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Broken Antlers?

Old 02-14-2002, 11:33 PM
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Default Broken Antlers?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if you can help me out. Me and my dad have been doing only a fraction of the shed hunting we usually do. Have only found one "shed" so far. But get this, about 2 weeks ago, my dad found an antler that was broken at the base, definitely from being struck on something hard. We have never found anything like this before, so we just thought it was a fluke. Today I was out, and I found an antler from a different deer, that was also broken off, although this was broken off above the brow tine. Gets even wierder (if thats a real word). About 10 minutes after I found this antler today, I kicked up a few bucks that were bedded. One of them, definitely a different deer from the two antlers we found, also had an antler broken off, only had about 3 inches of antler on that side. In this area, there are at least 12 or 13 (cant tell the spikes apart) different bucks that I have personally seen (middle of suburbia, cant be hunted, great for shed hunting though!). There may be more, but cant be too many more. Even if there was 15 bucks, three had broken antlers. Is this unusual? Could it be a nutrient deficiency of some sort, or just a bunch of very aggressive bucks? There aren't many does, probably 20, plus their fawns, so there is some definitely some rutting pressure. I'd just like to hear your opinions of why there are so many broken antlers. Thanks.

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Default RE: Broken Antlers?

I would say they were broken off by fighting.If you say your buck to doe ratio is good then it sounds like you have enough reason for the bucks to fight during the rut.They could be lacking in nutrition which would cause thin racks
and would break off alot easier when fighting.I see some half racks in my hunting area every year and it is due to fighting during the rut.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Broken Antlers?

strange deal killer, i have no answers 4 u, however; the same thing seemed 2 have happened here in SD last yr. i shot 3 bucks last season from 3 differant counties, and all 3 had at least 1 point broken, an inch or more was left 2 remain a scorable point and all were 5x5s. i saw a large herd 2day w/several bucs, when they shed i will pay close attention 2 broken points, really makes u wonder if this is nutricion or even something we dont understand yet, moon cycle, who knows? of course there broken due 2 rubbing or fighting or they would b formed as nubs, the taxidermist mounting my largest 1 said 50%-60% of his mounts this yr had broken tips. any others seen this at an abnormal rate from other states?
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Default RE: Broken Antlers?

In central NY, last winter was very near a record for snowfall. Many of the deer that made it through sported smaller, thinner, and likely weaker racks as a result this year. This was the case in my area, maybe your's too. If the poulation is high due to protection where you shed hunt, I'm sure there is increased fighting between male deer, combine that with weak racks, and you get broken ones in higher frequency.
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Default RE: Broken Antlers?

I would say fighting.
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Default RE: Broken Antlers?

Thanks for the opinions guys. If I think about it, I will try to contact some people who might have some other ideas. I'll keep you updated if I do it.

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