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How to hunt bucks?

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Default How to hunt bucks?

I have hunted deer in NE Oklahoma for 3 seasons now. While ample opportunities present themselves for taking does, I don't get many opportunities to take bucks. I suspect that I need to use different techniques to get shots at bucks, particularly larger bucks. It is almost like these are two different species of animals, and I need to use different techniques to see bucks. What is the trick, you experienced deer hunters?

The land I hunt is 160 acres of mixed land -- maybe 50% open grassy land, the rest mixed timber and dense brush/thorn bushes. There is a large pond surrounded by trees and a small pond at the opposite end of the property surrounded by trees. These are good spots to encounter does. There are lots of persimmon trees whose fruit is typically ripe and falling to the ground during the Oklahoma deer gun season. There are some oak trees in a couple of different locations on the property. There is an adjoining property -- separated by a small paved road -- which is open and often has some green shoots of some sort. We don't use tree stands on this property, at the request of the person who leases the land, because he feels they invite poachers. So I hunt from the ground, choosing places which provide some cover for me and a clear shooting lane on where I hope the deer to appear. I try to have something, such as a tree or thick bush, behind me. I try to be in the shade if possible. I like to have brush or grass in front of me to hide my feet. I hunt with the wind in my face or worst case blowing sideways. I sit very still, for the most part, and try to be in position by about 6:10 AM when 6:40 AM is first shooting light and stay in position until maybe 9:30 AM. I try to be in position by 3:30 PM or earlier in the evening and stay in position until the end of shooting light about 5:40 PM. I wear camoflage which matches the vegetation well (Advantage Timber, and the vegetation is a mix of brown leaves, green leaves and green grasses, brown grasses, gray tree trunks), a camoflage head net, camoflage gloves, and blaze orange vest and hat (per regulations). I wear wire rim glasses.

The first season a full moon occured about mid-season. In this 2004 season a full moon occured at the end of my week of hunting. It was pretty wet this season, with a couple of days where we stayed home due to steady rain, and overcast skies were the rule for the first five days of the season.

Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?

I saw one small, young buck the first season opening morning which I opted not to shoot at. Last year I had successfully took a small, young buck in the open, walking in the open on a hill behind the large pond I mention above. In the first season I kicked a largish buck up out of a bedding area about 1 PM in an island of trees and brush surrounded by a large open area of low grass. This area did not produce any deer when I kicked through it this year.
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Default RE: How to hunt bucks?

hunt longer hours and hunt the spots where you see the most does, eventually a good buck will show himself, trust me
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Default RE: How to hunt bucks

Find the thickest harest to reach spot on the property. The more thorns, swamp, vines the better. Ask if you can use a tree climber. With a tree climber you can take it with you as you come and go. Avoid full moons and go an the darkest nights. If it rains most of the night before even better. Put in the time and you should be rewarded.
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Default RE: How to hunt bucks?

hmmmmm.[X(] I would have to say if you want to shoot a large buck, the property you hunt must have them there. There is no point in hunting a place that does not hold what you are looking for. You have to pass on alot of deer to get a nice buck in my experience. The first time you hunt a spot thought is sometimes the best time to harvest a mature buck. You are right they are different animals in my mind. They think different than other deer i believe. Scouting is the key to finding your buck, like rubs, scrapes, buck corridors, bedding areas, and funnels. If there is sighn of a large buck, then he is there he is just hiding. Late season hunt the food source, where after the rut the big boys need to replenish after losing all that weight. Here in ohio we didnt have a very hard rut, necks were not even swollen! The rut here was a nocturnal rut due to the warm weather. but during the late morning the bucks would cruise the brim, meaning trying to wind a doe in heat and when he would find one, he would corral her or them into an area and not let them leave until he was finished! Made it hard, but i was successful again this year in getting a mature 8pt, someone stole my 10pt i shot off the side of the road!![:@] Anyhow, hunt the food source, play the wind and be patient, if he is there he will show.
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