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butchering knives?

Old 10-24-2008, 10:27 AM
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Default butchering knives?

Copy and pasted.... What brand or set or individual knives do you guys use to bone , cut up, butcher, slice meat in the kitchen, prepare your bow kill ( or any kill or meat) with?

If there is one thing I CAN do, it's fish. Im a HUGE fan of Dexter Russell and Victorinox blades. Yes the same Victorinox that makes Swiss Army. They make some awesome kitchen/fillet/ boning knives...for the money.However I would love to buy a set or purchase new individual knives specifically geared towards meat and all to do with meat. What do you guys like?

Brand/Model/Purpose it serves.

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Default RE: butchering knives?

I bought one of the outdoor edge game processor sets and they work decently. I've butchered 2 deer, an antelope, an elk and about 10 pigs with them in the last year with no complaints. It cost around $70. I really only use 2 knives out of the entire set though, the large butcher knife and the caper knife at the top of the picture.

My friend bought one of the $20 butcher sets at Gander Mountain and they are nearly worthless. Won't hold an edge at all, and I tried to cut something with the scissors and they broke in half.

If I had it to do over again I would probably just buy a nice cutting board and a good 3" deboning knife like the caper and a good 8" butcher knife. But then that would probably cost more than the entire set so I'd probably just buy the entire set over again. A nice BIG cutting board is the next item on my agenda for my home butcher shop though.
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Default RE: butchering knives?

Yeah, I'd agree that you should use any knife that will keep an edge. A fillet type knife is good for removing that outer silvery connective tissue, especially when the meat is partially frozen. I've been throwing it all in the grinder if there's not tons of connective tissue and it seems to do a good job and I can't tell the difference in the meat. If there's thick stringy CT, get it out.
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Default RE: butchering knives?

I use a fillet knife as well for most of the butchering.. We also have a long butchering knife for cutting steaks but otherwise for all other butchering, any knife will do and I prefer my fillet knife.

My fillet knife is from www.grohmannknives.comthey also sell butchering specific knives.. Never used a 'boning knife' but I am sure it would be perfect for the job..

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Default RE: butchering knives?

I have 3 different boning knives that have different length and flex. A 12" steak knife for cutting steaks and roast and a 10" chef knife for general work. The boning knivesand steak knife are Forschner and the chef knife is Chicago Cutlery.
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Default RE: butchering knives?

I use a couple of big Old Timers for the heavy cutting and my kitchen set of Chicago Cutlery for the other stuff.

Any knife of good steel will do fine. Just touch it up every half and hour or so.
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Default RE: butchering knives?

Victorinox (Forschner) boning and butcher knives.
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Default RE: butchering knives? Good luck.
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Default RE: butchering knives?

ORIGINAL: skeeter 7MM

Victorinox (Forschner) boning and butcher knives.
ditto - I also have several different steels
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Default RE: butchering knives?

I have some old Green River knives also Dexter skinning and boning and seversl butcher knives and boning knives I picked up at farm estate sales over the years. Some are homemade knives made from files.. Some sure have grea long holding edges.. But I also own victornox schrade and Kershaw all are great knives

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Quick Reply: butchering knives?

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