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Dressing in the cold.

Old 12-16-2004, 09:29 AM
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Default Dressing in the cold.

Along the same lines of deer moving when its cold. Do you fellas (or ladies) still dress at your spot. This morning in NJ it was 22 degrees at 4 am. I grinned and bared it. No pun intended. It was no problem in October, but this morning was downright painful. Do you drive to your spot with the base layers and put the unscented camo on when you get there? I'm a newcomer so I'm still learning. Thanks for the advice.
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Default RE: Dressing in the cold.

Nothing new for us Canadians eh? I have this dress plan when I have to walk in a ways and I know I might sweat. First and most important is wearing a wick away garment against your body. Lots of brands these days (Nike dry fit, body armour etc) then I wear a thick cotton shirt over that. By the time I get to my stand the wick material has pulled all the sweat away and the cotton shirt is wet. This comes off and goes in a platic bag in my pack. I wear just the jacket I'll be hunting in to get in there and bring a warm wool sweater in my pack which goes on in place of the cotton shirt. I might throw another long sleeve warm shirt in there if it's really cold but put it on at the stand. You don't want to be too warm walking in and get all sweaty. That is the killer! I find the prickly wool sweaters I used to hate as a kid to be the best at keeping you warm. The jacket has to be wind restistant as well. Temperature is nothing at all really. It's wind chill that can get ya!

Keeping your feet and head warm is crucial as well. Don't wear so many socks that your boots fit tight. This reduces circulation and makes you feel colder. If the boots rated for the right temperature just wear a comfy sock that wicks as well.
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Default RE: Dressing in the cold.

OntElk hit the nail on the head. I do the same. Next to my skin I have thermax next layer a cotton shirt, track pants. Then I put on my jacket and pants. I walk into my stand approx 3/4 mile and dress when I get there. usually a heavy wool sweater and if real cold top that with a down vest and then put on my wind proof jacket and pants( I prefer bibs). Head cover is a wool toque (watch cap) or a balaclava. Boots I use a leather ,gortex with 1000g thinsulate. I am not bothered by cold hands and feet. A pair of sports socks and wool gloves are enough for me.
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Default RE: Dressing in the cold.

Thanks for the tips fellas. Do you drive to your spot with those under layers on or do you stand in the snow in your birthday suit and put them on. Scent is always a concern. How much will scent be effected if I wear the underlayers for a 1/2 hour ride?
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Default RE: Dressing in the cold.

I put on all my gear at the vehicle then walk < 100 yards to my hunting spot

Wear long johns top, a long sleeve shirt, flannel shirt, hooded sweat shirt, and an orange jacket. Then I weak long john bottons, a pair of jeans, and brush pants. Ain't got no fancy huntin' gear

As far as scent goes, I have never had any problem getting close to deer. Heck one year me and my dad were sitting in the same stand talking while there were deer 6 ft under us looking up at us cluelessly. These were all does, and maybe bucks are different, I really dunno though because i've only got 1 and it was just a little 3x1.[Then again maybe thats why I don't see any larger bucks...]
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Default RE: Dressing in the cold.

most of the things you other guys do seems to be a little extreme. This is just my opinion. I understand that sent plays a major factor. I wash my clothes in sent free soap and take a shower with sent free soap (which by the way is the worst soap i've ever used but it does what its supposed to i guess)and use cover sent but that is about it. I haven't had any problems getting deer within 20 yards of me. My dad don't even wear camoflage and definently no kind of sent cover and he has killed many more deer than me. As far as keep ing warm, I wear long johns, blue jeans, sweat shirt and coveralls
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Default RE: Dressing in the cold.

I usually don't walk far but I usually have my hunting pants and my outer jacket on when I go out.I take along a sweatshirt or sweater to put on under the jacket when i get to my stand.I have a bad leg so i never walk far unless it is to track a deer.
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Default RE: Dressing in the cold.

This morning in NJ it was 22 degrees at 4 am. I grinned and bared it. No pun intended. It was no problem in October, but this morning was downright painful.
That would be considered a relatively warm November day in Alberta or Saskatchewan.When it gets really cold,I wear a layer of polypropelene to wick moisture away from the skin,then a layer of polarfleece for insulation topped off with a layer of goretex to block wind and provide waterproofing.I wear a toque on my head,pacboots and mitts.I don't wear any wool or scent loc products.
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Default RE: Dressing in the cold.

Layers is the key. I as well use polyproplene against the skin, this includes long johns, shirt, socks and glove liners. Over top is thin layers of fleece dependant on how cold, then a windproof/waterproof liner and fleece on top of that to keep the noise down and a requirement of solid colours of orange, yellow, red or white in rifle season here in Saskatchewan. I where a fleece toque and neck warmer when really cold. For my hands I use the polyproplene liner gloves and flip over mitts, when it gets really cold I add hot hands to the mitt portion. On my feet thinisulate and gortex boots (800 grams for walking/sitting and just sitting I where a 1000 gram boots and fleece booty blankets). When sitting/stand hunting I walk in as light and contolled pace then switch out any damp clothing including socks and boots. I don't use scent loc, etc I just hunt with the wind in my favor(on my nose).

Another key is food and drink. I eat granola, PBJ's, etc and only drink water (frequent sips vs large gulps). In the am I eat a good bowl of oatmeal, milk or OJ and 1 cup of decaf coffee. For me anything with caffine makes me void, another good way to lose body temp.
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Default RE: Dressing in the cold.

i was ont working on a oil rig and as the new guy my crew was so hard on me it was -39 with the windchill and they had me steaming ice off the rig floor. i was on the night shift my fingers and feet were ok but i was wet all the time so would turn to ice as soon as i went out i got frost bite on my knees so bad they turned grey and pealed like eggs same on my wrists where my wrist band meets me mit
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