzle 100 yds 200 yds 300 yds muzzle 100 yds 200 yds 300 yds
30-30 Win. 160gr. 2400/2046 2150/1643 1916/1304 1699/1025 -1.7 3.0 0.2 -12.1

With the LR ammo from Hornady the same caliber bullet you shoot from your 30-06 is only 300fps slower. As long as you keep your shots on elk inside a few hundred yards (where 95% of all game is shot anyway) I think the 30-30 would be just fine. According to the chart you're still past the recommended 1500 ft/energy to 300 yards.

I've been thinking of picking up a used 30-30 for this very reason, although I still love my 7mm RM too. Just something nice about a 30-30 strapped in the scabbard while riding throught the sage brush were I live.
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