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Fast Acting Lime

Old 04-01-2013, 07:54 AM
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Default Fast Acting Lime

Have a food plot with really low PH level, was wondering if any has use fast acting lime? I heard that it works really well but still skeptical. Thanks!
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Default Use granular lime

If you get powdered lime blown in your face by the wind, you many never lime again.
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How low is really low? You could spread lime this spring and plant an acid tolerant crop like oats. They will be fine at pH 5.5 or even a little lower. You then have options for a late summer planting as well.
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Pelletized "golf course" lime is fast acting. More expensive than barn lime but no powder in your face, boots and everything else down wind.

I've used both and now use only the pellet lime because you can apply it quick and clean with a broadcast spreader pulled behind your quad or tractor.
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Hey Hunt or Die, I reccomend you use a product called Solu-Cal Its a fast acting high calcium lime product with a phca inhibitor. 50 lbs of solu-cal is equal to 300lbs of ag lime. It will correct your soil ph in 5 to 6 weeks VS ag lime taking 6 months. It will offer your plots faster green up and it will not leach out of your soil as fast as AG lime does. We have been useing it in programs for clients properties for 4 years now. And when it does come time to recheck your soil ph your only gonna agerage about 50 lbs per ac if you ph is around 6.5 to 7.0 And No dust!!!! when filling the hopper or while spreading Cost is about $15 per bag.It truly is a great product and would not reccomend it if it did not work. It saves us time, labor and is more cost effective that conventional liming methods for plots or gardens Contact Chad Brakefield at 803-980-0418 or [email protected] to find the closest dealer to you.Tell him you spoke with J.C and he will be glad to help you.
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For the most part, lime is lime. There is some variation with different compositions and particle sizes but certainly not 6x difference. Maybe a 10-15% difference. Compare the effective calcium carbonate equivalent for an honest comparison. If you figure $30 a ton for lime vs $30 for 100 lbs you can see where your money needs to go.
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Yes there is a difference in lime types and forms. I did not want to get technical, just wanted to help the O P with a good solution to his question, But I guess the above poster is not awhear of this technology. So here it is.The product I referred to is a Enhanched High Calcium lime, 38% Calcium to be exact.Its a micro fine calcium carbonate ground to 45 microns, Course grade 210 sgn.Its then impregnated with a 2% PHCA (carboxy organic acid) (From Plant extracts) PHCA is a very effective when introduced to calcium,When applied it starts working right away to aid the plant in solubilizing the applied calcium and any accumulated Calcium and also P,K,Fe,Mg & Mn in your soil from any prevoius applications.At max you will get full PH correction to your soil and calcium loading in 8 weeks.So yea up to 6 times the difference. Faster green up and help with translocation of nutrients.So would you rather spread 10 bags of Solu cal or 1500 to 2000 lbs of low Ca Ag lime. As stated if you need further info or where to by product in your area contact the gentleman I mentioned in the response to the OP and he will be happy to help you out.

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