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Deer Theif

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Default Deer Theif

In erie PA on december 1st a girl had her deer stolen. It was her first deer and it was a 5 point. She lives out in the boone docks and she had it hung up on her swing set to skin it. Now you may think that something just got to it. I thought that too, but there were no drag marks. Its these kind of sad things that makes the younger kids not want to hunt. And if we cant respect another hunters kill then everything will fall apart.

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Default RE: Deer Theif

This is the exact article from Erie Times News.

CRANESVILLE — Courtney Wolfram cradled the single-barrel shotgun in her arms and thought of the greatest day of her young hunting career.

Two pulls of the trigger and the deer went down, hit with a shot that ripped through the buck's shoulder and blasted out of its hindquarter.

She stared blankly at the sideyard swing set Tuesday afternoon, sighed, and told a woeful tale about the one that got away.

Wolfram, 14, a seventh-grader at Northwestern Middle School, went hunting for the first time on Nov. 29 as she joined thousands in area woods and fields for the first day of rifle and shotgun deer season.

Within a few hours, she had killed her first deer — a five-point, not much to look at as a mount, but memorable enough to her to want to keep its rack.

The joy was short-lived, however. A day or two later, while the deer bled out at the end of a rope hung from the wooden beam atop the swing set, someone entered the side yard of her home at 10036 Meadville St. and took the animal.

"I cried. I went to my room and cried for two hours," Wolfram said as she stood in the spot beneath the swing set where she had last pet her prize buck.

The roughly 100-pound deer was stolen sometime between 8 p.m. Nov. 30 and 8 a.m. Dec. 1, state police said.

It was an unusual act, according to Wildlife Conservation Officer Larry Smith of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, who said very few people have their deer stolen from outside of their homes.

Wolfram made her first hunt on opening day at the urging of her stepfather, Rich Hubbell. The whole family went out — Wolfram's mother, Carol; her brother, Dan; Hubbell; her stepsister, Jen Hubbell; and her stepbrother, Justin Hubbell — and spent the morning strolling about state game lands in Conneaut Township.

"I had to get up real early, 6 a.m., to be out at 7 a.m.," she said. "We walked for like three hours before we saw one."

The deer was Wolfram's for the taking, her mother said. With the best shot at the animal, the girl raised her 12-gauge shotgun, fired twice and killed it.

"I just had to carry the guns out. The boys had to drag (the deer) out," Wolfram said with a smile. "I was ready to go. I was freezing."

Wolfram said she did a lot of bragging about her feat in school the next day. Other classmates who had gone hunting came back empty-handed, she said.

But the next day brought with it news that the deer had been stolen.

Carol Wolfram said she was sitting in the living room of their red, two-story house, looking out one window for the school bus, when she glanced out another window and noticed a space in the swing set where the deer once hung.

The family checked with neighbors, who neither saw nor heard anything. They scoured the yard, but found no foreign footprints.

Wolfram said she went back to school and kidded her friends, accusing them, one-by-one, of stealing her deer. But her heart remained heavy over the loss, she said.

Family members rebounded from the disappointment. Rich Hubbell shot a doe a couple of days later. A cousin bagged a 15-point buck at about the same time. Jen Hubbell took a 6-point on Saturday.

Wolfram's hunting was over. Not because she didn't want to hunt anymore, but because she couldn't.

The deer she had killed on opening day was waiting processing with her hunting license attached to its ear. Whoever took the animal took her license along with it, Wolfram said.

"I want to go again, but I'll have to wait," she said.

As bad as Wolfram's inaugural hunting season turned out, things weren't that awful, her mother said. The wound to the deer's hindquarter limited the amount of meat on the animal, she said. The rack also wasn't that great.

Wolfram, although admitting that she's still a little bummed out about the experience, said she isn't going to let one sneak thief tarnish what could be long and bountiful deer seasons to come.

"I can't wait to get back out there next year," she said.
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Default RE: Deer Theif

Some people...[:@]
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Default RE: Deer Theif

That sucks!
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Default RE: Deer Theif

CREEP needs to beat
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Default RE: Deer Theif

Last year i shot a doe in the snow and didnt get a great shot. I searche for it a half hour later and kicked it up. I decided since there was snow to come back in the AM and it was getting dark. Well i called up a friend and we tracked the deer to the end of my property that came out behind houses on the lake. We asked permission from everyone who was home to look for deer. I noticed one house had a trail going threw its front yard from snowblower but the driveway was not snowblowed. I didnt really think much about it. I went searching threw yards and seen where the deer was disoriented but had made it to the road.. then the trail stopped. We searched for 2 hours then it clicked on me... the deer ran down the pavement and threw the persons yard and they snowblowed the tracks away on me. You cant lose a deer in 4" of snow when your following blood. I followed his path to the side road where houses were on the otherside and the whole yard was snowblowed at the house across the road and no one was home of course. I was going to call up encon and see what they could do but i would need dogs to track the deer and no one could come with dogs till the following day and that night we had tons of rain and based on what fell and the guys snowblowing the tracks away the dog owner said it would be impossible for the dogs to track the deer after the rain melted all the snow. Talk about Ticked off! I know how this girl feels and i feel really bad for her.
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Default RE: Deer Theif

to the young lady... that sucks
to Hunter Leo... that blows
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Default RE: Deer Theif

I would like to think that whoever did this would be a good enough person to return the deer. But since I doubt that will ever happen, I hope this person doesn't get a wink of sleep at night - riddled with guilt.
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Default RE: Deer Theif

Cant believe what some people will do [:@]
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Default RE: Deer Theif

Cripes, what a clown. Apparently unwilling to work at it and kill one themselves.
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