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Side arm vs. Grizzley

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Default RE: Side arm vs. Grizzley

LOL... I'm with dayna0306... you don't have to be faster than the griz.. you justhave to be faster than you're buddy!!

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Default RE: Side arm vs. Grizzley

First thing is you need to check local regs. A lot of states do NOT allow any firearms while bow hunting.
If I had to carry one and was not "a good shot", get a snub nosed .454 Casull like the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan. It has a 2 1/2" barrel and not much good out past 25 yards anyway. Most anybody could hit a Griz sized animal at 25 yards!

Orrrrrrrrr . . . go with peper spray like
If you did shoot a Griz, you'd almost have to show a missing arm or leg to prove to local authorities that you were truly being attacked.
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Default RE: Side arm vs. Grizzley

I've got my own ideas on this one. I don't have anything against grizzlies, but I personally carry a handgun. I can't see the pepper spray thing.

First, I learned in the military that if I really put my mind to it, I could function pretty well with a faceful of CS gas. It sounds silly, but a couple of us got the bright idea to toss the masks aside and train ourselves to deal with it. Your nose and eyes will run like crazy, but it can be dealt with. If I can learn that, why can't a grizzly? I think they're a lot tougher than me!

Second, you hear things like, "If you're not proficient with a handgun, go with pepper spray." Well I'm sorry, but who the he--is proficient with pepper spray? I've held the cans in a store, and they seem somewhat complex to me. Does anyone buy a dozen cans, then go out and use 11 of them for practice? At$50/can that adds up fast!If you just think about it for a bit, correctly deploying that pepper spray is no sure thing in the stress of a bear attack.

Third, hitting a charging bear with a pistol is only really difficult if you stay upright on your hind legs so you're shooting down on it. This seems so obvious to me that I wonder why no one ever mentions it. One should simply hit the ground as he draws his pistol, then shoot the bear from a sitting position. Doing so brings you right down to the bear's face level, thereby eliminating the problem of lead on a moving target. Effectively, in terms of hitting it in the head, it becomes a stationary target. I drill myself mentally on this idea, trying to make it an automatic reaction to drop to the ground if I ever have the misfortune to get in trouble with a bear.

Fourth, like all new ideas on this website, I'm sure I'll be ridiculed for this post. Oh well, I can handle it.
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Default RE: Side arm vs. Grizzley

From my understanding, .44 is the minimum, .480 ruger packs more of a whollup than a .454 casulli and kicks less. My 2 choices are .44 or the .480, though I believe CZ makes a sweet sidearm chambered for up to some .44 supermag or 455 supermag, think it also will shoot .45 ammo.

Also you know what they say...."file off that front site, you won't want to cut your lip on it when it's in your mouth and that griz is charging!"
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Default RE: Side arm vs. Grizzley

If Ireally thought there would be an enounter I'd carry my shotgun with slugs or 00 mag. on a sling. I know I could place a much better shot with the shotgun.

I will probably take a .44 mag and spray.

Don't forget there will be 3 of us.
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Default RE: Side arm vs. Grizzley

This might be a dumb question... but why not bring along a bear-banger? You know.. loud noise.. scare him off?
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Default RE: Side arm vs. Grizzley

I live in MT and it's definitely worth carrying a sidearm! You can use that .45 if you want, but keep pumpin' lead into Mr. Bear until he quits moving!

P.S. Watch out for mountain lions!
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Default RE: Side arm vs. Grizzley

One of my friends went grizzly hunting and wanted to know the same question about his 45. The guide told him ya sure butfile down the front sight before you send it. When he asked why file the front sight theguide said because when that grizzly sticks that 45 up your [email protected]#, it will come out a lot easier.... I would go with .454 or 500 as mentioned.
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Default RE: Side arm vs. Grizzley

I don't know dude..
Odds are leaning toward me telling you to bring a side arm if ya want but really really practice with it..
And not just at targets standing still, bears move, and move fast,you'll be lucky to get one shot off before his on top shreeding your face and grinding his teeth right through your skull.
Forget the pepper spary, most likely it ain't gonna work, thebear has to be within feet before it really really works to be effective, and in reality,by that time you've either emptied the can when he was still fifty yards away,, or dropped it and are running the other direction..and if the winds blowing towards ya, which it will be cause I'm sure your smart that way, that spray will be in your eyes,mouth and nosein seconds..
Honestly my best suggestion be bear aware, they leave lots of sign, and the big ones leave lots and lots of sign, the ones you have to be aware of the most, are the subordinate males these are the ones that are constantly pushed out of territories that are plenishable with food and are the ones that are hungry and are more likely to attack kill and eat humans.....
Next would be males protectling there kills, and lastly females and cubs...
If ya smell a god awful stenchstay away, if ya happen to shoot an elk in late afternoon, and are forced to leave it over night, glass that area well before approaching your kill again the next morn for any indication that a bear is near..
The good news though, bears tend to be out in late afternoon roaming for food, while the best time for elk hunting is first light so chances are you'll see em in the distance but there is a very good chance you won't see em within a 200yrds range.......
They tend to be more of a nuisance than a threat by that I mean if ya keep your food stinky clothing, and carcasees well away from your camp and high up in the air,you'll be o.k.
Just be smart and enjoy yourself..
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Default RE: Side arm vs. Grizzley

There was a video I saw a few months ago that showed a hunting party that was bear hunting and they came across a Sow Grizzly with a cub. She saw them and charged. It was kinda difficult to tell how far away she was but if I had to guess, she was probably 50-75 yards away. She charged the men and covered all but 5 of those yards in just a few seconds. They ended up killing her within spitting disiance of where they were.
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