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Highly Fertilized Greens

Old 08-11-2003, 08:53 AM
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Default Highly Fertilized Greens

I have read that some of the Biologic Blends were nothing more than highly fertilized greens. If this is true could I plant something like turnips or some other leafy greens and fertilize the heck out of them with 13-13-13? If so, when would I plant these?
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Default RE: Highly Fertilized Greens

I have been trying to figure that one out myself. I do know a lot of stuff is just turnips and rape. My local farm store sells dwarf essex rape for $1.50 per lb. Which is significantly less than any of the highly touted products. I have also wondered about the clovers. I think Ladino which they sell for $3.50 per lb is that same thing as in the Biologic and Whitetail Institute. What I can' t figure out is if these places have cross bred everything to somehow make a superior plant. I don' t know maybe, maybe not. You' ll find some people that swear by the name brand and other that say it is a waste of money. Also, farmers have been feeding cows, goats, sheep, you name it for years with the farms store plants. Don' t get me wrong I have the name brand stuff planted and it works great but I just keep thinking I could probably get the same results for less.
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Default RE: Highly Fertilized Greens

Well I read on another board where someone planted turnips, (I think) and poured the fertilizer to it at an almost excessive rate. But he swore by it. I may try it this year. It' s so cheap you really don' t have much to lose!
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Default RE: Highly Fertilized Greens

The buck on the bag stuff may work well for you, but for my money I have done much better with local seed etc. and following the recommendations on my soil samples. There also is no miracle seed. If you do get the high priced stuff like no plow, when you throw it out of the back of the truck onto your field, don' t forget to take it out of the bag. And stand back, you don' t want to get trampled in the stampede. No matter what you do, mother nature has her own idea. Look at Farmhunters pictures. He always has outstanding food plots and this year he really took a beating. There is a tractor buried under the weeds. I saw a picture of it in the Spring.[&:] terry
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Default RE: Highly Fertilized Greens

The brand names lives on advertizement and they have to hype thier products to sell it. The advantages to buying them, is the mixes that they have, the convience, and also the clovers are usually innoculated. Imperial clover I believe is a mixture of two varieties of innoculated ladino clover especially blended for you area (supposedly) and I have their names somewhere. The local farm coop will have several varieties for your area as well (why would they carry a varity not suited to plant in your area?) and also have the innoculant. You just have to buy the varieties and add the innoculant. Most of the seed including brassicas you can buy at your farm coop or ask them to order it.
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Default RE: Highly Fertilized Greens

YES - in a nutshell. BUT - The higher priced seed is a bit more forgiving. - Not much though. I have no beef with the " buck-on-the-bag products however - they have to charge more - they advertise differently, and to a skeptical crowd to boot. If you get 1/2 the results they promise - Your happy - and they know it.

Interestingly - Highly Fertilized weeds will out-produce a clover food plot that has been neglected - as long as it is kept mowed, and lush.

Even more interesting - A crappy weed field, with no fertilizer can be the best location - IF......the location is top notch - from a terrain standpoint. If a plot is situated where it offers food & security - it will be better from a hunting standpoint than a great plot next to the house. - The goal is the find a happy medium.

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Default RE: Highly Fertilized Greens

Its sort of a challenge to email the " buck on the bag" guys and inquire about latin names and variety info on the componants they sell. Examples are New Zealand Peas....actually they are twins to basic cowpeas. And some clovers....they are simply Ladino clovers.

We know that based on your location, variety makes a big difference, soil type impacts success as well. Based on that, plus i cant get past my farm upbringing and general " cheapness" , Im leaning toward self directed blends based on Missouri results, MFA is a major retiler in MO and they have a great publication called the " Agronomy Guide" . Id strongly suggest people get it. It will help you wherever you are with fertility questions as well as great overall info.
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Default [Deleted]

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