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Default Do Does visit scrapes?

How do does react to active scrapes during rut? I have seen large groups of doe travelling seemingly right to an active scrape recently. Unfortunately, they finally saw or winded me and bolted. Do they touch or smell the scrape? Do they leave their scent there on purpose?
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Default RE: Do Does visit scrapes?

yes they do purposely leave their scent in the scrape if it is active by the buck that is making it...from my experience the does will urinate in the scrape to let the buck know that they are back in heat or ready for the first time..hope that helps
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Default RE: Do Does visit scrapes?

Yes, as Jhuckeby18 said, when they are ready to breed they will urinate in the scrape. I have seen them squat so that it would run down their back legs just like a buck does when he urinates in a scrape.
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