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Pass up deer?

Old 01-13-2004, 08:42 PM
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Default Pass up deer?

How many people pass up deer (bucks or does) on a regular basis? Does it work as far as seeing larger bucks? I haven't tried passing up many deer and I was wondering if it works and how often does it pay off?
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Default RE: Pass up deer?

Hammer, I started letting small bucks (spikes, 4 points) walk during the 2002 season. On the second day of gun season in 2002, I saw a decent-sized spike which presented me with several good shots. Normally, I would have taken him but I passed him up and about 30 minutes later, I ended up killing my best deer so far. Passing up deer improves your chances of getting something better, that's for sure.

For where I hunt, he's a trophy. Here's a pic of him:

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Old 01-13-2004, 09:07 PM
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Default RE: Pass up deer?

I usually pass up 15 to 20 or more bucks per season.I have taken larger deer as a result but then again I have become very fussy in the last few years and have left some tags unfilled.If you want to kill big bucks you have to risk not killing a buck at all.To me the risk is worth the reward but you have to decide that for yourself.
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Old 01-13-2004, 09:10 PM
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Default RE: Pass up deer?

Personally, I let dozens of deer walk by me every year. I know a few people in my hunting party that would say, "only in a truck." So it doesn't do me alot of good letting young bucks grow if they get shot later in the season by Mr. "trigger-happy"
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Default RE: Pass up deer?

I have passed up many small bucks and does.It ussually works for getting larger deer, but like said sometimes you end up eating the tags.
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Default RE: Pass up deer?

I probably passed up 15 or more legal deer last weekend. I know we need to harvest more does, but I could care less about shooting one. Next weekend I'm going to carry one of my grandsons and let him shoot one, or two.
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Default RE: Pass up deer?

It is a personal choice. I pass lots of deer in a given season and for me it has produced more mature animals as a result. Of course you must be willing to come home with an unfilled tag or truck box. Only one person can decide whether to shoot or not shoot, so I would say do what you feel is right. I weigh my hunt based on other things beside the harvest, so I always go home happy.
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Old 01-13-2004, 10:54 PM
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Default RE: Pass up deer?

All the time .
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Default RE: Pass up deer?

i agree with stubble jumper.. Honestly i have passed up probably a good 20 bucks this year before i found the one i wanted. But there have been years where i have passed on bucks then on the last day shot one way smaller than the bucks i passed up. So it works if u like gambling and have time to get out hunting quite a bit.
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Default RE: Pass up deer?

All of us in our hunting club pass up all deer in the beginning through the middle of the season waiting for the big boys,and start shooting does from the middle of the season to the end,but we have one guy that will shoot small bucks but the rest of us pass up until big boy walks out,and yes it does pay off pretty good for us my father in law killed 9 big bucks this year with the smallest one being about 17 inches inside the rack.It paid off for me two years ago I killed the two biggest bucks of my time
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