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7.62x39 VS 12 gauge slug

Old 10-25-2004, 09:24 AM
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Default 7.62x39 VS 12 gauge slug

Looking for information and opionions on the 12 gauge slug vs the 7.62 x39 cartridge as far as knock down power at 75 yards
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Default RE: 7.62x39 VS 12 gauge slug

A good place to look at knockdown power is in Remington's ballistics tables. I randomly picked a 12-gauge slug (Rem model PR12CLU) and a 7.62x39mm cartridge (R762391). The slug has 2,325 foot-pounds of energy at 100 yards (no 75-yard figures available), where the 7.62 has 1,180 foot-pounds. On the other hand, the slug drops 1.3" in 100 yards (zero is at 50 yards), whereas the 7.62 is practically flat at that distance.

Clearly, the slug carries a lot more energy, but the 7.62 kicks an awful lot less and is more accurate. Both will put a deer on the ground, so it probably comes down to which gun you have more confidence in. Hope this helps!

(P.S. - If you take the 7.62 into the deer woods, you might catch some flak from fellow hunters about hunting with a "machine gun." Even though that's not so, it might give you something else on which to base your decision.)
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Default RE: 7.62x39 VS 12 gauge slug

At 75 yards the slug will be near its end at 80 yards by far the 7.62x39 will be far superior, I have used an SKS many years hunting deer and I never had to track one but shot placement helped with that. I hope this has helped.
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Default RE: 7.62x39 VS 12 gauge slug

I shot deer at 100 yards with both a 12 ga. slug with the gold partition hollow point slugs and my SKS. The slug did a better job I thought
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Default RE: 7.62x39 VS 12 gauge slug

1dahunter.. I would have to disagree with you statement about 80 yards being the end of the slugs effictive range.

Having hunted with slugs most of my life and killing many many deer with them I know that even with the old original "sluggers" that remington makes that they are very effictive out to 120 yards. I have my scope dead on at 90 yards and only have to hold a hair high at 120.

I also know with the newer slugs espically the ones like the ultra bonded sabots that the effective range is now stretched even further. My father has killed deer at 170 yards with these slugs and had them drop in there tracks..

I do not mean to start a fight but I hate to see people dispell the effictivness of slugs so quickly!

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