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i need some hunting tips as i am a 15 year hunter and i have only been hunting 2 times and i cannot get any bucks
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Well Stevo ,
my first reccomendation would be for you to develop some patience .

I didn't get a deer my first time out , or my second , or even my third year . You're up against an animal that is not only extremely wary , but a lot smarter than they get credit for . They also have a sensory system our military would kill to have , so more often than not they know that you're there before you know they are . We're talking about a critter that can hear you whisper a lot farther away than you can , with a nose that can process and analyze 6 different odors at once , and has eyes keenly attuned to movement with a field of vision estimated to cover 320 degrees . For you to get one your first or second time out would be pure luck at best , that's the challenge of it , outwitting both their brain as well as their senses . Just keep learning and going out , sooner or later you'll score on one .
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Be patient. Depending on where you hunt it could take you a long time to get a buck. Don't forget getting a doe is great too. In some cases taking a doe is better for the herd overall anyways.
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Default RE: Hunting

i have only been hunting 2 times and i cannot get any bucks
Exactly, you've only been 2 times. You'll find out soon that the deer don't just get dumped out of a truck and come right to ya. I have hunted for over 5 years, and I spent endless days this season and previous and I see a lot of deer, or none at all but I ended up getting something (with a bow). Don't get so caught up in wanting just a buck either, someone once told me, "You need to get some does under your belt before you head out after the "monster", so be patient". Man, pure words of wisdom boys, and I followed them and I have now harvested a buck this year without any buck fever, hesitation or nervousness. Just take it easy stevo, and keep persistent. Hey, good luck and I hope you get one this year.
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I feel for you. I don't get many shots at bucks either, being still a "novice" deer hunter after three years of deer hunting (I'm 48 years old, though, coming to the sport rather late).

Can you get a doe permit in addition to the buck permit? Doe are as good or better for eating purposes. Yes, I'm sure you'll still want to get a buck, but why not take a doe if you get a shot and continue to hunt for a buck too? This may reduce your frustration a little if you don't take a buck.

I have asked myself, and some experienced people on another hunting board, what the story is, that bucks are almost like a different species from does to hunt. They agreed and said spending a lot of time in the woods is important. Hunt all day -- from BEFORE first shooting light until shooting light is gone. Spend time scouting your hunting ground before the season -- like way before the season. Maybe try to do some scouting right after a snow fall to see where the tracks of the deer are going. Maybe you'll see specific points along creeks where all the deer choose to cross. Maybe you'll find specific places where the deer cross fences. Look for and identify food sources the deer prefer -- for example oak trees produce acorns in some years and deer love these. Persimmons and other fruit, including apples, are loved by deer. Scout also closer to hunting season. Look for "rubs" on the sides of trees where bucks have rubbed their antlers -- and their preorbital glands to leave scent -- on the trunks of the trees. If the rub is only on one side of the tree this may indicate the direction the buck follows along that particular trail.

Of course, you also need to see sign of deer -- tracks, poop, hair on fences, rubs, scrapes. You definitely need to know that there are bucks on your hunting ground! If you don't have any bucks or no bucks big enough to satisfy you, then you need to find another hunting ground!

Find an experienced deer hunter and ask them to teach you, to go with you into the field.

Read books and ask questions.
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Shooting a mature Doe is just as hard if not harder! Hunt and hunt often!
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Don't feel bad Stevo. I'm new too(this is my first year). I've been out 8 times and have nothing. I saw an 8 pt. in my backyard 3 days before season started and haven't seen him since. Tomorrows the close of buck -only here but I'm takin what I can get. My wife is going with me so maybe she'll bring me some luck.

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I think that the most important thing in hunting is to have a relationship with the outdoors. There is no since sitting on a stand all day if your only purpose is to kill a deer. Try to think of yourself as a participant rather than an interloper...Enjoy the precious moments you have away from the real world. The deer will come naturally...good luck!
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i hunted for yrs. before i got a deer ......it takes time....spend time in the woods learning and devoloping your hunting skills, when God wants you to have one, it'll all happen.......dont rush your shots when you do an oppurtunity....identify your target and BEYOND......good luck and i hope you have your deer soon......it's more about the time soent in the woods , the kill is just the final chapter, then the hard work begins, lol.....dragging it out and cleaning it, lol.....
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Stevo I won't repeat what everyone else has said as they are right on the money. I will say don't feel bad and don't give up. I hunted 6 years before I shot my first deer, a button buck. I was thrilled and once I shot him I felt like it was worth the wait. Someone said you need to get some does under your belt before going after the big buck. I completely agree with this. That first deer I shot I was so nervous and excited I could hardly keep the gun still to shoot. After shooting a few you will calm down a lot. Don't get me wrong, you will still get excited but you will be able to control it better. Heck I shot a doe last night and I was still excited and that is after a lot of dead deer over the last few years. Of course that could have something to do with the fact I picked off the doe while she was standing next to a nice 4 PT. buck. Where I hunt, it is 8 points and above. I waited for the doe to get next to the buck before I shot so it would 'feel' like I took the buck! I have shot a few nice bucks but no monsters and nothing to take to the taxidermest. I am still waiting for my day to come, and I know it will if I am patient enough. Enjoy the woods, watch the does and learn what they do. Spend time in the woods during the off season to see their patterns. Before you know it, the bucks will come your way. Good luck and enjoy the time spent hunting. Hunting season is too short to be frustrated!
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