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the warden shortage

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Default the warden shortage

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minnesota, for example has 44 warden positions open and 30 of the 153 warden field stations are unmanned. with adequate manpower, wardens cover an average of 640 square miles, but some officers are now responsible for 2,000 to 3,000 square miles. "we try to fill in as best we can with officers from adjacent field stations" says major bill spence of DNR enforcement division " but sometime it is just physically impossible to do that"

in wisc nov 2002 each game warden had to take off two days during the the deer gun season, because money wasnt available for salaries or vehicle operations. with 20 warden vacancies now and 15 slated for retirement we will be even more short handed for the 2004 deer season says DNR chief warden Randy stark
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Default RE: the warden shortage

Its that way in most states and it doesn't look like it is going to get better anytime soon . It takes money which most states don't have and people already believe they pay to much in taxes and holler like hell if the tag prices go up . It's a no win situation
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Default RE: the warden shortage

I remember seeing one a day every day I hunted. This year I never saw one. I did not even see one in their vehicle driving.
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Default RE: the warden shortage

Yeah, just look at the gutting done to Illinois DNR. Tons of positions have been elimated. It is just not a prioroty to a lot of state governments with budget shortfalls.
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Default RE: the warden shortage

Well i saw my first one in 2 years while i was hunting this year. There was two cars and they were doing checks a guess i didnt know that they actually could come onto your property while you were hunting and check you?! I was hunting in my stand during shotgun and a DNR officer got out of the truck and walked right up to my stand and had me unload my gun and check my license and tags. That made me kinda mad considering it was half and hour before sunset and almost the best time to be hunting and he comes walkin right up to my treestand. i thought they should have shown at least some respect and checked me when i came out.[:@]
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Default RE: the warden shortage

Well now you know 501. Actually any PO can enter your private properties AT ANY TIME if they are acting to investigate or enforce any game law. Not just Conservation Police officers, any law enforcement agent.

Where were you at when he checked your paper? It was rather rude & inconsiderate of the officer to do that so close to sunset when, indeed it is most likely to be the "golded" hour. I feel if he were really intrested in some enforcement, or keeping you honest, or getting his best chance at catching you committing a violation he would have just waited a bit and checked you to see if.......1) You hunted after the posted time in the handbook, or 2) You put a loaded or not properly cased gun in your vehicle (In addition to having valid license and signed permit)

Uncle Matt (in IL)

PS: YES THIS NEW GOV GOBLOWAVICH IS TEARING OUR DNR APART! I teach the hunter safety classes and see plenty of this SOB's handy work, Stick together guys more now then ever. This Gov will say whatever he has to in order to soothe the people of this state when he has to, and he'll certainly (does) will stick a knife in your back when he feels like it. Thanks Go-blow ("Wear the face-to win the race" Problem is that his face is in the back of his trousers.) He has clearly shown that he will stop at nothing to tear down our fine DNR that Manning spent so much time and excellent effort to build up. Thanks Go-blow.

Let me make this perfectly clear! I see right thru this little toothed POC! He will tear the DNR into lots of little pieces whenever and whereever he can. He will then discard the pieces one by one. He will then announce that "the DNR is in shambles, a disgrace to his administration, unable to manage itself and needs to be disbanded or some ridiculous thing. Thanks Go-blow.

Firearm owners ID cards are running unbelievable lengths of time for renewals and first issues are way longer! He's got like two people in the FOID office, they are backlogged more and more every single day. Thanks Go-blow. By law the State Police are required to notify all current FOID holders, IN WRITING, not later than 60 days prior to their expiration date. I wasn't notified and it almost ruined my shotgun season this year. Thanks Go-blow. State said they do indeed notify everyone and I must have moved recently (I've lived here for 10+ years, no change in address) yet they could provide absolutely no evidence whatsoever that they had informed me. (Ever hear of registered mail that the recipient has to sign for? I would certainly use registered mail if I had a legal obligation on the line.) Thanks Go-blow.

It's getting darned near impossible to get educational materials for classes anymore. And who get's hurt by this-the kids, the future of our sport! Thanks Go-blow we can see how you have our kids in mind.. We're supposed to return all unused materials to depot so they will be available for all instructors thru out the state. But now everyone is holding on to any surplus cause thay can't get more when needed. Besides, if there is no one to get the materials out of the warehouse and get them to us, why in the world would we believe that there is anyone available to receive and put the materials back in the warehouse?!?!? Thanks Go-blow.

Will you see the Gov at any hunting or fishing events any time soon, I THINK NOT! He is no outdoorsman and not a friend of the Illinois outdoorsman.

In closing, with my blood pressure rising, I state the above in entirety, willingly and this is my sole opinion. I do not wish that this view be taken as that of the Huntingnet.com folks and would like to further take this opportunity to thank them for making this place possible to state our opinions on various topics.

I wouldn't waste my spit on his face.
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Default RE: the warden shortage

I know he was doing his job but i just dont see the reason why he couldnt wait i was off a rock road in my treestand about 100 yrd. along a creek.
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Default RE: the warden shortage


Yeah, just look at the gutting done to Illinois DNR. Tons of positions have been elimated. It is just not a prioroty to a lot of state governments with budget shortfalls.
IL Rancher:

I have a sister who lives near Ohio Illinois in Bureau County. Is this close to you?

Relative to the DNR being gutted in Illinois, is this just cost cutting or is this a nefarious maneouvre to disrupt the hunting sport? I ask, because I recall that the governor of Illinois has been doing some strongly anti-gun and anti-hunting things. I don't know if this is total BS, but I had heard at one point that the governor was going to raise the price of the mandatory Firearms Owner Identity Card (FOID card) to perhaps $500, which would likely prevent some low income gun owners from purchasing the card. Any comments?

I grew up in Illinois, in LaSalle County, but moved to Oklahoma in 1981 and thence to Texas in 1995. I don't like how anti-gun Illinois government has become since I left.
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Default RE: the warden shortage

I have a classmate who is a warden in Nebraska-he loves the job and would never give it up-but he says when he retires they have already told him they will not replace him-he says he believes it will become open season on wildlife when that happens. Pretty scary
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Default RE: the warden shortage

I have not seen one in the field or been checked for five years at least. A good Warrden can make a real difference in an area. The last one we had was a bum. He cared a little about violators but could care less about helping the hunters and outdoorsmen.
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Quick Reply: the warden shortage

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