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war stories (injuries)

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war stories (injuries)

Old 03-24-2010, 06:04 PM
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Default war stories (injuries)

alrght its time to get this place going again. and i know i cant spell so layoff the misspeled title lol. but i know all of us have done something stupid and resulted in some kind of injury. so lets here the stories ppl. dont care how small or big...most of the time its just funny hearin the things ppl come up with to do in there spare time.

me, i got hundereds but to start us off....one day me and my buddies decided it would be brilliant to get on our bikes and see what we could do. basically we where playing horse on bikes. however when your 11...your really not thinking whats smart...thinking what would i never be allowed to do if my mom was watching. we did the normal stuff...jumping curbs, laying a board on a log and jumping off it...jumpin garbage cans that where laying down...just stupid things. then i decided it was time to step it up a notch. i duno what gave me the inspiration. but for those that dont know...im very competitive and was bout to win our dumb game. so i decided it would be brilliant to ride my bike off the roof of a two story house...but to add that additional boost of a challenge....land on a trampoline...WHILE holding a basketball and score the basket after bouning on the trampoline...while still being on the bike...then land on the driveway. now the basketball hoop was next to the trampoline (we use to play basketball on the trampoline) well my careing friends said...DO IT. and by 6th grade sense...couldnt back out anymore...SOOOO i got to the top of the roof and pedaled as hard as i could...hit the trampoline....with my front tire...and my tire snapped off the bike....i remained on the bike, by some miracle it didnt tear the trampoline and sent me doing spinning flips toward the earth. friends said i was bout 15 to 20 feet in the air after hitting the trampoline and did at least 4 flips before crashing to the ground. next thing i remember is laying in my friends house...on the floor looking at his mom. i had a severe concusion, which actually resulted in a dead spot in my brain (yes there is a spot on my brain they always see when they MRI my head...and whatever that spots of the brain is supose to do...mine doesnt) and needed 14 staples in my head, broke my ankle, forearm, and ankle.

like i said i got hundereds more...but someone else's turn!
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Old 03-24-2010, 06:32 PM
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Dang Andy thats unlike anything i've ever heard.
I was hammering out braces on my brothers barn while we were building it and i knock one out while standing under it and it had a big ole rusty nail hanging off and a i sliced open my arm. No stiches but it was kinda stupid (glad i got my tetnus shot)
Then when I was 11 or so we were syphening off the water on top of our pool winter cover the water we were draining into a big 200-300 gallon tub that was sitting on a garden wagon hooked to our quad, well i was goofing off around it and stood on the back of the wagon and it wasnt perfectly locked and it tipped backwards and the tub full of water slammed down pinching my wrist on the ground, i could see my wrist bone pushing against my skin, very painful, not to mention i got absolutely soaked.

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Old 03-24-2010, 07:57 PM
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Where do I start?

On thanksgiving day ( 2009 ) I decided to go do some elk scouting And I was gonna take a shortcut ( I didint want to miss TG dinner )
So I was about half way up when I came upon a barb wire fence, I wasnt gonna turn around now, so I floored the atv hoping to bust through the fence but.... Instead I did a backflip and then landed on my back with the atv on top of me so I lied their crushed and gasping for air. But after awhile I managed to get out from under it.

ATV damage...
1. brakes busted
2. speedomoter crushed
3. headlight broken
4. handelbars bent

My damage....
1. sprained back
2. cuts
3. bruises
4. butt bruises from my dads belt

Story #2 ( da best story )
I was settin coyote traps and I was using bacon grease as my lure. When I had set my last trap it was dark. So I was walkin through the woods ( headed home ) and I kept seein quick flashes of somethin I just figured they were rabbits, But then I came to a meadow and I shined my whimpy L.E.D in the direction of a sound that I thought I heard and.... I saw green yote eyes glarin right at me, my heart skipped a couple beats. Then I saw another glimpse of movement and It was another yote! Then another and another! Their were 4-5 yotes surrounding me and movin in! I peed my pants and then started thinking of a plan. I could see my Atv so decided to make a run for it! I grabbed a big stick and sprinted towards my Atv but then..... I slipped on some Ice! I fell and hit my head on somethin hard n sharp everything went black. The coyotes moved in but I got my senses back and I started swinging my stick at em and yellin I tried to look big and growel back at em but they just crouched down. My atv was 10 yds away, I chucked a Ice chunk at the yote that was between me and the Atv He jumped out of the way and I ran FAST! and all in the same movement I jumped on the atv and turned the key! The engeine roared and the head lights popped on! And the yotes shrunk back into the woods! I had blood runnin down my head like crazy and it throbbed bad! But I was alive!

coyote damage,

1. They didint get their bacon grease

my damage,
1. A deep gash down my face
2. wet pants
3. sympathy from my Gf and family ( yuck )
4. A deep hatred for yotes

Widgenator, You can probably see why I want to kill a yote so bad!

I have also been charged by three moose, and attacked by a falcon.
They all inflicted damage on me

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Old 03-25-2010, 10:03 AM
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I've had some injuries on and off the field while hunting. I think the most recent one was probably just before my father passed away but I borrowed the truck and did some quail hunting by myself. Long story short:

Went out the mountains near. I was probably good couple of miles from the truck but knew where it was. I walking down hill and slipped, maybe couple of feet but when I did, the sole of my boot was ripped off by jagged rock (my boots were several years old anyway) I had to hike back to the truck tenderly since my foot was exposed to the ragged terrain. The time I got back to the truck, I had to spend about 10 minutes pulling thorns, pebbles and other little rocks that got stuck in my foot itself. I had to stuff bag in my shoe so I wouldn't bleed all over the floormat. I wasn't cut up too badly but enough to cause discomfort for couple of days.
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Old 03-25-2010, 10:19 AM
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I went out crow hunting over the winter, and There was maybe 6 inches of snow. I spotted a bunch roosted in a tree, and so i began to sneak to where I was going to sit and call them in. About 5 yards from there, I took a step and fell in a hole filled with snow up to my waist, burying the gun. After about 3 minutes I was able to pull myself out, but the gun was shut tight with snow. I'm talking in the action, the barrel, stuffed behind the trigger, everything. Took awhile but we got it un-gunked. Luckily, all I was was cold. Still pretty funny though.....


I guess I'm lucky, I haven't hurt myself in ten years in the woods.... yet
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Old 03-25-2010, 10:54 AM
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Me and my brother wanted to shoot the glass out of an old scope because we had seen it on mythbusters (bad Idea) and they could only shoot through the scope with fmj out of a .308. I was using my 17 hmr with fmj from about 15 yards but I couldnt hit the scope cause the gun was sighted in at 100 yards, so i moved up to about five feet away and fired. right as I shot I kind of closed my eyes and I couldnt see from the impact of the glass and peices of bullet ( scared the snot out of me). then my eyes started to come out of a blur and I could see in the truck window blood coming from my face.

I counted 9 cuts on my face and 6 of them had copper in them that I had to pick out with a needle. it must not have been a true fmj bullet.

It was definetaly the scariest day of my life for me and my brother. thank God the bullet peices didnt get into my eye.

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Old 03-25-2010, 12:51 PM
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This actually happend last week.

I took my dogs down to Wiemar where I bought them from to get them started on hunting hogs. Well we let three 90 pound pigs into a six acre tract of land and let five young inexperienced pups into the area. The whole objective of this was for the dogs to find the pigs on their own and then bay them (for those of you that don't know that is when a pig gets backed into a spot where it can't run anymore and then keep it there till hunters get there to dispatch the pig). Well we ran around chasing these pigs back and forth from one corner to the other for about an hour and a half. The dogs would get it bayed then the pigs would get aggresive and then break through before we could get there. Well we finally went and got a dog that was a little more experienced and used it to catch the pig and hold it there till we could get there and get our hands on it. We weren't wanting to kill these particular pigs as they are constantly used to help train dogs. When we finally did catch one of the pigs I was the first one on the scene and as such got to be the one that jumped into the middle of a very angry pig and a very aggresive dog and grab the pig. Well once I got up on top of them the dog let go of the pig...lucky me huh. I ended up catchin the pig, all you have to do is catch the back legs and then as long as you hang on he can't flip around on ya. The trouble is that when the pigs free then he is really maneuverable. He got a few scratches into my hands and forarms before I got a hold of his back legs. One of my dogs got a cut on his butt and a few of the other dogs got cut up pretty bad.
Here is a pic of him after I got him caught.
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Old 03-26-2010, 09:15 AM
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wow!!! Their are some good ones! I dont know wich one is the best What do you guys think?

I cant decide between andy and bigbuck.
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Old 03-26-2010, 06:34 PM
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Hey Gen something is wrong i came over to your house on thanksgiving day and you were safe at home!
I think you got the date wrong!
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Old 03-26-2010, 07:01 PM
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No this happened before you came.
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