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Ever run into a Tresspasser?

Old 02-04-2005, 09:06 AM
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Default Ever run into a Tresspasser?

Has anyone ever been hunting a piece of property, maybe even your own, and run into a tresspasser, that isn't suppose to be there? How do they usually act? Do they lie to you, or act dumb? How do you handle the situation?
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Default RE: Ever run into a Tresspasser?

On my second deer hunt with my father (34yrs ago) I was still hunting on private property. I knew no one was to be there that day cause the men all met in the owner's basement before dawn and discuss the day's events. Anyway while I was sneaking around I spotted a nice 6 pt at what I recall to be about 50 yds. I raised my gun , took precise aim, and BLAM down he went. For a ssplit second I was the happiest kid on earth. Then it dawned on me that I didn't even feel the recoil. The next thing off to my left comes a hunter running up to the deer. I ask him who he was and he tells me some nonsense and said he had permison (sp) to hunt. I asked him the owners name and he told me his last name, I said what's his first name and he didn't know. I told him to take the deer and get out of there cause I was going back to tell the owner. He scramed with my deer. Upon telling the owner his reply was that I should have shot the S%B and kept the deer. Had I known that I would have brought the deer back as I wasn't that innocent back then. I wouldn't have shot at him but at least a warning shot. That would have been my first deer. Had to wait many more years to score. Sorry for rambling but this is how it happened. And how lucky he was.

Ps. The guy must have gotten the name off the posted signs cause he knew the owners first initial and last name. Just like the posted signs said. Heck I was only 14 and met the man only 4 times and I knew just about everything about the old guy. Man I miss the good old days.[&o]
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Default RE: Ever run into a Tresspasser?

With 2100 acres leased to hunt i have had run ins with a few . they all act differently . i have had some that told me they leased some of what i own. i asked them if they would like to tell the sheriff's dept that ? they said no sir and i have never seen them again.

Now i just handle it with a cell phone. i call the sheriff's dept and have them handle it . well at least until the court date. i have zero tolerance for trespassers anymore for any reason . now i am talking about trespassers not people that are legit for being there like timber folks. but yahoos who are lost nah! i have grown tired of that excuse. now they just get prosecuted and next time they will make sure they know where they are!
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Default RE: Ever run into a Tresspasser?

I've had it happen to me also. Usually the response is sorry I didn't see any signs or I was tracking a wounded deer and lost the blood trail heading unto this property. Even though its illegal to follow a blood trail onto posted property no one wants to see wound animal left to waste. So either you end up helping them look or they just end up giving up since they are making it up to cover their trespassing. Some people just don't care there hunting illegally, but I never had some one not leave. I have had people say that they have permission to hunt when I know they don't. I just ask them to move along. Usually the conversation goes something like this. Hey excuse me Sir do you realize your hunting on posted property? Sorry I didn't realize it, I must of missed the signs, I'll leave. so where does your border start.

Now you know that they didn't miss the signs since there posted every 50-100 ft and are visible for a long way off, but as long as they leave and don't come back I leave it at that.

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Default RE: Ever run into a Tresspasser?

Robert sometimes it works like that and sometimes it doesnt.
An old fellow that has been running a club a long time told me make a few examples of trespassers and the word will get out.
it's kind of like my pasture that has a county road that runs along the western line. i found a few deer that had been shot from the road a couple of years in a row. The local game wardens now have a key and permission to run a decoy anytime.
you know i haven't found any road shot deer this year.
Just keep that in mind and i hope folks continue to leave like that but if they don't use the system.
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Default RE: Ever run into a Tresspasser?

Jan 30 I had a treeepasser try and run me off my own land . He was cuting fire wood off of a tree top I had cut and taken the log out a week before.

I just walked away ,called the cops ,and waited .
He was charged with tresspassing , theft , destruction of private property ( he cut my fence) and 2 other charges.

He has 2-3 other tresspass charges in the past ( other places)
I am talking to the prossecuter next week about restatution and charges ,pleebargin.
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Default RE: Ever run into a Tresspasser?

johnch , THAT IS CRAZY!!! how stupid can they get? let us know what the out come is. i hope they nail him good for that. i would have been pissed! good job on handling it right. i bet it was tough to not just beet the [email protected]*# out of him first.
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Default RE: Ever run into a Tresspasser?

this happens almost every year to me several times a week. usually they act stupid and back out ,or lie they have permission. The ones that want to argue I take their hunting license number and call the cops.
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Default RE: Ever run into a Tresspasser?

It happens at my property often to but see i dont live at my hunting property so when im down there we sometimes catch locals hunting on it and kick them out but we are not total a$$holes about it because while when we arent there we dont want them to like burn down our cabin or anything
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Default RE: Ever run into a Tresspasser?

Most of the time, any trespassers I have confronted were there by honest mistake. They were new and were supposed to be a place or two over. Its pretty easy to tell by how they act if they're supposed to be there are not by the way they act. Also how they park their vehicles. Last year, we did find a deer that was poached before season started. All they took was the antlers, backstrap, and hide. I suspect they did it at night, because I saw someone that didn't belong plowing one evening. It had gotten dusky dark, but I hadn't turned my lights on quite yet. I was at the far corner of the field and saw a light come on at the other end. It was a pickup and spotlight. They took flight as soon as they saw me, so there wasn't much I could do about it. My dad saw them about the same time of day a week or so earlier. I still haven't caught them.
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