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New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

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New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

Old 12-13-2004, 10:45 AM
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Default New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

Hello all,

This is my first post here! My dad and I recently bought 40 acres of woods to hunt in KY. We have seen deer on the property, not many though. The farmer who owns the land next to ours has lots of fields and the deer seem to come out to feed there in the evening. We have experimented with clearing an area and planting some wheat, and it has been... suprisingly ... growing pretty well. My question is, with this situation, what do we need to do in order to prime our land for deer? How can we attract deer to our property? Do we need to plant corn, soybeans etc.? I have only hunted public land so we are excited to have our own property.... we just don't know what to do with it!

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Old 12-13-2004, 11:27 AM
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Default RE: New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

The more direct approach to planting something for the deer would be food plots with clover, rye, oats, and the like in it. That stuff doesn't require so much of a 'field' as a cleared patch of ground, and it's more specific and nutritious for the deer. Also, if you're feeling really ambitious, you could plant fruit trees on your property. Otherwise, just try to hunt the areas where the deer move through your land to the farmer's fields - nothing like getting the deer before they get to his property.
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Default RE: New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

you need three key ingredients. Food, shelter and water. the first two being the most important. Try planting something that the neighbors don't already have. plant a clover or some sort of legume like peas. As far as cover goes you need to set up a 3 to 5 acre sanctuary that you let be during the season. This gives deer a comfort zone where they know they will be safe. hunt the fringes of the zone, better yet put your plot near it and catch them in the evening coming to feed.
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Old 12-13-2004, 08:33 PM
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Default RE: New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

Like PYseeker said, deer need food, water, and shelter. The farmer is already providing the food, so I would focus on trying to provide shelter. I would provide cover around property boundaries, trying to entice the deer into using your area for bedding, travelling, etc. I would probably focus establishing and maintaining vegetation beneficial to the deer and native to the area. Many plants can provide cover and forage. Native plants are usually easy to maintain, and sometimes deer will seek them out. The county extension agent or the local USDA service center can give you a lot of helpful information.
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Old 12-14-2004, 09:15 AM
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Default RE: New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

PY hit it on the nose. A food plot and a sanctuary(heavy cover) where you don't hunt. llbts1
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Default RE: New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

Food plots, fruit trees, cover.
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Default RE: New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

Buy a chain saw and start cutting some trees down in 1/4 to 1/2 acre patches leaving the tree tops. This will create natural regrowth or browse for the deer and will also create heavy brush the deer will feel comfortable in. Also if there is an area on your land that is hard to hunt, you should make it an off limits area, somewhere the deer can go and not be bothered. Deer, especially buck, will not stick around if they are being disturbed all the time.
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Old 12-29-2004, 07:51 AM
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Default RE: New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

do a lot of scouting to see what you are already working with.
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Default RE: New property... How do I bring in the bucks?

There is a great book available called Deer Management 101. I would suggest you look into it. It is filled with suggestions. 40 acres is tough to keep deer on, especially the bucks and having a farm with fields nearby. I would definitely take at least 2 to 4 acres of the thickest nastiest stuff on the property and make it a sanctuary that absolutely NO traffic is allowed in. The center of the property would be ideal. You can find fast growing vines etc to plant in the area to assist in making it thick and nasty. The county extension services are great resources to talk to.

You need to find out what will grow in the area that will lure the deer. The suggestions of clover etc.. were right on the money. Don't waste your money on biologic and name brands. Go to the local grain store and buy the clover blends there. You will get a great deal more for your money. You also need to be sure that you have year round forage for them or they will move off. I would suggest 4 or 5 1/2 acre to 1 acre plots planted so there is always a fresh crop depending on the season. Ex.. one that greens up in spring and early summer, one that greens during the summer and is drought resistant, one that greens up early fall and lasts until hunting season and a winter field. The fruit trees will take a few years and need to be fenced or protected so they do not eat the shoots. Pecan trees and apple trees tend to be their favorites. Dropping a few trees now and leaving the tops through the winter will help them and open up the canopy to allow light to generate new growth in the spring.

You may be able to talk with the farmer and see what kind of crop damage he is having. He might be a great resource to till and harrow your food plots. Talk to other bordering owners and see if they hunt and are interested in QDM. Local fire department may be able to help you with a control burn of an acre or two. Control burning is a great way to rejuvinate a few acres by clearing out the scrub and allowing the nutrients from the burned plants to fall back in the ground. It is also a lot easier than clearing all the undergrowth manually! I would suggest a long term 5 to 10 year plan. To do it all in a year would be a full time job and very expensive unless you have all the equipment. Good luck and have fun.
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