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Coyotes: Hunt, Trap or let be

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Default Coyotes: Hunt, Trap or let be

I am a new hunter and need some advice.

I am hunting on my father in-laws farm in Middle TN. On the farm he has two cows( which we are hopefully gettin off the property), corn and soy beans. After I have put up feeders I caught a couple of coyotes on my cameras.I have heard different things about coyotes. I have heard that they dont bother the deer, That if I hunt them it'll only make them reproduce more rapidly, and Ive heard that i should kill all that i see.

Can someone help me with this?

Lookin to get my first deer. Been hunting for a few years down in Florida, but only shot hog. Hoping for my first buck.

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Coyotes do bother the deer. A big coyote can easily kill a grown deer. In SW OK coyotes get about one third of the new fawns.

A few times every year some friends and i get together and kill coyotes for two or three days. We chase them with dogs and call them in. i missed the last coyote shoot, friends killed 27 in two days.

Good luck with your deer hunt.
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Coyotes are the #1 predators of deer fawns in the Southeast. Studies have shown that coyotes kill anywhere from half to three-quarters of the fawns born each year. It's not easy to reduce the number of yotes, but kill every one you see. And if you have a trapper in your area offer him free access to your property to trap them.
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Originally Posted by mclem135 View Post
I have heard different things about coyotes. I have heard that they dont bother the deer...
They do indeed "bother deer," and dang sure "bother the fawns".

Deer depredation studies conducted in 5 states between 2005 and 2010 showed that on average, it took 21 doe to produce ONE fawn that survived to be 1yr old in areas that did not have an active depredation prevention program in place. In areas that had predator control mechanisms in place (active hunting and trapping at levels that significantly diminished coyote populations), one fawn survived to reach the age of 1 for every TWO does. A 10X improvement in fawn recruitment ratio.

Originally Posted by mclem135 View Post
That if I hunt them it'll only make them reproduce more rapidly...
This is just a flat out lie. There is no evidence to support it, not even sound logic, and there IS confirmed evidence that applying hunting pressure DOES reduce predator populations.

Originally Posted by mclem135 View Post
and Ive heard that i should kill all that i see.
This is true. If you're trying to improve your deer herd numbers, then you should kill every coyote that you're able. If they're coming in close contact with your family's livestock, again, a bullet for every trickster...

In realistic terms, as much as I consider myself a coyote hunter, and even though I don't have the time to run a trapline more than a week or two out of the year, it's just plain simple truth that trapping is FAR more effective at reducing coyote population densities than hunting. Hunting is only productive while you're actively doing it, and always runs a lower success rate for calling into the stand compared to trapping, which is doing work for you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Also in realistic terms - coyotes are an incredibly resilient species, and it's INCREDIBLY difficult to actually "eradicate" a coyote population. Even extreme over-hunting and over-trapping usually doesn't 'kill them off' but rather 'runs them off' of an area. Coyotes are like casinos, the house always wins in the long run.
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Thumbs up Yotes

You have a choice, either you kill deer for hunting, or the yotes kill your deer for food. Kill them and manage your deer herd.
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Shoot them as often as you see them.
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There is no such thing as a good coyote only dead ones in my opinion... Up here they kill a lot of deer fawns as well as grown deer. Most of the grown deer are killed during our winter months when they are in the deer yards.. One year they put 23 deer out of a yard onto the ice.. The wardens and our biologists estimate that with the pregnant does it was a total of 54 deer lost from this encounter.. I would shoot a coyote on site.. It is better to shoot the coyote knowing that you stopped one from killing deer and if it is a female all the better..
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My expereince is that it is going to be impossible over a long term to drop the coyote numbers in your area by any sustantial number. These critters are territorial and will defend theri territory against intrudering packs. Trouble is that if an area is vacant of com[petition and holds a good food source, coyotes will move in to take the place of those that have left or been killed off. Be that as it may, shoot everyone that you see. Same goes for feral hogs.
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We spend more time thru the year Hunting Coyotes than Deer,if You have a large amount of them the Deer numbers go down as well as Turkey's,Quail and so on!

If You don't keep the Coyotes thinned down they will thin out Your Game Animals and if there's plenty of food sources the Coyotes can in fact have larger litters to fill in the void but it makes for great Hunting in the Off-Season to call them in or even trap them.I usually give my Fall/Winter Coyotes to local Trappers so they aren't wasted....still trying to shoot myself a nice Bobcat to have mounted or tanned.

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