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Rut troubles.....

Old 11-26-2004, 07:13 PM
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Default Rut troubles.....

Lately, I have been having rut troubles. I mean I am just not
seeing any deer period. I know their there cause' of all scoutin
I do of all thetracks, beds, fecees, and trails but for some reason
when I hunt near these spots I dont see anything.I have made sure I plan ahead, stay down wind, and many other tactics but I still cant seem to have success.

I just began deer hunting a year ago and unlike many hunters
I dont have anyone teaching me tricks of the trade. What I have
learned by is tough expiriences and reading. So, if anyone can give me some tips that'll be great.
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Default RE: Rut troubles.....

get up a tree, set there from a little before daylight till dark and be still.PATIENCE IS THE #1 DEER KILLER.
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Old 11-26-2004, 07:35 PM
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Default RE: Rut troubles.....

you might possibly include a little more info about the size and type of place that you hunt. if you are still seeing fresh sign in the area then it is possible that they are moving at both ends of the day as close to dark as possible or maybe almost completely nocturnal--depending on the pressure in your area--so get in there early and stay late. If you are basing conclusion (that deer are present) on scouting that you did much earlier in the year then it is possible that their patterns have changed and they might be frequenting a different area--look for current food sources. If there is a portion of the land that is a known bedding area you might consider hunting in there only as a last resort--If there bedding area is disturbed too frequently they will surely become nocturnal. try different approaches--shake things up--if the rut is on bucks will be constantly on the move--you might relocate to an area where you can see as far as possible even if you would not be able to approach the deer you see--but could mark their general location and get in closer the next time. good luck--let us know what happens
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Default RE: Rut troubles.....

I started hunting a few years ago and have had some good luck in the past. I try to do everything right. This year has been bad for me. I am seeing alot of deer sign but I am not seeing any deer while I am in the woods. I believe that you can do everything right and sometimes the deer just don't cooperate. My advice is to you is don't get discouraged and keep trying. The key to my success in the past is to get in the woods at least a half an hour before sunrise. Be quiet and remain as still as you can. Sometimes deer move at different times because of hunting pressure, weather, etc. Also, if you are hunting in the morning then switch to evenings. Good luck
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Default RE: Rut troubles.....

Midnight Run,

Don't feel bad, same troubles here. I've pretty much decided my stand is not in a good spot and I know the weather is not favorable right now in Oklahoma. I did finally see fresh sign yesterday morning as I was walkin to the stand. But hell, it got up to 68* yesterday! And a full moon last two nights. It's a little after 7am here now. Got up with the intention of goin huntin but the wind is blowin outa the north at 25-30mph and the full moon is still out. Cold front came thru last night, temp is upper 30's. Crazy weather!

Tryin to make up my mind before it gets daylight, thinkin I might be better off to skip today and let em settle down.

Good Luck to you!
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Default RE: Rut troubles.....

Are you hunting from a ground blind, portable, or permanent tree stand? You've located their bedding area, followed their tracks...where would they be going to get to the food source? Are there natural funnels on the land where you are hunting (draws, saddles, or areas with water that force movement? I think that once you have answers to these questions, you can find a camoflaged spot to sit in, be still, and observe deer. Find a couple of spots, morning and evening that can be used in relation to the current wind.
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