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Raise the hunting age?

Old 12-02-2004, 10:21 PM
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Default Raise the hunting age?

Why is it that in Wisconsin you can't legally drive until 16, vote when 18, legally drink until 21, but can load and fire at worst a semi-automatic weapon at the tender age of 12.

Of course, that hunter's safety training course is important, but we are still talking about 12 year olds.

With the recent events in Wisconsin, and hearing about some of the other accidents around the states, wouldn't it be in everyones best interest if only more "mature" adults were allowed to hunt? I know there are some immature adults out there, but normally with age comes a better sense of responsibility and a better understanding of the seriousness of certain situations. I know accidents can and always will happen even to the best and most safety minded people, at all ages. But I would hope that learning the skills at an older age would be most beneficial.

All this comming from a 32 year old that has been hunting since the tender age of 12, who now is looking forward to his own son hunting with the old man.

Try not to rip me too bad, safety is what I think mostly think about now.
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Old 12-02-2004, 10:44 PM
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Default RE: Raise the hunting age?

Having grown up in SC where there is no legal age to hunt, I don't see where that should be a problem. I've been hunting it seems like since I could walk and have taken my 2 sons (age 4 & 10) since they were old enough to behave as well. They both got bb guns at age 4 and the oldest got a .410 at 7, which will be the starter gun for the younger. At 10 he shoots skeet and dog hunts with a 20 gauge and hunts with a 243 in his own stand and knows and understands exactly what to do. It is not the age of the person in my opinion it is the maturity and being taught from an early age how to treat guns and animals. That is the problem with many hunters out there, they just decide one day to go buy a gun and start hunting without proper education or even understanding of the sport.
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Old 12-03-2004, 02:39 AM
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Default RE: Raise the hunting age?

I was a hunter safety instructor for years where everyone regardless of age had to go through the hunter safety course . I found that the younger they were the easier they were to teach . The older people had a tendancy to think they already knew everything and more of them failed than the younger ones . I have also found that common sense doesn't come with age .
I wasn't aware of any state having a law covering he age you can load and fire a weapon ,only how old you ,must be to hunt .
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Default RE: Raise the hunting age?

I began hunting with my dad at 5. By 8 or 9 I was hunting alone. By 12 I had harvested a few deer. Then at 16 I took a hunter safety course.
I do understand your concern though. A firearm in the hands of someone inexperienced can be dangerous. But the ultimate responsibility is ours. Teaching our children safe and ethical hunting should began as soon as a child can communicate. I point out safe handling of firearms to my nephews at 4 yrs when they play with capguns etc. Rather than playing Cops and Robbers, they shoot at imaginary creatures and correct each other for unsafe handling. Preschool is a great time to ingrain ideas in a child...I had to quit smoking when they came home from kindergarden and said it was wrong to smoke...it was easier to quit than to sell that hipocracy to them!!
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Old 12-03-2004, 06:51 AM
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Default RE: Raise the hunting age?

know there are some immature adults out there
The name Vang comes to mind !! [:@][:@][:@]
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Old 12-03-2004, 06:57 AM
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Default RE: Raise the hunting age?

With the recent events in Wisconsin, and hearing about some of the other accidents around the states, wouldn't it be in everyones best interest if only more "mature" adults were allowed to hunt?
"the other accidents" I hope your not saying what Vang did was an accident.

How many of these accidents were comiited young hunters proably none.

If we raise the age we will loose the future of hunting. In NY you have to be 16 (biggame)to hunt with a gun and 14 with a bow. My son was ready alot younger hen that.

Sorry I don' agree that raiseing the age would do anything but hurt hunting.
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Default RE: Raise the hunting age?

Thanks for the comments.

It was an thought that came to me late at night. When I mentioned accidents, I most definately do not consider VANG actions to be an accident.

I understand, I did everything everyone mentioned; BB gun at a young age, gun, bow, and bird hunting at 12. My father was extremely strict when it came to firearm safety. If I even touched "my" guns without him present, he threatned to never take me hunting again.

Anyway, it will probably never happen.
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Default RE: Raise the hunting age?

I understand where you are coming from, but to me taking a kid hunting is a very good way to teach responsibility with guns. By showing kids guns and the dangers of them, but also how to use them properly, I would think that they will be more prone to be responsible with them in the future. I think the kids who have no real knowledge of guns are those who are most dangerous, just from my experience.
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Default RE: Raise the hunting age?

In my opinion, 12-16 isn't too young to be in the field under the right circumstances. 100% of how they will perform in the woods depends on their teacher with firearms, ethics, safety, ect. As a parent, I would go out with my children at that age, but would already have these lessons already drilled into their heads. They will learn something everytime they go into the woods for either hunting or scouting ( just like the rest of us ). I had the pleasure of taking a friends son out during the firearm season (father was deployed) and watched him bang down his first doe. I think I was happier than the little lad was, and his father had spent quality time teaching him the right way. Never had to make a correction or worry about what he was doing. The only complaint I have was it showed me that I'm not as young as I used to be and that kid can hike day and night non-stop, and I well....am slowing down.
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Default RE: Raise the hunting age?

JMO. . . .I don't think age is the problem.

I see lots of adults that use this forum that don't seem to have adults mentality.

Recent examples include but not limited to, Bad shots OK better luck next time, if you can't find a animal shot poorly no problem let it go, poaching is bad but don't report it if it could effect your hunt, etc.

So not age but rather education and ethics.
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Quick Reply: Raise the hunting age?

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